Monday, October 24, 2011


We were kissing, I was naked. His fingers touched my nipple lightly, teasingly, and I shuddered and kicked, trying to get away from the touches on my sensitive skin. "Sensitive!" I cried out as an excuse for my erratic movement, trying to turn my body away from him, but he wouldn't let me.

"Sensitive, are you? He kept touching me lightly as I squirmed. "Who gave you permission to be sensitive?"

What the hell kind of mind fuck was this? I didn't answer, couldn't answer, could only grunt and wriggle and kick.

He held me fast in his left arm while his right reached for something in the drawer. I tightly closed my eyes, not wanting to see. I felt the wooden ruler then, brushing my nipple, prodding it. "I don't think you've earned the right to be sensitive yet. Maybe I can help you."

Fire. I screamed, I gasped, I begged. God. He landed blow after blow after blow on both of my nipples. "Hurts, doesn't it?" He stopped, stroked a nipple gently again, drawing choked gaspy cries from me as my sensitized flesh was stimulated.

"oh oh oh oh oh oh," I panted.

"There.. now you have permission to be sensitive." He kept stroking, rolling the nipple between his fingers, as I gasped and whimpered. "Do you want me to stop touching you where you're sensitive?" he asked.

I nodded rapidly against his shoulder.

"Hm. Okay then." And shit, he fucking hit me again! "I guess I'll hit you some more, in that case." He rained more blows onto my poor burning nipples and I could barely restrain my screams, biting my lip.

"not what I meant!" I bit out.

"I know it. I think you should suck my cock."

I didn't move, lay there, processing the pain. "Are you still recovering? Or are you pretending you didn't hear me? 'cause if you are, I could hit you more."

"No, no." I moved. I sucked, he pushed my head down and I gagged and choked. He grabbed both hands full of my hair and used it as handles to move my head up and down on his cock.

"Good slut." he told me, pushing me onto my side after a while so he could access and torment my nipple. "That's right, keep sucking," he whispered as he squeezed and pulled and rolled the extremely sensitive nub and I squealed and gasped around his cock. My jaw started to ache, but I kept going. Eventually he pulled himself away from me and told me to turn over.

"Let's see how wet you are for me.." he growled, prodding his cock at my pussy. The head slid between my folds and into my opening easily. "Oooooh, very fucking wet, indeed." he slid all the way inside me, then out, then in again, slowly. Then he pulled out and just left the head of his cock resting against my entrance. He held my hips, asking if there was a problem as I grunted and squirmed and tried to take him back inside of me.

"Empty." I panted, trying to rotate my hips against him, succeeding a bit, feeling the very tip of his cock enter me then pull out again as he pushed my hips away.

"Oh, you poor thing. You thought I was going to fuck you, didn't you?" his fingers tightened on my hips.


"Do you deserve to be fucked?"


"You do? Why is that?"

"I do whatever you tell me."

"What if I tell you to just lie here and not be fucked? You'll do that too right?"

Sadness overcame me, seeped through into my response. "Yes sir.." I stilled, not trying to do anything anymore but endure the extreme arousal.

"Good slut.." he murmured, pulling me back onto him. "I'll fuck you now."

He played with my oversensitive nipples the whole time, randomly. He'd grab my head, pull my hair,  squeeze my throat, then back to the nipples, sharply telling me to "Take it!" when my protesting cries would spill from my throat, finally just cupping my breast in his hand and squeezing and rolling and tugging my poor nipple over and over, curling his body around mine as he pumped his seed into me and I cried out. "That's it, slut, take it, take it." he whispered into my ear with his final few thrusts.

He didn't stop there, didn't even rest. Just smoothly transitioned to fucking me with his hand, pushing me over onto my stomach, cupping my breast in his other hand, whispering "You thought your nipples were safe from me like this, didn't you? No such luck, slut." as he tormented me. No orgasm for me, but..something else. The word "subgasm" floated in the back of my brain as he held me and we talked afterward.

I was done, flying, any more sensation would have been overkill - I'm not sure he could have coaxed an orgasm from me in that state. Verrah verrah inneresting.


  1. Ah. Damn, lady. And here am having a dry spell...sigh. i know i've said it before, but you have got something special.

  2. Your man is so mean! And I do hope you know that is a compliment;)! Seriously hot!!!


  3. pepper: It comes and goes for all of us, it seems. :) We do have something quite special, we're very grateful for it.

    Kitty: He can be so mean, can't he? He likes it when I mention his meanness later too, and liked your comment as well. :) Thanks.


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