Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Giving my head

Brooke linked here, and I read the post right before we went to bed. I wanted that. I wanted it badly.

I didn't say anything. He'd had a rough day, so we went to bed and curled up together. He left the lights on and we talked for a while, about life, and stupid things, and something I'll get my rant on about a little later. I ranted for a while as we both laughed, said I'd make a blog post about it tomorrow, then apologized for going on.

Earlier in the evening, as my mom, our son, my husband and I watched TV, I'd pulled away from him for a moment to tend to our son. I sat back up straight, and my husband looked at me and extended his hand in my direction, cupped as if to the back of my head, and flexed his fingers. I put my head right into his hand and he massaged my scalp, tugging hard on my hair every few minutes.

"I really liked it when you made me give you my head," I told him now, in bed.

"You liked what?" he asked, perhaps not having understood what I meant.

"Earlier, when you made me give you my head? I really liked that."

"Ohhhh, you did, huh?" he pressed against me, his erection plain to feel against my hip. "I think I'd like it if you'd give me your head again."

Giggling at the clever turn of phrase, I turned eagerly to face him and slid down his body, stroking and kissing. "You're wearing all these clothes!" I gushed happily as I tugged his boxers off. I lifted his leg and moved under it, positioning myself between his thighs, gazing up at him. He pulled my pillow over to him and propped himself up so he could watch. I wrapped my arms around his thighs, letting my palms flatten on his belly, my fingers running through his pubic hair.

I licked up along his shaft, torturing the both of us, building my own desire for him. With a whimper of longing, I lifted myself up to take him inside my mouth, then slid down, burying as much as I could of him in that position. I nudged his legs to my back, and he rested his feet on my ass. I squeezed his thighs, and he took the hint and pressed them together around my head, trapping me there while he fucked up into my mouth, entering my throat as much as he could, pumping, pumping... oh, the pressure, on my head, in my throat. He pulled my hair while he thrust into me, holding my head still from that direction too.

He let me go and I pulled away to the very tip of his cock, taking a long breath through my nose, then sinking back down and squeezing his legs tight around me again, repeated it all over and over until my nose started to run, taking small breaks in between to gaze up at him, letting him see how much I was enjoying it all. He talked to me too, when I could hear him, told me what a good cocksucker I am, how wonderful I felt, what a good cockhungry little cockslut I am. "If you don't stop soon you're going to have to stop anyway, with a mouthful of cum," he finally said. I pulled away, going back to licking and kissing along the shaft, pressing my face against it and rubbing. He humped against my face, and I began to whimper again. "You want to suck it more, don't you, baby?"

"Oh yes," I purred, licking from the base to the tip, lingering there with my mouth open.

"You can suck it more," he relented, pushing into my open mouth. I moaned and resumed my previous activity. I couldn't get enough of that feeling, his legs clamped around my head, my mouth and throat full, and the power of his hips driving his cock more and more into me. I honestly never wanted it to end.

Eventually it did, though, when he told me to stop again, a long, long time later. I pulled my mouth off of him with a reluctant plop and started sucking on his balls while looking up at him, letting my hands stroke his hard cock.

"Mmm, good girl. Good girl," he said, clearly enjoying my attentions enough to repeat himself, "come on, get up here so I can fuck your pussy."

I slid under his leg and climbed up next to him, facing away from him and snuggling myself back against him.

"You want me, don't you?" he asked as he arranged his arms, one on the back of my neck and one pulling me to him tightly.

"I do," I responded as I wriggled back against him, leaning forward to open myself more.

"Let's see how much this pussy wants me," he said, pressing his cock between my wet folds and inside me, a long moan leaving me as he entered.

We moved together, slow movements that would become brief flurries of thrusting while he held me tightly, immobile in his arms. I started reaching my hand back between us to feel his cock moving in and out of me, feel my own wetness there, and I may have growled with the heat and desire between us. I eased myself off of him once, twice, three, four times, between periods of slow, delicious, languid fucking... the fourth time he asked the question I'd been hoping for: "You want that cock in your ass, don't you? Is that what you're trying to get at?"

Mmm. I would have gotten around to asking eventually, but this was so much easier. "Yes, please."

He got the lube. "Do you think your ass can take me, baby?" he asked as he lubed me and his cock. I nodded. "I guess we'll find out," he whispered, as he pressed the head of his cock against my tiny opening. It spread slowly around him, and surprisingly, there was no pain at all as he pressed inside me. Just wonderful pressure, fullness, and the stroking of sensitive nerve endings. He paused, the head of his cock lodged about halfway inside me, that moment of maximum stretch. "Tell me you want it," he whispered.

"Oh, God, I want it, I want it," I panted, trying to press back onto him.

"What do you want?" He wouldn't let me move.

"God, I want it to fuck me!"

"Ooooh. I think I can do that," he said as he pushed the rest of the way inside me, then made short little thrusts deeper. "How's that feel?"

My moan, long and loud, full of delight, served as my only response. "Oh you like that, I think," he said as he began to move with longer strokes, tugging my nipple, squeezing me, his hand wandering down to my pussy to stroke and penetrate me there with his fingers.

Do not know how long we stayed like that, slowly fucking, panting, relishing the closeness. When he came it was loudly, and I grabbed him and pulled him into me as hard as I could. He stayed inside me after and continued fucking me with his fingers, his cock sliding out of my ass as I began to hump his hand in earnest. His other hand grabbed pretty much all of my hair, and when I started bucking off the bed, my head lifting, he tightened his grip on my hair and pulled my head back toward him. "You're not going anywhere, little bitch," he whispered darkly, "you're going to stay right here and take what I give you." Every time my head tried to lift away from him, he pulled it back to him via my hair. I moaned every single time, and the feelings I experienced made my head pull away again, so it was a delicious loop of sexy.

When my orgasm washed over me, it was like someone threw a bucket of relaxation over me. I just suddenly stopped.


He drew me back into his arms, glancing at the clock. "Whoa, it's late."

"That's what you get for letting me suck your cock for half an hour," I responded gleefully.

So much love.


  1. So hot and sexy!

  2. Umm yes. To the linked pic and to the story... great as always. :)

    1. That pic was just...whoa. I needed it.

      Thanks. :)

  3. Nothing like some cocksucking for foreplay. Love the way you describe anal play. it does make you feel so full... Hot post...

    1. Foreplay? Foreplay, you say? Where is this foreplay you speak of? ;)

      Thanks for the lovely compliment! :)

  4. That was very hot. I love worshipping cock like that....especially when he talks to me during it. I think I nedd some ass play pronto.

    1. I understand that! I had also been reading over at Ravaged Ragdoll and was wanting anal pretty badly.


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