Sunday, September 25, 2011

I was so excited

There's this thing I've been widely hinting at to my fantastic man. He hasn't really taken the hint.

I desperately want to blow him every morning before he goes to work. Or, even 3 out of 5 mornings. Or just one. I want to be able to bring him off, to suck his orgasm down my throat or have it all over my breasts or...wherever, without him worrying about anything like fucking me afterward - he normally holds back so much when he's fucking my face, just so that we can continue on and enjoy his cock in other ways afterward.

He worries it will drive me insane with desire.

This morning we woke up earlier than we had planned in the hotel room where we were staying. We had about 30 minutes, and he fondled me and we talked and our hands wandered all over each other, and then there was a lovely hard cock that my hand happened to brush against by accident. I tried to ignore it; I failed. I begged him to let me suck it. He told me I had sucked it last night already; I begged a little more. He relented.

He came down my throat about 20 minutes later. It was awesome. I breathlessly asked him "Have I mentioned how I'd like to do that every morning?" he said I had. Then, wonder of wonders, he said maybe a few times a week! I was a mass of exclamation points.

Then he got some bad news when he checked his phone, and it distracted him... who knows if he'll remember?


  1. Argh. Morning sex? i love giving a good blow job as much as the next slut, but morning...bleh. master would love your attitude, lady!!

    i'm up for it any other time of the day, though....

    i humbly bow before your dedication.:-p

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  3. pepper - Our morning isn't so early as it once was. He doesn't leave home until 8:30. I'm awake; he snuggles with me every morning before he leaves. It's lovely. I just want more as I'm greedy.

    maui girl - I am SO PLEASED to say he did remember, and it was awesome, and it might just drive me mad with desire. But that's okay.

  4. conina this is exelent i love this my wife doit 1 per week i like every day

  5. frco - Hi, welcome to my blog! Every day is still something we're working up to - my throat gets very sore and he doesn't want to ruin me. I've been in once-a-week territory (not by my own choice), and that wasn't much fun.

  6. great i need to find some suport from othere wath you thing


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