Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday morning

That's a store, did you guys know that? We have some awesome towels from there, silk/cotton/bamboo. Fabulous.

This post is not about the store, or even about the awesomely soft and absorbent properties of bamboo, from which our new bed sheets are also made, because it's awesome. Wait, no, the post isn't about bamboo.

It is about what happened between those sheets this Tuesday morning.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I have a thing for giving my husband blow jobs in the morning before he goes to work. Even when we're both too exhausted for that, he's always come back to bed for 30 minutes to an hour of snuggle time after he's gotten ready for work.

This morning, he slid his hand under my nightshirt and pulled me close to him, spooning me, and I had a brief flashback to Saturday evening. A quick flash of him saying "Oh, there's not much room here. I'm going to force my way in though" went past my brain, along with the sensations that accompanied the words, the feeling of his cock beginning to press inside me, and I shuddered and gave a little cry.

"What was that?" he asked me.

"A thought I had," I responded.

"Ooh, were you thinking about me?" He pulled me closer, asked the question into my ear.


"Me.. doing things to you?"


"Me...  hurting you?"

"No... is this even important?" I laughed, slid my left wrist into his left hand where it was lying next to my head, rolling onto my back to better see him.

He persisted. "Me.. penetrating you?"

I shuddered. "Yes."

"Oh I think you like it when I penetrate you. I think you like being full, being full of me.." his grip tightened around my wrist, and with the index finger of his free hand he delicately traced my lips. "Such a lovely mouth you have," he whispered as I made small whimpery noises. He slid that finger between my lips. I sucked, and he just kept sliding it into my mouth, deeper and deeper until it was all inside, stroking my tongue. The rest of the fingers of his hand wrapped around my face, squeezing it as he spoke to me of sex and arousal and penetration. "You like it best when I penetrate you in multiple places, don't you?"

I made a noise of agreement around the hand that was penetrating and silencing me, and I squirmed against him, very very aroused. I felt his cock, pressing against the side of my thigh.

"Suck my cock for me now," he said, sliding his hand out of my mouth and gripping the back of my head as I moved to do as he bade me.

I could feel my arousal seeping between my thighs as I took him in my mouth, wrapping my arms around his hips and pulling him to me. "Good girl," he told me as I sucked and moaned and squeezed his ass with my hands. I certainly hadn't been expecting any of this. We'd fallen asleep exhausted the night before, with no end of nights like that in sight. The next surprise was about to come.

His hands were pulling my hair, urging me on, calling me names, when he suddenly asked me "Would you like to be fucked in your pussy now?"

I squealed loudly around his cock, excited beyond belief, not having been prepared for such a question, and yet wondering if he was just teasing me. I squeezed my thighs together and felt everything squish there. I kept sucking despite my eager agreement, not sure if he just wanted to know how badly I wanted him at that moment. He let me continue for a few moments and then said "You're not letting go of my cock. Come on, turn over."

I turned over quickly once he pulled me off his cock. "Is there a horny pussy somewhere here for me?" he asked, stroking my slit with his fingers briefly, feeling my wetness. "Oh yes, there it is," he said, pressing the head of his cock against my opening and pressing in with one smooth stroke.

I groaned as he entered me, slapping the bed several times to relieve the intense pressure without a lot of volume, because others were awake now too. At least the door was closed this time.

"Oh yes," he whispered, his voice gravelly with lust, "that's a good fuck hole."

I couldn't help it, I squealed. The words, the cock, the movements.

He didn't rush through it this time. He took his time, we moved, lost in delicious bliss, and when he finally came inside me his fingers were playing with my clit. Knowing we didn't have a lot of time, I slipped down his body and cleaned his cock with my mouth. "Oh, good slut, what a good girl to clean my cock with your mouth."

I slid back up his body, he gathered me back into his arms and then his fingers were playing with me again. The pleasure built and built, and he raised up on his elbow to slide fingers inside of me while his thumb played against my clit. Just as he rubbed against my g-spot, the alarm to tell us both to get up to get him to work went off, buzzing next to my head on the bed where I'd put his phone. I groaned with disappointment but he ignored the alarm and kept going. "Yeah, take it, that's a good girl, that's my good little cock slut," he told me as I spasmed, clinging to his shoulder.

I touched the phone with the back of my hand to make it stop buzzing and we laid there for another minute as I gasped with the unexpected pleasure of morning sex AND orgasm. "Oh, lovely lovely husband," I gasped out, stroking his side, giving him several kisses before I pulled away so we didn't make him late.

And then I went and got dressed in 8 minutes or less and we were out the door.

That's my kind of Tuesday morning.


  1. Now that is an awesome way to start the day.


    1. Definitely made the day far more tolerable, oh yeah.

  2. Totally unrelated to the hot and steamy part of the post-- I love that store!! LOL!

    1. We love the towels very very much! The store is pretty cool to browse through too, when we have a non-child moment.

  3. The start of this is hilarious. Reminds me of something Spanky said once, "Did you ever see a really good title to a post, go over there and it was exactly what you thought it was? Yeah, me either." I thought, oh no, really? About the store?

    But then, I thought I will hang on Conina's every word no matter what it is about. And luckily, it was hot sex. :) (but, you can write about stores too, I will still listen.)

    1. Thank you for sticking with me. :)

      I had actually written the sex and the ever-present need for a title was presenting itself to me, so I wrote the none-too-creative title and then I thought "Hey, I know how to make this clever!"

    2. Sometimes, I wish I could just like people's comments back, so they would know that I saw them and liked them, without having to feel like we're dialoguing on a blog.

  4. Oh I missed not being able to come and get my Conina fix. I'm so glad I'm better and can come read some juicy stuff.

    1. I missed your comments and your posts too!

  5. What an extraordinary morning for an ordinary Tuesday. :)


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