Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh yes he did

He remembered!

Ten minutes of cocksucking, ten minutes of snuggling with his arms and leg wrapped around me. Beautiful.

"Sweet sweet cocksucker," he said to me, after.

Yes, I watched him leave and told him to have a good day while I was so turned on I worried I was leaving a wet spot on the bed... but, so worth it!



  1. I'm glad I've fund your blog, it looks like some interesting reading a-head, so to speak. My lizard has gotten better and better at sucking my cock, and she enjoys it thoroughly. Lately she has been taking my whole cock down her throat, which I always praise her for. It's a wonderful feeling for us men. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. isn't it glorious when what you want is something that He wants? i love that. Good for you, lady!

  3. Tom - I'm so pleased that you like! Cock-in-throat is definitely an overwhelmingly erotic and submissive experience; I'm glad she is able to enjoy it. Happy you've found my blog as well.

    pepper - Oh yeah, I love it too. Much thanks. :)

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