Sunday, September 18, 2011

The consequences of forgetting

This is long. I go a little overboard on the details. Apologies. Mmm.

He's told me not to wear pants to bed, but there's this period of time  after I bathe and before we go to bed when pants are necessary due to shared living space. They were long underwear this time, actually. He was brushing his teeth and doing other get-ready-for-bed things, and I, already having done all those things, slipped under the sheet and started reading my book. He joined me and started talking to me, slipped his hand under my shirt to stroke my breasts. He mentioned that I'd probably like a little more attention from him, more often, and I agreed.

"But you'll take what you get, won't you?" and I agreed with that as well. His hand wandered downward, then paused.

"What's this?" he asked, fingering the waistband.

"Hmm?" I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about.

"What's...THIS?" he asked again, lifting the waistband up a little.

"Um...long...underwear?" I responded, thinking at least that was the truth of the matter and it wasn't truly outerwear.

"Yeah, right?" he slipped his hand underneath and discovered panties as well. "Long underwear with underwear UNDER it! Sure!" He slapped my ass. "I ask you to do ONE little thing, and you can't even manage that. And you claim to be mine?" He whacked me again.

"I'm sorry, I forgot." I murmured, already slipping into a different headspace.

"You should be..." SLAP..."Isn't there something you said you were going to do?"

"Hmm?" I was really out of it now.


"Oh, oh, I'm sorry!" I said, scrambling to take them off. He slapped my ass several more times, then slipped his hands underneath my shirt and squeezed my right nipple, HARD. "Oh, FUCK." I gasped out.

"Hurts, doesn't it?" he asked me, moving his hand and doing the same to my left nipple, eliciting another gasp from me, along with an agreement. "It hurts me when you don't DO as I ASK," emphasizing his words with more hard squeezes.

We were distracted here by the neighbors downstairs out on their patio making a bunch of noise and it was bothering him, so he asked me to go check on it... I did, and came back, facing him this time, pressing myself close to him. I told him what the noises were, and I laughed a little. He said he hoped they didn't complain back at us for slapping noises. I told him I didn't think they could hear us. He said that was good, and pulled my hip closer to him so he could whack my ass again.

He lectured me (hotly) on doing what he wanted and claiming that I wanted to please him but forgetting things he wanted me to do, while beating on my ass and letting his hands wander in between strikes. He pulled my underwear off so he could hit me better. He asked me whose ass it was, whose body it was, and to each question of course the answer was "Yours."

I did a fair amount of apologizing. Eventually I felt his rock hard cock pressing into my arm, and I wanted to suck it like anything. I responded to another of his ownership questions and then asked him if he'd like his cock sucked. He said "Why yes, I would." He said that would be a good start on making up for disappointing him. Then I was there, mouth-to-cock and nothing existed but that.. oh, he let me suck it for a long, long time. He talked. He tightened his hand in my hair and he pulled my head closer to him, burying his lovely hard cock into the back of my throat and choking me. It was amazing. He put his leg over my shoulder and reached around behind himself to hit my breasts that were exposed by his lifted leg. He grabbed my nipple and twisted, then hit me several more times again, saying "Suck it, bitch... I SAID, SUCK IT!"

My mouth went into overdrive trying to suck to his exact preference and perhaps stop the insistent pain to my breast. The cock definitely was set on being pleasured and there was my mouth that was very insistent on giving it what it wanted, so anything else he did to me only made it more urgent to do what I was doing... the slaps across my breasts were electric. God.  At one point I kind of "came to," as it were, and realized there was a large amount of drool pooling on my right cheek (the one facing the bed). I felt it with my hand, and then my brain rocketed back to the happy cocksucker space. Eventually my jaw started hurting, and at some point after that he said that I could stop if it was starting to hurt my mouth.. that I might like to use my mouth for something else at some point.

I pulled off of his cock enough to hoarsely choke out "This is what it's FOR," and I slid back down onto him.

His hands tightened on the back of my head and he said "I know that's its primary purpose, but you might like to eat, and I like to hear your voice once in a while, and I like to kiss you... though I know you don't think about these secondary uses for it, cocksucker that you are." I moaned around his cock and pulled my mouth away again, because it WAS hurting quite a bit.

The next thing I remember is lying on my back with one of his fingers in my mouth, sucking my juices off of it,  and his other hand playing with my clit and his mouth torturing my breast... he scraped with his bristles, like sandpaper, all over my nipple and breast, and I moaned and gasped because it hurt. "Does that hurt?" he asked me.


"I can do whatever I like with it, because it's my nipple, and it's on MY breast."

Seems like he did that for forever... then he asked me if I'd like to be fucked, and of course I would! He asked "Ahh, but do you DESERVE more cock? I already let you suck it for a long, long time..." and he had, of course.. I groaned, not really prepared to come up with a good argument as I turn pretty stupid/nonverbal during sex.

He kept doing what he was doing for another age... then finally consented to fuck me. He climbed on top of me and slid his marvelous cock inside me, and it was gooooood. I wriggled and fucked back, enjoying the feel of him on top of me. After a while, the thought of that lovely cock sliding in and out of all that slippery sex-goo that I generate got the better of me, and I told him I wanted to taste him.

"Won't that damage your mouth?"


"But what if I want to fuck it tomorrow?" and he thrust into me especially hard.

I gasped out "You can, you can, you can fuck me anywhere you want, anytime you want!"  He finally acquiesced, and then there was a slippery wet cock presented to my mouth, which I consumed  with relish. It couldn't last long, because my throat and jaw were still tired from before, but it was nice.

Then he pulled away and pondered me for a bit.. "Where shall I fuck you next?" he asked me. I wasn't in any kind of condition to make suggestions, so I made some noises and remained silent, but wriggly...wasn't sure if he was asking for advice or just musing aloud, anyway. He told me to turn over.. I did, and he nudged me again, "Turn no, hands and knees." he said, positioning my hips where he wanted them.

Then...oh, then, there was his cock, and it felt about 3 times bigger than it had previously. It was forcing itself inside of me, and I am pretty sure I made a LOT of noise about it.. but ooh, it was good. He smacked my ass several times, and I fucked back into him until it started to hurt, at which point I fucked back a little less enthusiastically.

He noticed. "Take that cock, bitch!" he ordered, and smacked me. I didn't reply, but did my best to comply, and he hit me again. "I SAID, take that cock!" and he shoved into me harder.

I pushed back into him. "I'm taking it!"... and something hit my repeat button and I just kept saying "I'm taking the cock, I'm taking it for you, I'm taking it I'm taking it.." It was hurting a bit more and I whined "oh, it hurts it hurts it hurts..."

"TAKE IT," he barked, whacking my ass. He kept going and going until he exploded inside of me.

He rested atop me for a moment and I was gasping and moaning and shuddering and a bit overwhelmed by it all, my feet were randomly kicking. He asked me if I'd like to lie under the sheet with him and I groaned an assent, so we rotated back to our normal positions. He slipped his hand between my legs and whispered "c'mon, let me fuck you s'more.." and his fingers slipped inside of me and stroked and loved where his cock had recently punished. It was good. Soothing. Until it started to become more than that and very arousing..and he started talking about shoving things in my ass, which was even more arousing.

He continued playing with me and whispering darkly about shoving something huge into my ass. I told him he could do whatever he liked with me and he kept on and on talking and talking and I came all over his hand before he'd even touched my ass.

Then he proceeded to do what he'd said he'd do. He started with a finger, I groaned and he said "That's nothing compared to what I'm going to shove in there.. and you're going to take it." and then there was a slippery lubed plug pressing its enormous way inside of me. "Go on, take it." he urged, pressing slowly but inexorably into my ass. I moaned and grunted and wriggled and twisted, but he had his way with me and it was soon buried all the way inside of me, at which point he just started stroking the base of it, pressing it ever so slightly back-and-forth into me. I shuddered and groaned a lot. Then there were fingers probing inside my pussy, and he just kept doing that for forever, in-and-out, sliding back-and-forth and I drifted on a sea of overwhelming sensation and wished he'd touch my clit too.

I asked him if he was going to do it forever, because he did it for a long, long, long time... He said maybe he shouldn't because he didn't want to wear me out. Then he DID touch my clit, while also fiddling with the plug, and I squirmed anew and floated more. He kept doing this for a while and I made all sorts of unladylike noises and then I came again. He pulled the plug out of me - not a small task either, and came with its own set of moans and groans and wriggles, and then I was empty and completely overwhelmed by everything. He pulled me close and he held me and told me I was a good girl and I had done well.



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  2. This is about where we've leveled out. Probably the comfort level for both of us. I certainly don't feel deprived afterward. ;)

  3. Mmmm! That was a lovely post. Sounds like you two had a lot of fun! ;)

  4. cuddlykitten - We did enjoy each other a lot. :) Thanks so much for reading!

  5. Holy smokes! I miss my Love NOW!!!! That was a really hot post.


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