Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Liberator ramp & wedge combo

Wow. I got this box delivered to my door and it is huge.

I got the pillows out of the box and marveled at the size, the firmness, the richness of the fabric. They're very, very pretty. They're a rich, royal purple. A purple-lover's dream. I took some photos, but they don't do it justice so I won't share them. has purple, black, red, and leopard. Liberator adds tan, blue, and zebra to that mix, and also has some photos for good ideas of positions with these gems.

The fabric has a nice, heavy-duty zipper on it, which when unzipped reveals the genius. You can just slip the covers off and wash them - but it gets better! Underneath the cover is a waterproof layer, which will keep all your various messes from soaking into the foam. It also makes the things a lot easier to get back into their covers. I don't know if you've ever tried to get a cover back over a foam thing, but it's hard. Not so with these.

I positioned the ramp on my bed and stretched myself across it, doggy-style. Fantastic. We have a memory foam bed, which is wonderful for sleeping but can occasionally lack something for positions like this. The Liberator ramp atop the mattress firms things up beautifully. And, for me personally, my breasts flattened out against it deliciously - I loved the feel of it against my chest. Images of things we could do with this flitted unbidden across my mind's eye; just lying across it so wantonly made me want my husband home now. Unfortunately, I had to wait.

It was worth it.

The ramp with the wedge atop it put me at the perfect height for him to penetrate me while standing next to our platform bed. We have ten inches of height difference between us and our bed is low, so the ramp and wedge definitely made something possible that wasn't before. I loved the way I felt completely suspended, and the way the rich plush fabric felt against my naked skin. I rocked back and forth on it as he pounded me, clinging to the sides. The fabric isn't all about sensation, either - the ramp atop the wedge sticks, and it isn't going anywhere from mere force.


Other ideas:
He used the ramp to lean back on while I sucked his cock, giving him a much better view and making him better able to use his hands to control my head.

He positioned the ramp on the edge of the bed for me to lean on while he stood and fucked my face. I gripped his thighs and this presented my back, ass and legs perfectly for him to flog, which he did.

Turning the points of the ramp and wedge toward each other and crossing them made the incline less severe and more of a platform for me to rest on while he played with me.

We've really only begun experimenting with it, but we've loved everything we've been able to do thus far. Worth every penny. Worth more, actually. If you can afford it, go buy it now!


  1. Sounds interesting. There's a significant height difference between my man and me, so some things really are difficult to do without constantly repositioning me, which sometimes can ruin the mood a little.

  2. Yeah, position hassles can definitely ruin the mood, or his 'concentration.' My husband says that, and then when I ask what he means by that, he replies "concentration is a euphemism for my erection."

    Then, "the hammer is my penis."

    But you'd have to be a geek to get that joke.

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  4. maui girl: That's the Black Label line, with straps and cuffs that attach for bondage. It sounds awesome, but I didn't go that route for several reasons:

    Price. doesn't carry Black Label, and I had a 20% off coupon + free shipping. Liberator had a 20% sale, but no free shipping, and Black Label stuff costs more, plus you have to buy the cuffs separately. It wound up being like $75 more, I think.

    Appearance: Black Label only comes in black. Beyond my color preference, which I could have overlooked for the bondage stuff if not for the price difference, we have very limited privacy/storage space and an enormous black thing with straps wouldn't have been appropriate. (try explaining THAT to my mom) So, even with the prices the same, in my circumstances I'd have still gone for what I got.

  5. Sounds perfect. Thanks for the explanation! :)

  6. We have the black one with the straps (yahoo for large closets). We love it!


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