Thursday, March 20, 2014

My favorite posts: Q&A

Don't worry, I haven't disappeared again. It's tempting but I'm putting forth an effort to pretend to be a person, and maybe the feelings will go along with it eventually.

What I have been doing is reading the fantastic sporking that Jenny Trout has given the 50 Shades trilogy. Pretty much nonstop. It's like reading the books, but with a constant companion who dreads the experience as much as you do and has a wonderful sense of humor.

I highly recommend it, if, like me, you won't lay a finger on those books for reasons that have nothing to do with "explicit sex" - because believe me, the sex I've read in those books is definitely not what I'd call explicit.

"Down there."


NOW. The lovely Pearl asked me what one (or 2) of my favorite posts are, and why. I do have a sidebar with some of what I consider my best writing linked in it under the heading "Some of my favorite posts," but to be fair I haven't updated it in quite some time. I thought I would share one sex post and one informative one. So, not to be repetitive or anything, but this piece is definitely right up there:  Hot anal action

Why? Because I genuinely adore anal sex, but it doesn't happen often (yes, still), and this was one of the most mind-blowing experiences I have ever had.

As for the informative one, I'm going to go fairly recent. The shockingly simple motivations of sexuality

Lily's original post was much, much better than mine, but at least this one keeps the idea going.

Thanks so much for the question, Pearl!

Any more from anyone? It's still March!


  1. I started reading the Jenny Trout review also, and . . . well . . . I know this might be hard to believe, but I got tired of all the complaining. So I found the real thing online for free and started reading it. Haven't gotten any further than I did with the Jenny Trout review, but it seemed silly to be reading two chapter-by-chapter reviews complaining about it when I could be reading the real thing. So far I haven't stumbled upon any sex though, so in my opinion, this does not qualify as erotic fiction, at least not yet.

    1. Haha, I love that you got tired of the complaining.

      I didn't find anything erotic about the books, sadly. The abuse in them saddens me immensely. Also there's a lot of groaning words through gritted teeth and I don't find that sexy.

  2. ooo, I enjoyed reading those old posts again, especially the anal one!

    1. I did too!

      I read through a bunch to re-familiarize myself with some of my favorites... Some of them are pretty amazing. I'm like "Whoa, I did that?"

  3. I don't know how I lost track of you but now I am back. Lol
    I love that post too and I love anal sex

    1. Hey you! :) Don't worry, I lose track of myself all the time. We all bounce around and come back to each other eventually.

  4. I had a nice long comment the other day, then it never published. My comment 'cookies' were turned off. I will try to recap the general feel =)

    First off, I remember (AND LOVED) that post on your 'Hot Anal Action' too. Blondie and I seem to be on board with you re: anal!

    As for '50 Shades'. What I can say is that I did read them and what they opened for me was greatly needed. They gave me the terminology to google and to find all of you in blogland!

    Would I feel that same 'self discovery' I felt following reading those books, I have no idea. My Man and I were already enjoying our (unknowing) D/s life, celebrating the summer of '12 with me offering daily blowjobs. '50 Shades' didn't start any of that but it did light a fire under me to find where WE belong and work to make us more.

    I offer no literary critique. Maybe if I were to re-read, that would be different!

    Thanks for answering! XOXO

    1. Anal is my favorite. Even if it's just fingering, it's so sensitive and it just feels amazing.

      I know that those awful books have brought a lot of folks to give words to things that they don't know, and brought them to a better, happier place.

      About 50 Shades, what I say to that is - if the road you got here on was bumpy and pitted and piled with sand dunes, I'm just glad you arrived safely and why the hell isn't someone fixing the damn road? ;)

      What I worry about are the women who aren't in relationships and are looking to be controlled and manipulated the way Christian Grey does Ana - or the women who are and actually get angry at their husbands for not treating them the way Christian treats his women.

      Also the repeated line "you're my wife, not my submissive," as if someone can't be both, or as if a person who is submissive is somehow unworthy of marriage.

      There was a lot to bother me. The line "kinky fuckery" though, is definitely a highlight. Because I do love me some kinky fuckery.

  5. "Kinky fuckery" has to be the best quickest explanation of the fun we have! A quick additional note on anal, being that we agree on the enjoyment factor. I happened to notice that I have an odd amount of sensation when he spanks my actual asshole. Swats with the same force on my pussy or ass cheek make me jump but when he goes straight on my asshole I don't even feel like I have a pain limit. #1 feels the same as #10, amazing. It took me by surprise the first time he hit me there. I expected so much more pain being that anal in general can start with a "not good" sting sometimes.

    I like your points on 50 Shades. I very much see what you're saying on worrying about current/future sub's using that fictional obsession as cute and safe. So much of what can be done within D/s (or any such variety) can become unsafe or abusive in the wrong hands. Throw a rich man in the mix and judgement can become even more cloudy I am sure.

    In my safe corner of the married world, I was brought to my knees (literally!). Submission was my light bulb moment. This is the only part of me I never have, and never will, give to any other man. I had a very narrow minded and selfish frame of mind when I read those books. My Man is the most loving, trusting, safe man. We started there, and moved to here. We have our own measure of baggage but by no means does his past make him want to "hurt little brown haired girls".

    I understand that not all sub's want/need love in the D/s dynamic but I am this way because I love and am loved. I am a wife and a submissive. I'm not sure which I am more proud of...

    I didn't see the connection 50 Shades drew between a person who is submissive being unworthy of marriage when I read it, most likely because I didn't know I was one of those darn submissives at the time! I get it now, and it is a shitty conclusion to have had Christian's past subs portrayed as suicidal groupies.

    Interesting take Conina, thanks for elaborating.


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