Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My favorite stress relief

My eye is twitching a lot lately. From stress. On the plus side, I don't have a cold sore. As an added bonus, when we're getting up to hi-jinks the eye doesn't twitch. Just all the more reason to stay as connected as possible.

He's good. He's really good.

After we kissed and I sucked his cock, he made me get up, naked and horny, and go turn off the light in the living room. When I returned, momentarily blinded by the brightness, he had put the Liberator ramp where he wanted it. "Oh." I whispered.

"Yeah." he said.

Positioning me at the edge of the bed, kneeling on the ramp, no wedge to rest against as he stood behind me. Had to hold myself up, my breasts hanging helplessly as he thrust into me. Undefended. Surprised when the slaps came to them from both sides. Wrapping his hands around my throat and squeezing, pulling my head back by the hair, growling.

"It'd be really nice to come in your pussy, but if you'd like you can turn around and I'll come down your throat. You'd like that, wouldn't you, you sweet little horny cocksucking slut?"

Making me answer him, continuing to thrust and talk, talk, talk, fantastic sexy words falling over me, crashing down onto me in a rhythm that couldn't help but match the pounding against my pussy until I finally begged. "Please, please, please." At that moment I wanted nothing in the world more than for him to come down my throat.

He let me, moved the ramp out of the way and stood in front of me seated there on the edge, his cock at perfect mouth height. I devoured it. He gave me what I wanted.

I sucked for a long time after, until he knelt back on the bed and then reclined, pulling me close to him, asking me how I felt.

"Horny." I responded breathlessly.

"I bet you are. It seems that everything I do to you turns you on, so it makes sense that when I've finished doing things to you you'd be pretty horny. I bet I could do anything at all to you right now and it'd just make you even more horny." He ran his hands over my skin as he spoke.

I agreed, stretching my body against his, making soft pleased noises.

The lube then, the plug, his hand, his voice. All stroking me to orgasm.

Pulling the plug out generated a lot of bed-pounding and screaming, more than usual.

"I've got you." he murmured, wrapping me in his arms as I collapsed against him, spent. He commented on how loud I was, wondered if the kids on the other side of our wall think there's a ghost in our bedroom. Hopefully any kids that might be there are asleep at that hour. I told him if he wanted me quiet, he should do something about it - I can't focus on what he's doing to me and on being quiet, it's one or the other. He prefers me to focus on him rather than on tempering my volume.

Of course, he also likes my mouth available and not full of awkward stuff. Such a hard life full of difficult decisions we lead.


  1. That is so of my eyes has been twitching some, too. I think it's stress, too! I got some "stress relief" last night and this morning, lol!

    Glad you did, too!

  2. Ghosts in the other room...i'm going to have to use that the next time the teenagers make eww-ick-yuck noises at their dad and me...what are you taking about, guys, its the ghosts!!

    i admire how close you and your Man are, C. It's so nice to have someone who knows you so well, knows what you need...sometimes before you do, huh?

    May your stress do the viral rebound back to it's source!!

  3. Not that I didn't focus on the more delightful aspects of this post (woohoo!), might I suggest a possible cause for the eye twitch?

    Sometimes, when I have too much coffee, my eye will begin to twitch. Perhaps cutting back on caffeine will help the twitch and the stress levels? :)

  4. Kitty: Ugh, eye twitching is awful. I'm sorry you have it too.

    Pepper: Yeah, he's pretty in tune with me. Spread the ghost story around, will maybe keep them more to themselves hm? Thanks for the wish - but I think my stress source is pretty much stress free, always.

    Baby Girl: I read about it today: Stress, fatigue, and caffeine are the primary causes. I know for a fact it's not the last one (no coffee, no soda, chocolate only in small amounts and once in a while), but it's probably both of the first two. Stress that causes fatigue that causes stress ad infinitum.

    Hopefully the lion's share will go away in a few days.


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