Sunday, October 2, 2011


Before I begin this post, I feel the need to warn my readers that I will say some unpopular things. I also advise discretion for the video links in the first part of the post. I feel the need to link to them because they illustrate what I mean, but by all means feel free not to look at them. The first part of this post is not sexy. Nothing I say is meant as a value judgement against anyone who may feel differently. These are my informed opinions, and I hold them dear.

The idea of being flogged appeals to me.

The idea of flogging me appeals to my husband.

The idea of holding or being struck with an implement that is made from the stripped hide of a gentle creature who probably lived its entire life in misery before being terrifyingly slaughtered, though, is not sexy to either of us. Neither of us could focus on sex or erotic punishment with an elephant like that in the room. We don't consume meat, dairy, or eggs - why would we relent on our principles for a bit of impact play? We wouldn't. He can hit me with many other objects. We haven't needed a flogger.

So we've not had a flogger. For years. I haven't been flogged, ever. He's never flogged anyone.

That's a lie.

I made us two nylon floggers. A bigger one for distances, a smaller one for closer. He's a fan of closer. I'm quite pleased with them. He was impressed by them; and a little intimidated.

They're actually more purple than this
So last night, my husband flogged me. Because he could. The bigger one has a nice whoosh and feels wonderful. I'm not sure he hit me with all of his strength; I think he was holding back quite a bit. He had me hit him once with each of them so he could see how it felt, and I think that frightened him enough that he was scared to go all out on me. He's not a sadist. He hit me more with the smaller one, which feels lovely at first but has quite the sting to it after a few good strokes. He also enjoyed hearing me gasp as he trailed the flogger ends across my back. He was flogging me with the long one while I knelt and sucked his cock, and one of the loops wrapped around between my legs and snapped my pussy. That hurt like crazy. I squealed around his cock. He didn't even realize what he'd done. It was still awesome.

His arms are also long, so the bigger one wound up being too long for him, and he asked me to make a medium one.

That will not a problem.


  1. I am in awe of your ability to actually make your own implements!! I also applaud your efforts to live your beliefs in every aspect of your lives. Your convictions make you who you are, and I love that you've been able to find a flogger that works for you...on so many levels!

  2. i too admire your commitment to your beliefs, and your ability to craft your own alternatives. tailor made is always better than mass produced!

  3. P.S. Perhaps you could do a post on crafting implements? A DIY guide for the pervy people out here! :)

  4. Thank you both. :)

    I had considered it, Baby Girl, but wasn't too sure how many people would be interested in such a thing. Maybe when I make the medium one I can take more photos and do a writeup. It was quite fun.

  5. I am very interested and would like to see. Hope you enjoy it when this is hitting with a whip
    and was also on pussy ore just on back side ..

  6. I have a DIY post in the works. Just waiting on some more materials so I can take illustrative photographs - it's difficult to explain and a picture is worth a thousand words, they tell me.

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  8. As long as everything is open and honest, I don't pass judgment on any person for anything.

    It's deceit I can't stand.

    I had seen some of those floggers but they just.. eh. I'd also seen some verrrry nice nylon custom-made ones, but we really can't afford such as that, especially after I've already bought the Liberator. Toy budget blown for a few months, at least. I like these a lot though. :)


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