Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Morning after insatiability

Long break of us sleeping naked together, wrapped in each other... I kept waking up and practically purring at the pleasure of just being so close to him before drifting off again... then this morning I was watching him shave and brush his teeth after his shower (still nude). He noticed, and came over to sit next to me on the bed where I’d turned myself sideways to watch him. I rested my head on his thigh, he rested his hand on my ass. “That’s a funny way to sleep.”

 “Not sleeping.”

“What you doing then?”

“Enjoying the view.”

“Silly girl..” We chatted for a bit, I kissed the bits of him I could reach, he rubbed my back.. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but it was turning him on and then his cock was standing up from his lap, right next to my face. I took it in my mouth, despite the extreme awkwardness of the position. “What are you doing?” he asked me.

“Mmm,” I responded, my mouth full.

“Looks like you found a cock to suck..” His hands tightened in my hair and he guided my pace for a while, thrusting up into me as he pushed me down... then he laid back and merely tapped my head lightly, seemingly unconsciously, lost in sensation, as I moved on him. The position was extremely difficult and copious amounts of drool escaped from me, but I was determined and I got what I was after. I sucked him dry and then sucked all the drool that had pooled in his lap away.

“You are quite the cocksucker,” he told me, briefly resting with my head on his shoulder before he went to have breakfast and make his lunch. “That was lovely, thank you.”

Two mornings! Ha!


  1. the dedicated cockslave will always find a way....2 days in a row! good for you!
    i still prefer the afternoon delight, meself. just sayin'.

  2. We have a young child and my mom lives with us - the afternoon is RIGHT out. ;) I'd not mind it myself either, but it's not like I can greet him at the door with a blow job...ooh, wouldn't that be nice.

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  4. maui girl - Thanks so much for that. I was writing for YEARS, and then I thought "I should have a blog for this stuff." It helps a lot.


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