Saturday, October 29, 2011

Heat transfer

It's been getting colder here. Not as cold as at home, but cold enough to lead to a little discomfort, and his feet have always lost heat in a hurry.

He joined me in bed, warning me that his legs were cold. I snuggled up to him, placing his feet on my inner thigh and closing my other leg over them, enveloping his feet with the warmth of my body. I had been there under the blankets for 20 minutes by then, so I was very warm. I shivered with the cold on my thighs.

He almost purred with pleasure, stroking my head. "I'm a lucky man. I'm pretty sure not many wives would do this."

"I am for you." I nuzzled his chest.

"Hey.. don't I remember you saying things like 'keep those icy cold feet away from me!'?"

"Yeah. I've always been yours, but you didn't always want to take me."

"Hey now, wait a minute! I've always wanted you!"

"Of course, love... but not like this."

"I see. So if I had taken you, grabbed you, held your throat and kissed you," he stopped and did just that, tilting my head the long way up to him, "ordered you around then, you'd have done this then as well?"

"Pretty much."

Funny how he didn't ask these questions last winter when I started doing this.

Last winter, when he punished me for not warming up his side of the bed for him.

It's a shame the winter here will be so mild.


  1. Things that are cold are nice to introduce into play from time to time. When I want to give Grace a very memorable spanking, I'll lay an ice pack across her ass first. Once its nice and cold, then I'll start the spanking. Trust me, it makes a huge difference in the amount of "stinging" pain.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure if I'm ready for an ice pack prepped spanking yet.... the heat-sucking feet from hell will have to do for the moment. :) I will definitely keep it in mind though!


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