Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sex and periods

There's a theme I've noticed a lot in the sex blogs that I read - no sex during her period. People have various reasons for this, discomfort, whatever. I want to know, though, when people say "no sex," do they mean absolutely none? For her whole period?

Because, whoa.

My husband has never given a thought to if I was bleeding or not for us to have sex. Period? Okay, extra lubrication, yay! Consequently, I have never given it a second thought either.

Prior to my pregnancy, I had some serious issues. We're still not sure exactly what it was, doctors didn't know. I had a period that lasted for 45 days. No sex for 45 days would have killed me. I was already terrified by the constant bleeding, to remove the intimacy of sex from me as well would have completely destroyed my soul. I would bathe thoroughly every night, we kept a large towel on the bed to protect it from any mess that might be made, and we did what we do. Orgasms were also a major help for my pain relief, because I was having some serious pain.

I fondly remember one day when I couldn't even get out of bed with the pain, was bent over double screaming, bleeding like crazy, and he stayed home from work and gave me orgasms over and over.

After I had our child, we weren't supposed to have any kind of vaginal penetration-type sex for six weeks. So we did other things - face-fucking, anal, clitoral stimulation. God, I was ready for something in my pussy after those weeks - but I couldn't have lived with no sex at all. None at all? Argh.

So, tell me. Does no sex mean no blowjobs, no anal, no breast fucking? All of those things are sex to me. Or does it just mean no penis-in-vagina?

I'm also curious as to how my readers deal with periods and sex.

Comments, please!


  1. I once had a similar experience with the never-ending period and had I had to go without any sex during that time I would have lost it! ;)

    Generally, we don't have vaginal sex during the worst three days of my period because of the mess it makes and the need to shower right afterwards. We do take the opportunity for a lot of cock sucking, though! Delightful! :)

    No sex at all?? No way!

  2. We dont have cock in vagina sex while I have my period, and I dont get to orgasm. We get up to all sorts of other things tho, believe me - enlivened by me climbing the walls!

  3. During my cycle, i tend to get rather scary(these are Master's words, not mine) and to go completely cold turkey? Good Lord and Lady. There's be death for sure!

    Everything but vaginal penetration; Master just doesn't like the mess, and He likes using the other bits, sooo.....

    Now i have a question for you; does it feel different to have vaginal sex on your cycle? i've never done it, so...just curious.

    45 days...poor girl. Glad that's over!!

  4. It's been a very long time since I had it, but for me it felt better, more lubrication and more sensitive in a good way.

  5. Baby Girl: That never-ending period was terrifying. It wasn't just a little bit of blood either. I'm sorry you had to deal with something like that as well!

    mamacrow: Is not getting to orgasm a rule, or is it just harder for you?

    pepper: To me, it didn't generally feel any different. It's been a long while, but if it was different it was better, like t1klish said. I've always been glad my husband didn't care about the mess - he never even minded putting his hand in there. I never had the ..ahem...disposition? problems that many women seem to have associated with their cycle, though.

    I'm glad it's over too.

    t1klish: I don't remember the extra sensitivity, so knowing that someone has it is very interesting.

    Thanks to all of you for your input!

  6. No sex for us means mo penetration, and generally speaking no orgasms for lizard, though I cum when I want to, either because she sucks my cock or I rub between her breasts. Many times I will abstain and wait for her too. Sometimes she humps my leg until she comes, and that often involves me spanking her in the process. So no sex is an overstatement. Sorry for the confusion! Nice post!

  7. Tom: Thanks for the clarification!

  8. Conina - it's a rule *squirms*
    although of course Papacrow reserves the right to bend, break or rewrite it as and when. Sometimes he'll fuck me in the bath (no mess!) occasionally it'll be slightly more tender than normal, but otherwise it's just fine, thankyou!
    Sometimes I do find it more difficult to cum, but this has more to do with tiredness, being ill, on certain supliments etc than my period per se

    Tom - the leg humping.. just, wow!

  9. Daddy doesn't mind the mess when I'm having my period. He wants his pussy and of course, he gets it! We just use lots of dark towels and take a shower afterward.

    Just want to say that I don't mind either. I find it erotic that he desires me at all stages of the month! Plus, I love being taken for his pleasure.


  10. Kitty: Woo! Glad to hear from you, my fellow in dark-towel land!

  11. Through the years, we would have sex (actually penetration) if the flow was light enough. But honestly, for the most part it was too much of a mess otherwise. I would suck him off he was really bad off (which when you have sex nearly everyday, is often if you try to go 2-3 days without). Before DD, who is 3 was born I had a wonderful OB who suggested stacking my pills (you do 3 months in a row), so then I would only have 3 or 4 day periods 4 times a year. Once DD was born I switched to a mirena iud...god! I love that thing...in 3 years, I have had 4...I am not kidding 4 periods...I do get 'the bloodless hormone fairy' where I know it would be my period time (break outs, crampy, moody), but no blood :)

  12. marriedwithsex: I understand about the mirena. I haven't had what I would call a period since 2007 when I got pregnant. :) There was a little blood the day they put it in; they had to wait for a period, and I called that one. I get a little spotting once in a great while, but no period at all. No cramps, no nothing. It's a blessing after the horrible time I had before.

  13. Conina,
    I am my most randy when I have my period and Master is not bothered nor turned off by my menstrual blood. Personally I feel at my absolute undesirable when I have my period. I do not want to be looked at, I am bloated and my cramps are ridiculous. Still I am frisky and I want Master to fuck me and he does, willingly, happily and I am grateful for that. I know of many women who refuse to have sex during their menstrual cycle and I also know men who feel the same. I do not think it is wrong to have sex during that time and I too am often in awe by those who feel that way.


    1. I don't know how I only just saw this comment - but thanks! I understand the feeling undesirable and yet having tons of desire myself.

      Thankfully my own period has been absent for a few years now, so the bloat monster is at bay. :)

  14. I have had sex on my period. The first month we were really together, I went back on the pill and basically bled all month - we didn't stop. But since then, he doesn't really get near my groin at all during that time, although I will masturbate and I have come from rubbing on his leg. Blow jobs though - yes, we have those while on the period. Big surprise, eh? I used to kind of be bratty about that, but now, I don't seem to mind. He flogged my breasts while I was on my period last week...

    Also, had the mirena for a while - hated it! No he has been snipped, so no worries. And no fake hormones. All real drama. :)

    1. I think that's really interesting. Is the mess the reason for the lack of sex, or is it sensitivities, or...?

      I have heard some horror stories about the mirena, yeah. I had a horror story of a reproductive system before pregnancy though, so I was willing to give it a shot. Thankfully no nasty side-effects here... I was even able to lose a bit of weight while on it (which I've heard it makes hard).

  15. This one has always gotten my blood up (ha!) First of all, I've always felt sex was nature's Thank you for having periods. A good fuck-pardon me-takes away my worst cramps. I am at my most randy during periods and I don't think that's an accident as one usually can't get pregnant then. And I don't want to hear about mess-ok? as I said, I get hot about this one. If we were going to worry about mess I don't think he'd be allowed anywhere near me, eh? What would you call ejaculation, if not a glorious mess? OK. I'll get off my soapbox now.....

    1. Heh, I like your sense of humor. :)

      Sex always made my pain so much better too, and the mess - yeah.

      We just got some really nice expensive sheets, and they're already stained - with ejaculate! Seriously, but it's okay... you make up the bed and no one can tell. Certainly not going to stop having sex because of some stains.


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