Thursday, September 22, 2011


During the time this happened, (a few weeks ago) I had a cold sore on my lip. Kissing and cocksucking during this time are off limits - it's dangerous since casual contact with the sore can spread the virus, and who wants those things? I certainly don't. I generally get them when I stress out over something - not something I can actively control, but my stress response is sometimes triggered for odd reasons. This time it was a video game. Thankfully it was a small sore and healed up relatively quickly - I have had some large ones during very stressful life moments that took weeks to clear up.

I was cuddling up to my love, and he was holding me oh-so-tenderly, stroking my hair and face, and I was burying my face against his shoulder, enjoying the attention. He murmured: "I wish I could kiss you." and I whimpered my own agreement to this desire into his shoulder. He followed that up with a musing "It's not very nice of you to make yourself unkissable."

I acknowledged this with a small "I'm sorry," to which he responded "you should be," stroking his hand down my back. He hit me on the hip when his hand got there, pretty hard. I gasped with the shock of it, and he hit me again in the same place.  He berated me for not taking care of myself properly, and asked me: "Don't I take care of you?"

I gasped out "You do." I had to gasp this time because his hand was on my throat, squeezing gently.

He hit me again a few times on the ass, and asked me "And all I ask is that you make yourself usable by me, so I can fuck you when I want to. I can't very well fuck your face right now, can I?" He punctuated this question by slapping me on my breast. I agreed with his assessment and pouted "no," because I do enjoy a good face fuck.

"And you claim to enjoy cocksucking. You must not like it very much, to make it impossible like this." Slap, slap. Again on my breast. Every fucking time he hits me like that it's like an electrical sex shock all the way down inside me. Each slap sends me farther into a headspace where my own responses don't matter as much as doing what he tells me.

"I do!" I protested. "I enjoy it very much! I'm very sorry you can't fuck my face." All said while burying my face in his chest and fervently wishing I could suck his cock right that moment to prove it.

"Tell me this," he whispered dangerously, his hand again squeezing my throat, "what good is a girl I can't fuck in the face?" He shook me ever-so-slightly by the throat and demanded I answer him. The whispers in my ear and the hand on my throat were sending tingles all up and down my body, rendering my response pretty difficult.

"Not..much." I managed. So turned on at this point that everything went a little hazy.

"That's right. Though I suppose I could try and fuck you elsewhere." He'd released my throat now, I think, and perhaps hit me again. I buried my face against him and murmured agreement, but it wasn't a good enough response, because he slapped my breast again "Are you saying I shouldn't BOTHER?"

I panicked a little. (don't take the sex away!) "No, no, I'm very sorry you can't fuck my face. You can fuck me somewhere else instead."

He pondered this for a moment and then said maybe he should go find some other girl who he could fuck in the face. I pouted and said if that's what he really wanted to do then I supposed he should. My stomach sank a bit, even with absolutely certainty no such thing would happen.

He pondered "Well, I suppose I should try this fucking you elsewhere thing first.." and he slapped my breast then let his hand wander down my body, to find me very very wet. I told him again that I was sorry he couldn't fuck my face, and he replied "Your pussy doesn't seem very sorry," and he slapped it, hard.

I cried out a little and whimpered "God, that hurts."
He went back to stroking it. "I suppose I shouldn't hurt it too much.. I can't blame it for trying to protect you."

More things were said that were very hot and then he climbed on top of me and started prodding his hot, hard cock into my very slippery wet opening. He pointed out again it was very disappointing that he couldn't fuck my face, and I apologized again and told him that I'd try and make this good for him, lifting my hips against him and swiveling a bit.

"You had better." This short-circuited my brain a second time.. I remember him saying something about me needing cock inside of me somehow, even if it couldn't fuck my face...I remember feeling that amazingly fabulous hard-on slide inside me. He was holding my left wrist up next to my face and fucking into me, my right hand was laying on the bed next to him. He was talking about how I needed cock inside of me but that was his decision to make and he completely pulled out of me, leaving me to whimper. He asked if he could help me and I pouted that I was empty.. he said "Oh, that's right, you're a cock slut, you need cock to live.." and he slid back inside me.. "isn't that right?"

Yes, yes, he's right.

He kept saying things like "Take it bitch, that's right, take my fucking cock" and thrusting and grinding and moving and driving me insane.

I wanted to touch him very badly, so I asked "May I touch you?" kind of haltingly because my vocal chords were spasming along with every other muscle in my body. I expected a yes, but he surprised the fuck out of me when he said "No! You've been very disappointing and haven't earned that right. Maybe when I'm finished fucking you I'll let you touch me." I could only whimper and shudder and spasm and press up into him with my hips.

More amazing minutes passed and I ventured again to ask "Pleeeease may I touch you?" and I got another, "No! You're not a person right now, just a fuck toy for me to fuck. You don't get to touch me, you just get to lie there and take it!" And he pressed down into me and ground against me slooooooooowly.

"Oh, fuck oh fuck oh fuck." I responded. Pretty sure that's when my orgasm took over.

"That's what I'm DOING!" he said, and he was right. He kept on for another forever, assaulting my senses and my brain the whole time, and then he finally said he'd let me touch him "a little bit." He was still holding my wrist at that point, so I took my right hand and placed it on his ass, grabbing him and using the leverage to pull him into me and pull myself up to him. He finally let go of my wrist and placed my left hand on him as well, and I relished that contact just as much, rubbing it up his back and moaning. "Is that good, baby?" he asked me. Fuck yes it was good. It was so. fucking. hot.

I have no idea how long we stayed like that. It seemed like a long time but all of it did. After a while he told me to turn around so he could fuck me from behind. I obeyed, at this point unable to do anything else - don't know if I ever was. I pressed my face into the pillow and pushed my ass up behind me, and then felt him slide into me from behind. Glorious.

I was short-circuited enough at this point that I don't really know the sequence of events after this. I know he slid his hands under me and grabbed my breasts, squeezing them hard and whispering "mine!" roughly while pressing himself deeply into me. Still in this position, he rolled me with him onto our sides, never stopping the fucking. This position granted him even better access to me, his fingers played with my clit, and he said fucking me like this was pretty good.

I asked him if it made up for not being able to fuck my face.

"Of course not! You underestimate how fucking awesome it is to fuck your face. Fucking your pussy is good, but it does not make up for not fucking your face." He kept moving inside of me and touching all the slippery pussy membranes he could reach. I told him I was sensitive, but he didn't care how sensitive I was, he was going to fuck me like he wanted to. He slapped me a bit more here too, and asked me if I had thought I was safe -  and said he still wasn't over the disappointment. I was actually starting to get a little (deliciously) sore from the extended fuck-session, but I would never attempt to stop such a thing. He asked me if I was getting tired of him, and I answered that I was sore, but not ever tired of him.

"That's my girl."

He said he'd hate to overuse me, because he'd not want to render me unfuckable everywhere. I reminded him that there would still be a place he could fuck me.

"Oh that's right, I could fuck your ass. I could fuck it right now. Does your ass need fucking?"

I didn't answer immediately, I was feeling very sore back there, but I didn't want to disappoint him more. He told me to answer him. I said it didn't need it, but of course he could if he wanted to. I think my hesitation was already the death knell for this, because he said "oh, well that's disappointing." He rolled off of me and got the  lube, and fingered my ass some. His fingers felt way too big and I was too tense for some reason. He stopped and pulled me against him. "I know, I can fuck you as much as I want," he told me, "but sometimes you really shouldn't." We have had a ripping incident once before and neither of us wants to repeat it. Months with no anal? No thanks. I was a little relieved and a little disappointed, but mostly really satisfied. I snuggled back into him and told him he was awesome, because he is so. fucking. fantastic. He held me and stroked me and whispered lovely things to me, letting me down gently from where I had been. The man is good at aftercare.

So, maybe a bit of a fail, but still so, so good.


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  2. Hoo, boy..... All that over a coldsore....maybe i should stop using the elderberry to get rid of them! Most definitely major purrrrrr.

  3. maui girl - I hope so too!

    pepper - If you have something that gets rid of them quicker than abreva, DO IT! Horrible things.

  4. I know this was not.. the ENTIRE point of this entry xD but I get cold sores too. I have had them since I was an infant - literally. Like you, I tend to get them when I'm under stress.

    Just wanted to say that I relate to not being able to kiss... it just plain sucks.

  5. zelda - Nothing to make a person feel unsexy like having a giant blister on her lip. It also sucks that I can't hide when I'm feeling stressed, as I'd sometimes like to in order to reduce stress on those around me.

    Sure it was the point! ;)


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