Monday, April 9, 2012

Friday night entertainment

"You're mine," he whispered as his hand gripped my throat. He kissed me, forcefully, taking my breath away.  "I can do anything I want with you. And you'll thank me for it, won't you?" He paused long enough for me to nod slowly. "I think you better suck my cock now," he said, his hand delivering three hard smacks to my breast.

Sucking cock on my side, time stretched thin and then disappeared, sucked up into the vortex he created with his heat.

"Get between my legs," he ordered, turning onto his back.

I did. The lights were all on. I could see all of him, the nude magnificence of him, as I positioned myself between his legs, licked one long, slow, wet lick from his balls to the tip of his cock, and inhaled him with a hungry moan.

His legs clamped around my head, his cock buried in my mouth, he pulled hard on my hair. I squealed with delight, as best I could with my throat plugged, and he did it again and again, pausing each time to let me catch my breath.

Then. Oh, then. He took hold of two fistfuls of hair on each side of my head and he fucked himself with my face, physically moving my head up and down on his cock. All I could do was hold my mouth open and let him. Oh, God, I dissolved into a moaning, practically screaming mess.

"I think you like that," he noted, and he did it again with the same result. "Oh yeah, you like me fucking your face, don't you?" He didn't stop for me to answer, clearly taking my excited moans as affirmatives. "You like being my sweet little fuck toy. What a good girl," he continued, as he kept masturbating with my face. Oh God. Pretty fireworks inside my head.

He wanted me on my back on the Liberator ramp and wedge, so we got them from their spot next to the bed, laid them out. I got on, and he slid his cock into me. Already breathless and panting from the hard use of my mouth, this angle made me cry out and open my eyes; it felt invasive in a an amazing way that vaginal sex doesn't usually to me, but I really liked. He moved inside me for a while, I grabbed my heels and held my feet back right against his shoulders, which actually is a lot easier at the angle the Liberator ramp puts me at.

"Oh yeah, be my fuck hole," he responded to this position, thrusting with more force.

I cried out softly as his words struck the part of my brain that enjoys dirty talk.

"Yeah, that's what you are, isn't it? My fuck hole," he whispered, his face close to mine, his hips grinding against me as I nodded, gasping for air.

More talk, grinding, thrusting, squirming, moaning. The minutes blended together into a blur. Until. "You know what I think you'd like even better?" I shook my head. "I think you'd like it if I did this with a butt plug in you."

We've got a new butt plug. It's a little bigger at its widest point than the previous one. The thought of it sent a shudder through my body and a moan out of my mouth, and he felt and heard my reaction. "Yeah, you'd like that a lot, wouldn't you?"

I nodded.

He rolled off of me, murmuring "But you probably want to turn over first," as he went after the plug and the lube. I turned over, now bent over the ramp in doggy style, my upper body supported by the wedge.

His fingers gently worked the lube into my ass, and then he began pressing the plug into me. It slid in nicely until it got to the widest point, when I began to wriggle and gasp and moan. "Take it, fuck toy," he growled, clearly not putting up with any fight. Finally it was inside me, and he pressed against it, making me jump a little.

Sliding inside my pussy again, he commented "Ooooh, there's not much room in here, is there?"

"So full," I moaned, my voice ragged with passion and the noises I'd been making. Each time he pressed inside me he pressed the plug deeper too, and I made a lot of deep, guttural moans as he moved against me.

"Yeah, you just lie there and take it. Let me fuck my fuck holes."

"When you're ready, I'll take this out and fuck your ass with my cock."  He didn't stop moving as I moaned a deep, low moan of anticipation. "You like the sound of that?" He asked, knowing the answer already, as he kept slowly pumping into me, making me moan over and over.

"You ready?"


"I dunno," he said as he kept slowly thrusting, just the head of his cock rubbing in and out of me now, "you seem to like this an awful lot. You sure you're ready?"

I nodded, a slow hissing noise coming from me, enjoying him so much.

"Well, what do you say then?"

Oh, wow. He was going to make me ask for it. "Please," I whispered, then realized I probably wasn't loud enough and spoke a little louder, "please fuck my ass." I shuddered all over as the words left my lips.

"Mmm, okay, I'll fuck your ass for you," he said, his cock gliding out of me.

I whimpered with the loss. "Empty," I complained.

"You're about to be a lot emptier," he told me as he started gently tugging on the plug.

"Oh God, oh God," I whimpered as the wide base of the plug opened me again. I slapped the ramp repeatedly, attempting to relieve the intensity of the removal. Finally it was gone.

"How do you feel now?" he asked.

"Empty," I whined. I'm not a fan of empty.

"I can fix that for you," he said, pressing the head of his cock against my stretched hole. He filled me nicely and I groaned with pleasure.

"Such a good little fuck toy you are," he murmured, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling my head up, away from the ramp, as he slammed into my ass. A particularly hard thrust made me scream and go quiet for a moment, he pressed deeply inside of me and stilled, waiting.

It dawned on me, through my sex-hazed brain, that he was concerned. "I'm okay, I'm okay," I panted against the velvety surface of the ramp, pressing up into him.

"Mmmm, did you like that a little too much?" he asked, as he resumed moving. I nodded, surrendering gladly once again to the haze that closed back over my brain, moaning softly.

"I'm gonna come in your ass, baby," he growled into my ear, increasing the speed of his movements. I moved with him to help him along, relishing the sounds of his orgasm and collapsing back into the haze myself once it was over. He rolled off of me. "Do you want the plug back, baby?" he asked.

Oh yes I did. I nodded, dazed. He gently pressed it back into me, then his fingers began to work their magic on my clit, in my pussy, coaxing me to orgasms.

When we pushed the ramp and the wedge off the bed after, there was a wet spot on the bed caused by me. Just a little one from my extreme arousal.

The plug stayed in for another hour or so after, as we lay tangled together in bliss.

I remembered, after he removed it, ("This is your favorite part, right?" "What? No!") what he'd said at the beginning.

"Thank you," I whispered, pressing a long, soft kiss to his chest. "For all of it."


  1. Mmmm, as always my friend, wonderful details. It's just the pick me up I needed today :)

    1. Always glad to be of service. :)

  2. Omigosh you always have the nicest, steamiest posts! We've been toying with a plug a bit ourselves...don't they just put you in the perfect subset? Talk about constant reminder!

    1. I am very very fond of them, yes. This new one is really nice too.

      Thank you for the compliment!

  3. O, so very sweet! i love this.


    1. Sweet, says the lady who doesn't even like that word. Hm. ;)

      Thank you. :)

  4. WOW.... very hot!!!!!

    1. It really was. Thank goodness for weekends. ;) Thank you!

  5. Very hot indeed. I have not experienced a blud yet, this kust made me look forward to it even more. there is so much to chose from I always get a little intimidated by them.

    1. Thank you. :)

      Just don't get anything made of jelly. This one we got is Doc Johnson's Platinum Silicone "The Big End," in Purple, but it's very big. The materials it's made of are awesome, though. They also have a "The Li'l End," which might be nice to start with, although for me I've found smaller diameter plugs not to be very satisfying.

    2. "Very big" is of course relative, as "The Big End" is actually a medium plug..:)


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