Saturday, October 1, 2011

A few loosely related memories

Before I got pregnant, we wanted a child pretty badly - a breathing testament to our love for each other. We were trying, but we weren't planning on seeking fertility assistance. I was buying pregnancy tests from Dollar Tree in bulk and taking one randomly 2-3 times a week. They were always negative. I had periods back in those days that put me in bed all day, writhing and - literally - screaming. To put my pain tolerance in perspective, when I finally had my child and was in unmedicated, induced labor (which I've been told is more painful than the natural kind), I barely grunted.

One of those days, my husband actually took off from work and spent the day in bed with me, giving me orgasms (Best. Pain relief. Ever.) and rubbing my back alternately.

One Saturday morning, we were snuggling together until quite late, and I worked my way down his body and I did that cocksucking thing that I so love to do. We were grieving the recent loss of a family member at the time so everything was slow and gentle. Afterward, I went into our bathroom and took a pregnancy test. The second line showed, but only so faintly that I was unsure. My husband came in when I whispered in a hush for him to, and I showed it to him and asked him what he made of it. "Maybe you're a little bit pregnant?" he said, followed by "but you can't get pregnant doing what we just did."

So funny.


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