Friday, September 30, 2011

A novella from reality, part I

The ruler

I've mentioned before that he loves hurting my nipples. "They make such tempting targets," is his response when I ask why. I had purchased a transparent plastic ruler and put it in our toy drawer, and he was really loving using that on my nipples. On a recent shopping trip, I spied a large, thick wooden ruler that didn't have a metal edge on it (probably due to its cheapness), and I purchased it and slipped it into the toy drawer as well, without mentioning it. He noticed it several nights ago, but hadn't touched it yet. It just lay there, waiting.

The situation

We have limited seating in our apartment. There are a couple of ottomans, a love seat that's technically big enough for my husband, my child, and myself, a child's chair that my child never sits in, and my mom's chair, which usually has my mom in it of an evening. However, our child loves my husband to distraction, and the two of them often sit together on the love seat in such a way that there's no room for an addition. In this instance, they had asked me to join them for some video games (child is too young, but floats along in a bubble and doesn't complain much). 

I don't like asking for space to be made for me, so I stood for a moment and then sat on an ottoman instead, muttering something about not being loved and feeling like an outsider in my own home. My husband, before I started muttering, had moved over and made space, but I was already sitting down. He patted the seat insistently, "Come sit here with me, woman!" he said (not his normal method of speech, by golly it was a warning).

"I'm already sitting HERE now, MAN!" I responded. I knew that wasn't the best idea, but my mom was sitting there and it was the only thing to be said in response to that. I waited a few minutes and then I did move - I prefer to be as close to him as possible. Nothing more was said about it and we enjoyed our game, and then some TV.


It was getting pretty late, mom and child had been asleep for a while. We were sitting at the table, doing stuff on our computers. I noticed it was pretty late and went to the bedroom. Our phones are one of the few electronic devices we keep in the bedroom, and even then we don't use them much in there; we use them for the alarm settings and they charge in there and once in a while we need to make a private call. I had already bathed and brushed my teeth and everything one does before bed, but he was still using his computer. I laid across the bed just as I was to fiddle with my phone, responding to some old texts I'd gotten while phoneless. In the mean time, he had come into the bedroom and brushed his teeth and gotten into bed with me. It was late. I briefly thought about taking my shorts off but then backed against him and snuggled, figuring we'd probably just go to sleep anyway. He draped his arm across me and pulled me close, and we talked for a bit while he stroked me.
And the payoff if you've read this far
"What am I gonna do with you anyway?" he asked me after I'd said..something, still stroking me. My usual response to this is, of course, "anything you want," but not this time.

"Sleep?" I laughed, thinking that was the fairly obvious answer as he tends to wear out easily during the week and past a certain time that's all that's going to happen.

"Sleep?" he was incredulous. "What, are you sleepy?" he slid his hand under my shirt and stroked my breast.

"Well, no.. just thought you would be."

"Nuh-uh.. now, what am I gonna do with you? I suppose I could" He hit my ass hard. "punish you for wearing pants to bed!" 

I grunted and let him hit me a bit longer, before I protested a little. "I didn't actually intend to come to bed.. I was just using my phone and then there you were and it was bedtime and I thought you'd want to sleep..." I wriggled out of the shorts while I was talking and tossed them away, then wriggled close to him again, bottom first so he could spank me more if he so chose.

He stroked it "ah, but who said you could wear pants if we were just sleeping?" another few slaps.

"Nobody," I responded.

"Yeah, this is my ass and if I want to touch it I should be able should think about these things," he lectured, hitting me pretty hard as he spoke. "Even if I'm just going to sleep.. those pants keep this ass from me. But.. since it was an accident I'll let you off." He didn't stop hitting me. "But I'm afraid, love, that I remember asking you to sit next to me and you not doing it.. so the punishment isn't quite over yet."

"Mmf." Was all I could really say. He got more and more intense, lecturing me about wanting me close to him and hitting my poor bottom over and over, and as his lecturing heated up he grabbed my shoulder and turned me toward him so I was on my back. He got rid of my shirt and started spanking my breasts, sometimes from the sides, sometimes direct impacts from above, still lecturing. I was making soft pained noises, "mmf, mmf, mmf."  

He punished my breasts like that for quite a while.. then he stopped, stroking them and murmuring "'t there a better way for me to do this?" I was alarmed. I knew what he was thinking. I hadn't intended that ruler to be applied to my nipples. He went rummaging in the bedside drawer and I actually squealed with alarm and rolled over to face away from him, my arms going to protect my breasts involuntarily. "Where are you going?" he asked me. "Are you afraid?"

"Mmhmm!" I responded.

"You probably should be. Go on, turn over then," and he nudged me further away from him with the ruler, indicating I should roll further and offer my ass. "I suppose it'll give you an idea of what's to come," and he started hitting my bottom with the ruler. He landed it across the lower curve of my ass toward my thighs enough times that I started to squirm with discomfort, and my noises were getting louder. "Yeah, it hurts doesn't it? You should know that's how it feels to me" whack, whack, whack "when I say I want you close to me and you" WHACK "don't" WHACK "listen." WHACK. "Now, turn over." He applied a gentle pressure to my side indicating he wanted me to offer my breasts again, so I did, though I was still afraid.

He talked. His words stroked and soothed me, lulled me. He moved the ruler over my breasts, using its edge to prod my nipples. I gasped several times in anticipation. He didn't hit me. Yet. He talked. I held on to his words but so much happened I can't remember them all. Suddenly, a strike straight on, hitting his target well despite the darkness of the room. "Ugh!" I arched my body to this first insult, and then he just kept hitting me and hitting me. He alternated nipples, he occasionally hit my breasts not on the nipple, and I moaned and grunted and squirmed.

My hands made fists and I clutched at things randomly, doing my best not to protect myself. It was fire, it was heat, and his voice was the coolness keeping me alive through it. I remember feeling his erection pressing against my hip at some point and thinking "God, he's so turned on right now.." before he hit me again and thoughts actually fled. I was moaning and moving my head from side to side. He stopped for a bit, alternately stroking and twisting my left nipple and sucking my right gently before rubbing his day's growth of stubble against it, making me complain about it hurting because it was already sensitive. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked me roughly, whispering against my flesh, even the breath there causing a shudder.

"Mmhmm!" I responded, thinking of course he was talking about the beating. 

"Well, okay then," he rasped, "I thought you'd like having your nipple sucked, but I guess not." and he started hitting me with the ruler again.
He kept going. "I haven't actually heard an apology from you." he growled darkly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I responded. He kept smacking that damn wooden ruler into my nipples, saying I should be and that when he wanted his wife next to him she should be there. I actually broke out into a fine sheen of sweat and I was grunting and whispering "Ohgodohgodohgod" and arching my body and moving as much as possible without actually moving. That is really hard. He doesn't like tying me up because it interferes with him doing things later when he changes his mind, but at times like this it'd be particularly helpful. Just about the time I thought I couldn't stand anymore, he gave me two more HARD blows on each nipple, eliciting tiny screams from me, and then stopped, saying "I think I'll stop for a bit.. I'm not completely evil."

This is getting really really long. I'll put the rest in another post.


  1. Oh. my. Stars and garters.

    (pause for ice water break)

    sounds like a fantastic interlude.....i'm eagerly awaiting another installment.

    But how was your morning? x-p

  2. I can't believe it took me all morning to write this. Next one's up now. I'm still reeling a bit.

    The morning was mostly spent talking about last night, actually. Some very nice kissing though. Will try again tomorrow, though he's not going to work..just means we get a little more time, if we're lucky.

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  4. maui girl - Most of it, in fact. It was more not coming to him than the sass - he doesn't actually care about sass (though he will say otherwise sometimes if he thinks it'll turn me on).


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