Monday, January 9, 2012


There's a hot fantasy that I enjoy, but to ponder the reality, the concept of it actually taking place?

No, just no.

"He shared me with his friends," I saw someone write on another blog.

So many complications would arise from such a thing - for one, his friends are mine. Yuck. I love our friends dearly, but I in no way desire to be used by them. Not even in fantasy. The fantasy multiple partners are just that, not real people at all. Even if his friends weren't mine, they'd likely be people I'd meet in casual situations regularly. Why on earth would I want those people to see me as some kind of object? Surely, the impressions from even a one-off session of "sharing" would last, and last, and last. Each time I saw one of those people it would bring back that moment - and I'm not convinced it would even be a hot moment for me to have brought back.

Therapy. I would need tons of it after any such encounter.

It's a different thing altogether from an open relationship, which we're not into personally either. At least within an open relationship every participant is equal, even if there is some power imbalance dynamic at play.

To be an object for sex, for pleasure to my husband, is very very hot to me in the moment, yes. To extend that to others of his choosing though, just to prove he could? Hell no.

That's a whole different level of crazy, at least where reality is concerned. It requires objectification beyond the moment, perhaps permanently. If that's your kink, more power to you, but for me and my relationship, no. I am most definitely not an emotional masochist. I enjoy an occasional bit of degradation talk during sex, but to be shared with a random amount of people who I know casually is way, way beyond a bit of degradation talk.

Many fantasies are lovely masturbation fodder, or even hot to have whispered to me in the midst of sex, but I would not want most of them. Some of them, like this one, would be completely ruined by reality.

What do you think? Would you be up for such an encounter? 


  1. I'd definitely be up for the experience and honestly it's something I have thought about. We have a lot of friends in the kink community and I'd love a night of fun with me as the entertainment!

    But maybe because they are kinky, it makes the situation easier. I can't imagine the scenario with His best (vanilla) friends. Regardless of what my fantasies may be lol. It would strain the friendship for everyone involved.

    For me, I think it's a situation that's bound to happen sooner or later. One I look forward to!!

  2. I think the fantasy is hotter than hot, the reality not so much.
    I've done it once, a very long time ago, and to say it was disappointing is an understatement. Maybe it'd be different now, but I'm not sure I want to find out.

  3. Daddy's Christmas present to me was to be shared with his friends. While it brought many different feelings to me, it was his wish, his desire, his want for me.

    I am an object for sex, for his pleasure, for how he wishes and in what way, and I trust in him and the decisions that he makes, including with those Daddy chooses to share me with.

    I am new to blogging, but came across your blog, and am loving reading it ~ I posted only a day or so ago, about Daddy's Christmas present to me. It was hot. It is hot. But I know it isn't for everone.

    I didn't think it would ever be for me.

    Daddy's Girl

  4. cuddlykitten: I think participation by kinksters vs. vanilla people is an important distinction, as is your idea and desires vs. someone else's (the dom's, presumably). No amount of hot sex would be worth the strain on the interpersonal relationships that you mention.

    I hope it's good for you if it happens! :)

    Butterfly Flip: That's where I'm sitting right now too - I haven't done it, but can picture myself afterward going "WTF? Now I've ruined it." ;)

    Daddy's Girl: I just went and read your posts. That's exactly the sort of thing I couldn't do myself, but I'm glad you got to experience it if that's what you truly want.

    I often joke with my husband that I'd be totally up for it if he could just split off into three exact duplicates of himself. ;)

    Welcome to blogland!

  5. The idea sort of makes both my Master and I blanche. xD;; But we're mono people (as well as rather anti-social), so perhaps that's why. It made me laugh when you said this: "I often joke with my husband that I'd be totally up for it if he could just split off into three exact duplicates of himself. ;)" because I so often say the same thing! LOL

    Now THAT would be hot.. too bad it's also a tad impossible. ^^;;

  6. I can understand it is not for everyone. I didn't think it was for me ~ it was for him. And I trust the man . . .

    Daddy's Girl

  7. There are plenty of women who like it ~ and i agree that it's very different if it's with other kink people rather than a bunch of vanilla men.

    Don't think it's my cup of tea and don't think my Sir would want it, but have learned the hard way never to say never...

    :-) Interesting post.


  8. Not something I could ever do either. Not unless the "friend" just happens to be one of my celebrity crushes. Otherwise, no way, no how.

    Seriously, can you imagine me having to try to get him AND his friend to put condoms on and keep them on through the entire proceedings? And make sure they don't finish in there even with condoms on. And make sure they never go from back to front or from back to mouth. And to make sure . . . no. Not happening.

    This is one of Master's fantasies that he mentioned from near the beginning, and I'm convinced he and the friend he mentions have discussed it. I actually think his friend is the one who turned him on to this whole D/s thing. Master started talking about it so much that I finally had to come right out and tell him it's not going to happen. He hasn't bothered me about it since. Thankfully.

    Besides, I've been with the man long enough to see that he's probably a rather traditional man in his real life. He thinks it would be hot, but I'm almost certain he would never want me again afterward. And he's way too fixated on everything being clean to really enjoy swishing around in another man's goop. Yuck.

  9. zelda: Have you seen Watchmen? I was thinking "What's her problem!?? Do it, girl!" Heck yes it would be hot. ;)

    Daddy's Girl: It's plain to see you trust him. :)

    aisha: Never say never? No hard limits at all, then?

    t1klish: Sloppy seconds never did sound that appealing to me. Although if there were condoms there wouldn't be so much goop... but I'm still right there on the same page with you.

  10. I may trust Master not to have germs, but I sure don't trust some man I've never even met to not have germs.

    The fantasy is hot, but in fantasy there are no germs, no potential pregnancies, no dirt, no consequences.


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