Monday, January 28, 2013

Upping the ante, part 2

The first half is here

I don't know if I growled when he directed me to suck his cock, but something inside me did. I felt another rush of wetness between my legs and I attacked his mouth, kissing him like he was my air. As I kissed down his chest, he rolled onto his back. Ahhh, so it was going to be like that. I settled between his legs then, and I did growl a little as I slowly sucked on his balls, watching his cock bounce and listening to his noises of pleasure. "Oh yeah, that feels good," he murmured.

I licked from his balls up the underside of his cock before I finally sucked the length of him in, relishing the moment, hearing his moan of appreciation as my tongue rubbed all over, as I took him as deeply into my throat as the position allowed. His legs were over my shoulders, his feet resting on my back as I held him in my throat until I started shaking. When I pulled away I sucked in air loudly for a long time.

"My girl has a good fuck hole in her face, doesn't she?" he asked as I sucked him down again. I moaned an affirmative around the cock filling my mouth. "But sometimes she needs to remember that's her air hole too, I think." He grabbed my head then, held it still while he fucked into me. I squealed around it with excitement. It's so easy to forget how very fucking much I love this when I'm not actively doing it, but holy shit this was amazing.

Then he was pulling my hair, using it as a handle to move my head up and down on his cock, pushing me down as his cock penetrated my throat as far as it could, holding me, holding me, until my feet shook, and then letting me up for air. Oh God this is so fucking hot, I thought to myself as I sucked in air. He let go, let me move on him on my own, and when I had taken him right into my throat, his legs tightened around my head, holding me in place. I shook, unable to make a sound but so incredibly excited by the whole business that I just knew my wetness was seeping out. I squeezed his legs even tighter around my head with my hands. He finally opened his thighs and let me move again, letting the noises he'd made me want to make come out.

We went on like that for what seemed like a long, long time. I was taking a breather, rubbing my cheek and lips against his cock, sliding my tongue along it until I had enough oxygen to take it in my throat again.

"I want you to get up here on top of me," he growled.

I trembled, and pulled my face away from his cock, starting to slide up his body. But as my breasts brushed his erection, still slick with my saliva, his knees locked around my midsection, stopping my upward advance. His hands moved to my breasts, pushing them around his slick cock, and he started to fuck them, squeezing them firmly, making me moan. I lowered my head to suck his cock when it advanced between my breasts. He was enjoying himself, letting me suck as he fucked me, making lots of pleased noises. "This isn't quite what I meant when I told you to get on top of me," he said, not stopping.

"You stopped me," I pulled my mouth away from him just long enough to whisper, noting as I returned to his cock that his thighs were still tight around my midsection, that his hands were still gripping my breasts, holding me in place.

"So I did," he said, enjoying himself for a bit longer before he finally stopped. "Get up here," he said, tugging on my hair. "I want you to fuck me with your pussy the way you fuck me with your mouth."

Well I don't know if that's even possible, but I understood the gist of what he was saying as I straddled him, my knees out to either side of us. I gasped as I moved over his erection, feeling the slick heat of him touching my folds. I rocked against him, letting his hardness press me open. The head lodged just inside me and I groaned, gently rotating my hips.

"You afraid of my cock?" he asked, as I was taking my time about settling lower.

"Nuh-uh," I said, enjoying the feel of him throbbing there inside me. I settled lower, taking him all the way, leaning forward over his chest, my clit rubbing against his pubic bone as I slowly rocked. He kissed me, I was gasping into his mouth with the intensity of the position, my clit, the size of him stretching me open, his mouth. Supporting myself on my arms became more difficult, but I kept rocking.

The sensations were overwhelming. "You getting tired, girl?" he asked, as I was panting, gasping for breath, but not from exertion. I was close, and I held still because that's how I respond to impending orgasm - try to stop it. He slapped my ass. "Fuck that cock, girl," he ordered, and I moved. The insides of my knees were brushing against the soft coolness of our bamboo sheets as I rocked on him, and that sensation is the one that's always managed to push me over the edge in the past - my legs moving like that, feeling so completely out of control - but he was still slapping my ass, making me move. Those two things combined really left me no choice.

"Good girl, good girl," he said as I panted,  starting to cry out. "Come for me, girl!" he ordered as I moaned deeply, still rocking on him. "Fucking come for me." I cried out several times, pulsing, my hair having long since become a sweaty curtain around my face. I stopped again, resting my forehead against him, repositioning my knees so I could lift my hips rather than rock.

It's still a rocking motion, but with more of a thrust to it, and he was sliding in and out of me as I moved, rocking up and down against him. His breathing quickened and he clutched me as he pulsed inside me. "Good, good girl," he whispered as we kissed afterward. "Mine," he said, wrapping me in his arms and legs after he allowed me to roll off him.

Cue happy lovey-dovey pillow talk here, followed by amazing sleep.

Several things going on in these posts:

He slaps my face with the spoon. With the spoon. I loved it. It made me feel....oh, it just made me feel. It made me aware, and I knew he was paying very close attention to what he was doing. Oh, fuck.

He's paying attention to what I'm wearing. Seriously, he gives a fuck? Yeah, I hear you all going "That's really a no-brainer," but... honestly, he's just never seemed to give a damn. If I'm wearing something easy-access he's for it, but otherwise he just wants it gone.

He puts me wherever the hell he wants me. Yes.

He's very very good at this. We're gliding along the path pretty well most of the time, and we're enjoying the hell out of each other, but once in a while he ups the ante just a little - just enough for me to know he's paying attention and gives a damn.

He tells me no one would be interested in our story because there's not enough conflict in it.

I love our story because any time there is a conflict, it gets evaporated by the twin barrels of perseverance and communication.


  1. Wow. Upping the ante indeed! Your writing just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

    1. Thank you. :) I personally thought it was stagnating for a bit now, but I really appreciate that.

  2. I love the gets evaporated by twin barrels of perserverance and communication. And I think your posts are lovely. I, too, oddly try to stop my orgasms, I can't keep my rhythm while on top once it starts to feel good, I require him to grab and keep me going.

    1. It's a good thing when they know how to get us moving - not like I'm gonna be able to do it without some kind of urging at that point. :)

  3. I love the recap at the end... is that for us or for you/him? :)

    1. Well, I called it upping the ante, and y'all may not know exactly WHY I called it that....

      So it's for y'all, and me, and him. :)

  4. where to start!

    Fucking your face...isn't that the MOST amazing and erotic?? YYUUMM!!

    Telling you to cum...Oh Ya!

    Well...your stat counter and followers I think completely obliterate his idea that no one would like your story!


    1. It's been a while too, so yeah it was pretty fantastic. The head holding and all. Yep.

      He thinks he's sooo smart, but I've seen him naked.... ;)

      Well, he knows folks are interested in our SEX... but our story is another matter altogether.

  5. Nothing wrong with a love story with sex. Reading about couples sharing is awesome...
    It gives us single people a reason to look forward to sharing our life with another...

    1. Getting married to my husband was the single best decision I have ever made - I've made some great ones since then, but they all stem off that one.

      I love being married.

      Of course, it's not marriage itself that does that - it's the person you choose to be with. :)


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