Friday, September 16, 2011

Things I adore

  • My sexy awesome magnificent husband.
  • Going places with this aforementioned man. He's fabulous company. 
  • Curling up with my head on his shoulder and his arms wrapped around me with his left hand on my ass and the other holding the back of my head against him, his right leg over my hip and my left leg between his. My favorite place in the world.
  • Sucking his cock. Everything about it. The way it feels as my lips slide down over it, the noises he makes, his hands tightening in my hair. If it's not already hard when I start, feeling it harden and lengthen inside my mouth. (I rarely get to feel that one though.) The feeling of the head pressed into the opening of my throat. The insane amount of drool I generate from this activity. The noises that my throat makes without me doing anything at all when he presses in deeply enough. The way my voice sounds when I finally stop and pull away and haven't had enough air and the thrusting has pushed my voice all weird. Bonus points if we're comfortable and lying on our sides and he puts his leg over my shoulder. He has been known to punish me for not coming away from the cocksucking quickly enough when he asks.'s..right..THERE. So hard to stop. Nothing gets me wet like sucking his cock.
  • How he rests his hand on my thigh when I'm driving.
  • Any activity that involves him touching me, and hopefully me touching him back. Sex of any kind ranks very high here, naturally, but just sitting next to him with our feet rubbing against each other while watching TV is wonderful for me.
  • Turning him on. This is much harder than it used to be when we were young young, so just getting there is quite its own reward.
  • The moment when I think I can't stand something anymore, but he tells me to take it anyway, and I can/do.
  • Weekends. Oh, yes.

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  1. Squeee!!! Cock lovers unite!!! That ranks as one of my absolute favorites also; taste touch and smell, and not wanting to stop...mmmm. So much fun!!


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