Monday, April 16, 2012


"I'm going to start hurting you any second now," he warned me, his face hovering close to my thigh as he continued his soft strokes.

I sighed deeply and a whine escaped me. Worn out doesn't begin to describe how tired I was. "Why would you want to do a thing like that?" I asked softly, not challenging him, just curious.

"Because I can. To remind you who's in charge here. Because I like it. Because you're mine," he finished his little speech with a thwack to my inner thigh.

"You go on and make your rules, love. 'It's too late,' you can say, but we know who really makes the rules here, don't we? Who makes the rules, baby?"

"You do," I said softly, on another sigh. Exhaustion seeped through my bones, and yet I was so very fucking turned on by this display of total dominance.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass next," he stated, not stopping the rhythm of his movements.

"Mine!" he growled as his cock penetrated my ass, his growl a clear response to my deep moans of near-distress and total submission. He gripped my hair with one hand and my hip with the other, pulling me back onto him firmly. His grip allowed for no escape. "Take my cock in your tight little ass, baby, yeah, that's it."

My moans were coming from a place deep inside, as he moved slowly and the almost-pain deepened into intense pleasure.

He gathered me into his arms and I lay there, planting soft kisses against his chest, breathless from the heights of pleasure he'd taken me to.

"Love you so much," he whispered into my hair, stroking my body tenderly.

"Mmmm," I responded, and I floated away as he finally allowed my exhaustion to take me.


  1. Very hot and erotic,

    Thank you Conina,



  2. This reminds me of the times when I've been that tired and told Musicman, "Do whatever you want to do, just don't wake me up." He does do whatever he wants, it does wake me up, but only till he's done. Then off to the BEST sleep ever :)

    1. Oh yes. I don't have any desire to stop it from happening, just too, too tired to participate fully. The sleep afterwards IS amazing.

  3. I am pretty sure I couldn't sleep through anal sex. Just guessing. ;)

    1. No chance of sleeping through it, no. Too intense, too good. And then the orgasms afterward... yeah, no sleeping.


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