Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have a crush

I can't stop thinking about him. For years, now. People still say we're newlyweds, that the shine will rub off, but how can that apply when our nuptials were so, so long ago? Maybe those people just married the wrong partners.

Last night rocked.

"I want you to kiss my cock for me. No sucking, now.. don't suck that hard thing down into that hot slutty mouth of yours.. just kiss it."

So I did. I kissed wetly all along the hard hot shaft, rubbing my cheeks against it, licking, kissing. For a long, long time.

"Don't suck it, or I'll have to hurt you."

I moved my lips up to kiss the head properly - I'd done it a few times by then, but this time his hand on the back of my head prevented me from pulling away, and then he pushed me down all the way. Cock filled my mouth, entered the back of my throat. I squealed. Not fair! He pulled my head back, then pushed it down again, using my mouth to stroke his cock. I gurgled.

"Oooh, such a bad, bad girl. I told you not to suck that cock. I guess I'll have to hurt you now."

Flogger striking my ass. Squealing, him pushing my head down onto him, sucking.

He stopped. I pulled away and started kissing his cock again.

"No no, you can't fix it now. You started sucking, you might as well keep sucking."

I sucked and he flogged me until he was satisfied with me, then he turned me over. "How's that ass of yours?" he asked, stroking it.


"Fine? I guess it can take a lot of beating, huh? How about your pussy? How much can it take?"

"Mmf, not as much." I wondered, after I'd answered, if he meant beating or fucking.

"Let's find out, shall we?" I shivered, afraid for a moment - and he slid his cock inside me. I guess he meant fucking after all. "What's got you so wet, hm?"

I gasped as I was filled. "You."

"You get wet from sucking my cock, don't you?"


"You get wet when I grab you and use you, don't you?" He demonstrated by roughly grabbing my breast and the back of my head, pulling me toward him and then thrusting into me quickly a few times.


"Such a horny little cock slut, aren't you?" He grabbed my throat and pulled my head backwards, shaking me as he moved inside me. I purred and pressed back into him, rotating my hips.

We continued on in that vein, language pretty much lost to me, all sense of time too, until his words penetrated my fog enough to stick: "You like being fucked in your face, and in your pussy.. what about that ass?"

I grunted with mild alarm. It'd been a while. I wanted to respond enthusiastically but I was afraid.

"Hm. No? Too small, too tight?"


"No room for a cock in there, huh?" he pulled me against him.


A few more minutes, slowly thrusting. I moaned with each one. He felt incredible moving inside me so slowly.

"I'm going to fuck your ass anyway. It's mine, and I want it."

"Mmhmm." I shivered, thrilled, turned on beyond imagining by those words.

He pushed me forward and lubed me, working a finger in gently. I squirmed away, his cock slid out of my pussy. "Just where do you think you're going?" he asked me harshly, pulling me back onto his cock.

"Nowhere." I responded meekly.

"That's right. You're not going anywhere. You're going to stay right here so I can fuck you." He slid himself out of my wetness and pressed against my asshole.

SO BIG, my brain shouted at me. It felt like he was pressing his entire fist there.

"so big!" I cried out softly.

"You can take it. That's it, take it, take it." Tiny thrusts, and then he popped inside.

I cried out again, squirming to get away "So big! So big!"

"Tell me you want it."

"I want it!" I shrilled, roughly, my voice turned into a stream of water through pebbles.

"I'll give it to you." He pressed deeply inside of me, pulling me toward him, not paying my struggles any mind at all.

"Too big!" I felt incredibly full, incredibly stretched. I just needed a moment.

"I don't care how fucking big it is, I'm going to fuck you with it." He moved inside of me, and my last bit of resistance broke.

"Mmmm, I'm yours." I whispered, pressing back into him. Full, stretched. No longer beyond my ability to cope, just very very nice.

"That's right."

"You can fuck me anywhere you want to."

"I know." And he did. Oh, yeah, he did.

"What does it feel like to be fucked in the ass anyway?" He kept moving, one hand cupping my breast and stroking my nipple, the other on the back of my head.

"Mmm, incredible.. full. Helpless."

He seemed to like that answer. "Ooh, that's right. I can do whatever I want with you and you can't do anything about it." he squeezed me tightly against him and moved faster and faster. "You want me to come in your ass for you, baby?"

"Mmhmm, please please."

He buried himself in me and erupted with a string of moans and small thrusts.

He pulled me back against him and started fingering my pussy and clit, still buried inside me. He shrank and slipped out to a chorus of my moans as he continued stroking me. "So sensitive," he whispered to me.

He kept that up for a long, long time, not escalating. I panted that he was making me crazy. Eventually, eventually, three small squeals escaped from me and all my tension melted away as I climaxed.

I was on my stomach and he stroked my back. I asked him if he felt like flogging me more.

"Well. I do enjoy flogging you. Are you sure you don't need to just be held right now?"

"Very sure."

So he flogged my ass. Halfway through he switched to the longer, heavier flogger, and ooooooooooooooh that was lovely. Heavy smacks from my ass halfway down my thigh with one stroke. Glorious.

He stopped before I'd had anywhere near enough.

The sound, he told me as he held me and stroked my hair. He worries others will hear, though he's not certain what others he is worried about.

I think I'll be packing floggers when we go on his trip.

Oh and this morning I sucked an orgasm from him during snuggle time.

So lucky.

No wonder I can't stop thinking about him.


  1. Whenever I see Master it still feels like the first time. The fact that we don't live together probably helps. But I see lots of people at work or when I'm out and about, and he's the only one I have this seeing for the first time feeling with. I still get melty and blush and giggle just at the mere sight of him:)

  2. That's the way it's supposed to be! Daddy are the same and our kids are always teasing us about how affectionate we are with each other. He can't keep his hands off of me, lol, even in front of the kids...not that he does anything inappropriate in front of them. Just kissing, hugging, etc. They complain, but one day our daughter-17 said she was glad that we were so in love and that she hoped she'd meet a man to love like I loved Daddy.

    Have a great time on your upcoming trip, also!

  3. t1klish: That's so awesome. I know that feeling, I get it every time I hear his key in the door. Or when I hear his belt buckle jingle as he takes his pants off in the morning for snuggle time (it's usually what wakes me up).

    Kitty: That's fantastic. I hope our child tells us that one day. We've had one of our friends tell us we should have never married (he was extremely unhappy in his marriage and is now separated due to his wife doing some very bad things following an affair), and, oddly, besides him, none of our real life friends were married or even in long term relationships (until fairly recently). So I figure they've just been jealous of our "honeymoon glow."

    Squee! :)

  4. I guess this is what we're only getting at. That there might be stuff I *need* even after the sex, the orgasm. Or before. Wonderboy doesn't get it. He just doesn't. Every time I ask him for it, even some, he gets anxious like he's not enough for me and it's mean of me to ask and it's a chore he has to do. :( He just doesn't consider it part of the sex and a real need. I don't know where to go from here. 've talked about it many times with him. It never helps long.

    But sounds like you got it pinned down!

  5. pasthurt: Sometimes I don't orgasm at all, and that's fine, as long as I've gotten what I need and he's okay with me not having an orgasm (sometimes he's really not). But what really helps us I think is that my husband doesn't see sex as an activity with a defined goal, or indeed a defined start. I have trouble sometimes deciding where to start writing my descriptions because our conversation leading up to the physical sex can go back a couple of hours.

    We don't stop doing stuff because he comes - and only if I physically shove him away when I do. So the "sex" is over when we're both happy with what has happened, regardless of orgasms.

    As for Wonderboy being hurt, I can kind of see it. It's because he thinks he's given you what you need, but you don't. I've had to write a lot of letters explaining what exactly it is that I need - but it boils down to aftercare, I suppose. Aftercare is every bit as important as anything else that happens, and it took my guy a while to realize that. In this, very isolated instance, I needed flogging as part of my aftercare. I'm a freak. ;)


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