Thursday, March 8, 2012


He teased me in the morning. He snuggled close to me, stroking my body and letting me stroke his, becoming aroused himself and pressing his hardness against me, but he never asked me to suck it. I wanted to, but he never asked, and our precious minutes elapsed and were gone, and he went to work.

All day I wanted him. I could barely focus on anything else. 

Just seeing him come in the door was a major relief, even though hours would have to pass before we could be alone together.

"You need a haircut," I told him after dinner.

He sat in a chair in our kitchen while I cut his hair. I got to touch him, for nearly half an hour while I cut his hair, I got to run my fingers through it, stroke his head, and cut, and no one tried to pull him away from me. It looks pretty awesome now too, if I do say so myself.

The minutes of our evening ticked by. We got the little one ready for bed, I took a bath, we piddled around on the Internet.

Then we were in bed, and he pressed himself against me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me tight to him. "You've been waiting for this all day, haven't you?" he whispered into my hair.

"Oh, yes I have."

He started kissing me, we were stroking each other, fingertips drinking in the other person's skin. All the need I had been feeling all day was coming through in my kisses, in my touch. I hardly knew what was happening and he was atop me; I was trapped between his thighs. 

"I think you should suck my cock," he told me.

"Mmmm, I think I can do that," I responded happily.

He rolled off me enough for us to get his boxers off, then he was right back on top of me. I scooted down, and started licking his cock from underneath, before lifting my head and slowly sucking him in. 

He let me suck for a while, and then started shoving himself deeper and deeper inside my mouth and throat, forcing "gurk" noises from me, making me insane with desire. 

When he pulled away, many minutes later, I whimpered my disapproval. "I think you need to get on the ramp and suck me from there," he said, standing up and getting the ramp from its place next to the bed.

I whined as I got on my hands and knees, and he slapped my ass hard. "Are you complaining?" he asked harshly. "You want me to be comfortable, don't you?" I nodded as I settled myself on the ramp, my mouth perfectly level with his beautiful cock. "Good girl, I thought so," he groaned as I took him inside and sucked. 

His hands. My mouth was full of his cock, my hands more or less glued to his thighs or his ass, clutching, pulling him as far into my mouth as I could, choking, gagging, gasping for breath, and moaning, moaning, moaning. But his hands? Fisted in my hair, tugged on it, occasionally grabbing two huge handfuls on either side of my head and holding my head still for him to fuck into my mouth like crazy. My whole body rocked with the intensity of what was going on in and around my head and throat.

I spared a brief thought for Gracie, poor girl. But just for a second.

His hands made brief sojourns down to torture my nipples, too. He grabbed a handful of hair at the top of my head, once, and pulled on it pretty hard, holding my head up by it, while his other hand pinched and tugged on my nipple, and the whole time I sucked and licked as best I could while he thrust inside me. 

Writing this is hard because I keep becoming overwhelmed with the memory and my eyes fog over.

"Little slut," his words broke through my haze of happy cocksucking, "I'd like you to be able to do other things with your mouth too. Turn around." I whined, sucking even as I pulled away, so that when we separated it made a loud plop noise.

I turned around on the ramp, as he praised me, and offered myself to him on my hands and knees.

He pressed his cock through my slick folds, past my hungry opening, pushing the head against my clit. He pulled back and pressed it there over and over, forcing moans of both pleasure and frustration out of me. I tried to twist to get an angle that would get him inside me, but he wouldn't let me. "Oh, that feels good to me," he said, his voice roughened with passion, his hand a heated imprint on my backside holding me still, "I think I may just fuck you like this."

"Ohhh, no, no, no," I panted.

A sharp slap delivered to my ass made a sound that echoed against the bare walls of our bedroom. "Do you get to decide?"

"Nooooo," I moaned, my blood pounding in my ears with desire.

"That's right, little slut, you just get to take what I give you." He kept thrusting between my labia, pressing the head of his cock to my clit. "Doesn't this feel good to you?"

"Yesssss," I breathed out, trying desperately to enjoy and not to crave more.

"Yeah, good girl. Good, sweet girl. And if you're really good, you might, just, get something else.." he changed his angle slightly and let the head of his cock lodge itself just inside my opening. I groaned deeply with pleasure and anticipation, trying to press back against him and take him fully inside me. He grabbed my hips. "You want more, don't you?"

"Yes, yes, please."

"Okay," he said as he pulled out and went back to the insanity-inducing slow clit-thrusting he had been doing before, "I'll give you more like this."

A whimper, full of need, came from deep inside me.

"What do you say, then?" he asked softly.

"Please, please fuck me. Please," I begged, quite prettily for a breathless insane girl.

"Mmmmm... okay. I'll fuck you," he said, sliding his cock deeply inside me as I groaned.

"Do you want to lay down, baby?" he asked, possibly noticing that I had shifted to my elbows briefly and then back to my hands for the the third time.

"Yes, please," I said between my moans. It wasn't an absolute necessity, but it would be really nice.

"I dunno if I want to let you. I like doing this an awful lot," he said as he reached for and grabbed my ankles again, lifting them, squeezing his fingers around them.

Imagine it. Me, there on hands and knees on the Liberator ramp, almost completely exhausted, arms trembling as he stands behind and fucks into me, holding my ankles up next to his hips like a man pushing a wheelbarrow. 

I imagined it when it was happening, and it was hot. My mouth opened and I just kept breathlessly saying "Oh my God," over and over and over and over. A constant stream of "Oh my God" poured out of me, and he told me later that I got really really loud.

"Don't you collapse on me now," he admonished me firmly, "you just stay there and take it."

He kept that up, holding my ankles and thrusting his cock into me as I moaned, until he figured I might not be able to keep from collapsing, and he said "Okay... you can lay down now."

It didn't register at first. I stayed where I was; he was still sliding in and out of me in a most pleasing fashion. And then I realized if I didn't move I would probably fall when my arms gave out. I moved up on the ramp a tiny bit and just sort of gave out there, head down, ass up.

"Oh, you want it like this, huh?" he asked, moving atop me and thrusting himself back inside me, which in that angle, felt so incredible that my cries of "Oh my God" just got even louder. Somewhere in here I had an orgasm.

"Sweet little slut," he whispered to me even as his movements caused me to cry out, and then, "loud sweet little slut." 

He was getting pretty loud too, after a while. "You want me to come in you, little slut?" he asked, and I managed to squeeze a couple of affirmative responses into my constant almost-scream.

With quite a loud cry of his own, he erupted inside of me, and kept thrusting for quite some time. The angle was intense enough that even as he shrank, his movements within me still caused me to cry out.

He rolled me sideways with him, still softening inside me. He covered us with a blanket and then fucked me slowly, intensely, with his fingers. "Little slut likes to feel good," he noted as he stroked me and I kept moaning.

My head started tossing from side to side with the intensity of it all, and he asked me "Is something wrong?"

"Nononono," I said hurriedly.

"You sure?" he asked, knowing nothing was wrong, teasing me with the threat of stopping, "Because you're shaking your head like something's wrong."

"Nononononono," I said again.

"Mmm, okay then." He kept going, and I made a concerted effort not to toss my head anymore. 

The intensity became too much, as his fingers fucked me and his thumb stroked my clit. I started shaking my head in earnest. "I can't, I can't, I can't take it," I pleaded.

"You can. You will," he informed me, not stopping, in fact, pressing hard into my g-spot and moving faster.

"I can't, I can't, I can't I can'ttakeitIcan'ttakeitIcan'ttakeit," I kept saying.

"I said, shut up and take it, little slut," he said harshly, firmly, pressing deeper inside me.

That was it. I came. I came all over his hand and it was glorious.

I was sore afterwards, though.

But it's a kind of sore you won't catch me complaining about.


  1. I am so flattered that you thought of me in my time of need! And I'm quite envious of this experience, too. I ADORE the tease you wrote about- it's one of my favorite things we do, as well. Your dialogue is so *real,* it's awesome.

    1. I'm so glad it comes across well! I'm sure some bits get lost in the heat of the moment... pretty much everything he said while fucking my face, for example. Sometimes he talks so much I couldn't remember it all even if I was in full possession of my faculties.

  2. Oh, yes. What a great morning read... and you hit a lot of my turn-ons - I knew I liked you for a reason. :)

    1. Although it didn't occur to me when I was experiencing it (just argh, horny!), I actually thought about you when I was writing about it and your somewhat similar fantasy. :)

  3. Dang Girl, I may need to get one of those ramps, lol.

    Gotta love that kinda sore :)

    1. They are a bit spendy, but if you can afford it I would say it is the single most awesome sex aid/toy (if you want to call it that) ever.

      If we had a little more privacy I'd have gotten the black label ramp/wedge combo, but as it is I just have the regular one... still!

      They're having a promotion right now for $15 off every $75 you spend... Liberator

      I'm not compensated for that - it's just awesome enough that I thought I'd share.


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