Wednesday, September 21, 2011

D/s sex in unlikely situations

(thanks to maui girl's comment on Neo Dom Tom's blog for this topic)

Thin walls, nearby people, desperate need for silence.

I once sucked my husband to completion in the back of a moving minivan with three other people in front. No one noticed. It was a long trip and it was chilly back there. I was already lying down under a blanket with my head in his lap.. he got hard, he kept humping my face.. naturally some sucking had to occur.

He's also forced orgasms from me with his hands in hotel rooms we were sharing with others (including my mom) while they were asleep. We fucked in the spoon position - very very slowly and quietly - in that situation as well. His hand on my throat, his constant whispers to be quiet, twisting my nipples hard as a way to quietly punish me if my noises rose above a squeak. It was very hot.

We are not exhibitionists. We have no desire to involve or discomfit other people with our activities. We didn't do these things for the thrill of it, but just because we can't actually keep our hands off each other. In the hotel situations it was because we actually had a bed to ourselves and that didn't happen very often at the time. So it would be a REALLY big deal if the other people found out. They never have.

Anyone else with similar experiences?


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  3. I knew what you meant about the double bed - we're not that bad either! Thankfully we've managed to be quiet/ still enough not to wake anyone or attract any attention.

    Thanks for not leaving me hanging. :) Glad I'm not the only one having kinky sex with unknowing people in the same room/very close.


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