Friday, September 30, 2011

A novella from reality, part II

He rested, stroking my body, talking to me. I whispered that I was sorry and I wasn't planning on sassing him the next time he asked me to sit with him. He told me that was good. His hand wandered down my body and he found me incredibly wet. Everything from here is a little fuzzy - so I will try, but make no promises. I don't think I can properly relate the scorching heat or the intensity of what transpired between us - my words aren't powerful enough.

He commented on how wet I was. "Oooh, a horny little slut, hm?" He let his fingers play there, slipping and sliding around my wetness. I gasped because I hadn't realized I would get that turned on from what he'd done to me. I could feel his hardness pressing against my hip, and his lips claimed mine in a searing kiss. "I bet you'd like to suck my cock right now..." he breathed against my mouth. I nodded, too high on him to say anything.

"Well, you can't." I grunted like he'd hit me again, the force of what he'd said a physical impact. He eased a fingertip inside me, teasing, teasing. I rocked my hips, but he still just teased, brushing his thumb across my clit. "You didn't give me what I wanted and now you can't suck this cock." I whimpered and pressed against him, desperately wanting now what he'd told me I couldn't have. I wasn't going to get it.

"I bet you'd like me to fuck this pussy too, hm?"

"Yesyesyes, please" I arched up against his hand, but he moved with me, keeping it a tease. I grunted and squirmed.

He finally slid a finger inside me completely and rubbed his fingertip against my G-spot, making me gasp. "I don't know.. Why should I fuck your pussy? You haven't been very nice to me.."

"For your pleasure." I whispered, desperately trying to hump his hand, to do something to relieve the enormous pressure building inside of me.

"For my pleasure, huh?" He pressed his cock against my hip, making me feel the length of it. "I suppose that it would be pleasing to me.. but I wouldn't want you to enjoy it too much. I'd have to hurt you." He slapped my breast with his other hand for emphasis. "Do you think you could handle that?"

"Yes, yes, yes." I managed.

"Ask me nicely."

"Please fuck my pussy with your cock and make yourself feel good.." I begged, hoping that was good enough for him. It must have been. He pushed my thighs farther apart (swoon, I love that) and climbed on top of me, sliding his slippery finger into my mouth for me to suck. That's his favorite way to gag me, sink a finger into my mouth, preferably slippery with my arousal, and hold my face with the rest of his hand. He did this now. When I felt his cock touch my wetness, it was electric. I made a lot of noises around his hand.

He slid inside me and I bucked and squealed and writhed and just generally made a hell of a lot of noise because oh, it was good. "Oh, what's that?" he asked. "You trying to say something? Oh what, you don't like this cock?" I squealed protest around his hand as he removed himself from me, muttering something about me not liking cock after all. "What's that?" he asked me again, this time actually removing his finger from my mouth.

"Oh, GOD, please please PLEASE give me back the cock" I begged, in italics, my voice gone reedy.

"Oh you do want it then. And here I thought you were complaining about it." and he slid back inside me and fucked the daylights out of me... randomly slapping my breasts so I didn't enjoy it too much, telling me what a dirty slut I am, occasionally pressing against my windpipe and restricting my airflow.

My hands lay clenched in fists on either side of my head. I was lifting my hips to him as much as my strength would allow, but I wanted more pressure. I wanted to pull him into me and use my hands as leverage to push back into him harder, better. I daren't touch him without permission during a scene like this. Eventually I couldn't stand it anymore and I begged "May I please touch you?"

"Hmmm," he didn't pause in his thrusting, "let me think about that. No." With no pause. I whimpered. "You can just lay there and take it. You keep those hands right where they are and let me fuck you. I'll let you know when you can touch me."

I trembled. I murmured a litany of "Ohgodohgodohmygod" as he fucked me, I orgasmed, possibly a few times, and I was patient. I swear I was patient. I couldn't stand it any longer and I begged again "Please, please, please, please I want to touch you so badly.."

He thrust into me, hard. He leaned down so his lips were near my ear and he whispered, roughly, directly into it: "I think I said NO." He gave me a series of hard thrusts, punctuating his next words. "Now take the fucking cock and stop being fucking greedy."

Endless minutes of mindlessness passed. I heard myself panting and moaning, I felt the sensations. I moved with him. I heard him talking, but it's all such a blur. I picked the thread back up when he asked me "You want to touch me so bad, don't you?"

"Yes, yes yes yes.." panting. I did. I really did.

"You can touch me..... now." He told me.

"Mmm, thank you thank you thank you," my hands immediately grabbed his ass and pulled me up into him, I was moaning, eager to feel his skin under my hands, and then I slid my hands up to his shoulders, lifted my legs into the air and we fucked like that for many minutes, until the muscles in my legs gave out. I put my heels back into the bed and lifted up to him again, rubbing my hands all over him, sucking in the feel of him through my fingers.

After a while he asked "Are you ready to be fucked in another place?"

"Mmhmm," I moaned. I agree to anything at this point.

He rolled off of me and told me to face away from him on my side. He slid his cock right back into my hot waiting pussy. "Hmm," he said. "That seems like the same place, doesn't it?"

"Mmhmm!" I responded, eagerly. It felt good. It's different.

"I really like fucking you here," he whispered, grabbing the back of my neck with his bottom hand and my top breast with his top hand, squeezing me to him. "I like getting a good grip on you and fucking you. You're mine."

"I'm yours." I agreed, wriggling against him.

He slapped my (still sore!) breast several times, "and when I want you fucking next to me, you should come and be fucking next to me, isn't that right?" He moved his hand from my breast up to my throat and squeezed.

"Yes sir," I agreed, a little roughly because it was difficult to get out past his hand.

I'm so fuzzy past this point that I .. I don't know. I know I didn't stop saying "ohgod" for very long. I know it felt fantastic. I know it was more intense than anything we've done yet. I remember the end.

He was still fucking me and holding my head up off the pillow by my hair and throat again, and he said "You want me to come in you, baby?"

The idea of him even asking that. God.

"Ohgodohgodohgod, yes please please please please." High and reedy from overuse, the voice of a mad sex crazed woman.

He did. He came and came and came. He's not terribly vocal normally, but he was moaning for quite some time. He kept fucking me for a while until he went soft, and he used his fingers to bring me another orgasm. It's not normally so easy, but apparently it was last night. He pulled me close, told me he hoped I'd learned my lesson. I told him I certainly had.

I also told him that he's fucking awesome and I am the luckiest slut on the planet.

Sorry for the weak bits - it just fuzzed over for me.


  1. You can write. You deliver your novel little tale in a charmingly colloquial way. Not sure why, but I'm drawn to this line "High and reedy from overuse, the voice of a mad sex crazed woman."

  2. That.....that was a helluva ride, lady. Pain, and pleasure, and pain, and dominance....and pleasure, endless intoxicating pleasure.

    my cap is off to you. This is both titillating and moving, erotic and romantic. You write it well.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Thank you both. I'm delighted to be praised so.

    Rake, my eye was drawn to that line when I proofed as well. I don't really know where the words come from, they just pour out of me as the best way I know how to relate my experiences.

    pepper, you make me want to read whatever it was you read, dear. Thank YOU for enjoying it so much.

  4. I agree with everyone ("what they said")!

  5. Just wow. This was one of the hottest scenes I've read in a while. You clearly do have a way with words. And I'm trying hard, so so hard, not to read any further than this because I want to have something left that I can look forward to, at least until tomorrow or the weekend, but you and your writing (and yes, I'll admit it, your husband) make it so very hard to have at least some measure of discipline.

    We'll see how that's going to work out...

  6. @BlackberryTasteIc: I'm.. speechless. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. You actually brought tears to my eyes.


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