Thursday, October 13, 2011

He always wins in the end

We played a board game, and by luck of the spinner, or choices, or whatever, I came out better than he did. It's mostly a chance thing rather than skill, and I didn't even win - but I came out better than he did.

Later, after we went to bed and were snuggling:

"You're mine."
"That means I can do whatever I want with you."
"I could beat you up if I want."
"I could put you in whatever position I wanted and fuck your brains out."
"mmhmm." I shuddered at the thought.
"Have you been a good girl?"
"Yes." I knew I had been, I hadn't done anything wrong, was completely naked so I couldn't have forgotten to take off my pants, hadn't ignored him at any point. I baked homemade cookies! Of course I'd been good.
"I dunno about that. I seem to recall someone here challenging me and taking all my pieces."
I laughed, "I can't help it if you suck at that game."
"I can," pinching my nipple hard, "and I'm about to show you what I can help."

He got the flogger after a bit of rummaging, during which I'd crossed my arms over my breasts, and he started by flogging my leg. My calf, my thigh, pulling my leg out and stroking my inner thigh with the flogger, then hitting it too. He noticed my arms, and said "What do those arms think they're doing? You think you can get away from me?" I closed my eyes and shook my head. "That's right, you can't." he took each hand and threw it to the bed on either side of me, and flogged my chest and breasts.

"You think you can do whatever you want, but at the end of the day, who's got the flogger, and who's the one being flogged, hm?" I didn't respond, just arched and squirmed each time he hit me. He continued flogging me through the following dialogue.

"Tell me you're sorry."

"I'm sorry."

"Ask me if you can suck my cock."

"Please may I" whack, moan "suck your cock?"

"I dunno.. Why should I let you?"

"You'll.." whack, squeal "like it."

"That's convenient for you," he hit me three times quickly, once on each nipple and once under my breasts "because you'll like it too, won't you?"

Squealing again, "Yes sir."

"Well, I suppose I'll let you.." He laid back, put down the flogger.

He wasn't going to make it easy for me. I positioned myself over him, supported by my hands on either side of his hips, and slid my mouth down onto him, sliding my tongue all around as I did. "Oh yeah, go on you horny cocksucker, take it." he urged me. One of his hands pressed my head down firmly; I heard him open the drawer again with the other, and shivered inside. He grabbed the long flogger and I felt it slap harshly against my ass. I squealed again, around his cock this time. His hand on my head pressed harder and his hips started thrusting up at me.

"You're a good fuck toy, aren't you? You like me fucking your face like this, don't you?" sliding into my throat, waiting, "Oh, that's right, you can't answer me 'cause your face is full of cock." He was pulling my hair, flogging my ass while telling me to suck it. My arms were trembling after a long time of holding myself up like that.

He told me to move, to stop, so he could fuck my pussy. I couldn't do it. He moved up slightly, away from me, and I followed with my mouth, latching hungrily back on to his cock. "You have got one slutty mouth there, don't you?" I grunted a positive around my mouthful, and suddenly his hand was on my throat, and the other on top of my head, squeezing my head and my throat all at once, holding my head tightly. "Well, then, I'll fuck your face since that's what you want so badly." and he held my face like that and thrust into it, making me gag and choke and drool and I had no control over it at all and it was glorious. He stopped, threaded his fingers through my hair close to my scalp, and pulled my head off of him by the hair. I was shuddering uncontrollably, breathing unsteadily and small overwhelmed noises were whooshing out of me with each breath. He held my head against his chest for a moment, asked me if I was all right. I nodded against him.

He left me, to stand at the edge of the bed. He arranged the ramp & wedge in an odd way, told me to get up there. I realized he wanted me to kneel on the edge of the ramp and rest my arms and head on the wedge, after a moment of bewilderment. I slowly obeyed, unsure, concerned I would unbalance the works and topple over the edge. I felt his hands on my ass, rubbing. I backed up a bit more, and felt his cock prodding at my wetness. "Just how wet did you get for me?" he asked me roughly, as he slowly slid his way inside.

"Very fucking wet," I moaned.

"That's a good fuck toy," he whispered, running his hands all over my back and ass, then grabbing my hips and pulling me toward him. He thrust into me with force, over and over, eventually letting go of my hips and letting his hands wander toward my head, which he pushed down over the edge of the wedge and into the bed. He kept talking. The wedge choked me, the mattress smothered me, his hand held me down, his words stroked my brain, and his glorious cock plundered my insides. I screamed into the mattress, or I would have done had I been able to get enough oxygen into my tortured lungs. In truth it was more of gasping pant. He told me what a horny slut I was, how badly I needed him to fuck me after just a day without, as he tangled his hands in my hair and tugged, pulling my head up and back. I inhaled lungfuls of air greedily, moaning in between.

He let my hair go, grasped my hips firmly again, and slid his cock out until just the head rested within my opening. He teased me, tiny thrusts pulling out and pushing in again slightly. I groaned my distress, and tried to push back against him, but he held my hips firmly so that I couldn't. "Is there a problem, fuck toy?"

"Empty." I complained, continuing to try to move back onto him.

"Oh, poor thing." He kept teasing, pushing just enough to open me for him, then withdrawing. "What do you say then?"


"Please what?"

"Please fuck me hard.."

"Oh, is that what you want? I can do that." and he pulled my hips back toward him and slammed into me, over and over and over. Forever, it seemed like. He told me I was a good little slut, his sweet horny cocksucker, on and on and he controlled my movements and I just moaned and gasped. He started long slow strokes toward the end and I gasped and murmured something about how good that felt.. he kept on like that until he buried himself balls-deep in me and erupted with a moan.

He collapsed on me, then asked me through my panting and shuddering if I thought I could move for him to hold me. I shuddered in response, but somehow got down off my platform and back onto the bed. He held me close against him and I shuddered and humped in his general direction. "Aww, you're still all wound up, aren't you? How would you like a big fat butt plug in your ass?"

My headspace was floaty, agree to anything. I said I would like that very much. Then when I felt him actually pushing it against my ass, I wondered what on earth I had agreed to. "Your ass wants it baby, come on.." it took forever to get it in there, but then it was. Then he stroked and talked me to orgasm, while I felt all used up.

"So full." I kept whispering.

"You like being full, you like being touched," he finally told me, "so stop complaining already."

After my orgasm, he removed the plug slowly and with caution, as I was squirming and moaning and very, very sensitive. "Good girl." he whispered against my hair, holding me close and stroking my head and back. "Such a good, sweet girl."

I guess we both win.


  1. My man is always asking me questions while my mouth is full. Kind of like a dentist. I remember being at the dentist when I was a kid while the dentist had a tool in my mouth and was asking questions, "So, how's school?"

  2. i often wonder why He asks me things when He knows i'm totally incapable of verbalizing...except, He tells me to, and then i am....weird.

    Very hot, Conina, i'm still jealous of your wedge thingy!

  3. WOW Conina, that was... well, wow!

    lol t1klish, Papacrow does this all the time - asks me questions when my mouth is full of his cock, pokes me to make me answer, then tells me off for talking with my mouthfull :D

    I'm going to have to look into this wedge & ramp thing.. we use cushions quite a lot but this sounds much better

  4. It's not so bad if it's yes or no questions. But sometimes it's not. Him: "Do you think about me when you masturbate?" Me: "Mmm-hmm." Him: "What do you think about?" Me: "Ummm . . . mmm . . urm . . . mmmm"

  5. t1klish: Usually it's yes or no questions with us too. I moan a lot even when he's not talking to me; I enjoy the hell out of it and I know he enjoys hearing me enjoy it AND the vibrations feel fantastic to him. I can't breathe with him in my throat, though, (is it possible? passage is completely blocked, doesn't seem physically doable) so I can't even grunt an answer then most of the time. It has never, ever reminded me of my dentist. Even though I love my dentist.

  6. pepper: Be jealous, then go and get one ASAP! SO AWESOME. I can hardly ever get words out at the point he starts asking me stuff. I can grunt. If he forces me to answer something, I can do it, but it shakes me out of my happy place and I have to go back there again. Sometimes, I come out the other side of nonverbal (rather than going back out of the happy space) and I can talk again, to tell him how awesome he feels and how I belong to him and whatever else he seems to be needing me to say.

    mamacrow: Thanks for the compliment, and for joining us here as well - glad to see you coming back. :)

    Liberator ramp & wedge combo!, 20% off coupon on your first order! Expensive, but YES.

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  8. Just to say I totally don't get the butt plug thing I read about all over the internet. I've read them used for "anal training." But I don't get that at all either. The first time I ever had anal sex it was by accident in the shower and it went in fine. So I don't know why it has to be "trained." Is there another reason for these things? I mean, sticking something into a dirty place and taking it out and having to clean it, is so not hot to me, so I'm clueless to the appeal. Just curious :)

  9. maui girl: Thanks! He has asked me before if I thought I'd like that, but this one is too big for me to even turn while it is in. And especially after the ripping incident, he's very very careful with what he does there. He's asked me to get another, smaller one. I'd like one that's short but with a fairly wide base, but it's hard to tell how wide they are online (need to have a ruler nearby to judge), so I haven't done it yet.

    t1klish: We don't use it for anal training either - never have needed to. Plenty of lube and anal works fine. The plug is for me. I enjoy it, it feels good. I'd prefer his cock, but actual anal sex isn't a good idea terribly often with us. There's an element of extreme control there as well, when he's slowly forcing it inside of me and I feel like I just can't take such a big thing. Then when he slips his thumb way, way into my pussy and strokes my clit with his fingers I feel absolutely stuffed. He's inside of me (his will, to put the plug there, and his actual physical hand as well) and he surrounds me, and my orgasms are more intense.

    Also it's not dirty. I make sure of that every night. We do still have to clean it, but you have to do that with any toys.

    "Accident?" I can't imagine having anal sex by accident. Huh.

    You do ask excellent questions. I almost felt like I should do a whole post on this.

  10. By accident. Well, was in the shower with the ex, a few years into the very long marriage, and he stuck it there wanting sex, and I didn't know if he was putting it there on purpose, so I didn't say anything. I liked it.

    Then a few days later we were answering some kind of sex questionaire out of a magazine, and we showed each other our answers, and he put that he'd never done it, and I put that I had, and he was bewildered when I said, The other day in the shower! Ah, memories.

  11. Heh. That kind of reminds me of a blog post I was reading wherein the man described the sex as being anal, and the woman then read it and asked if he was embellishing because they had indeed NOT had anal, but regular PIV, just with her squished in half.

    He then asked the question if anal was still hot if it was all in your mind.

    I can't remember the blog. It's mostly dead now..

  12. Okay, I've just got to ask again. How do you make sure it's clean without doing an enema?

    To explain. My man and I had anal sex and it was clear that he didn't like that it didn't come out totally clean. He's a bit anal about cleanliness. Hee. I had thought it was totally clean because I stuck my finger up there in the shower, and it came out clean. But my man is a lot longer than my finger, so apparently there was stuff further up there. Is this disgusting or what?

    Anyway, we did this a couple times and it just wasn't clean enough. So I ended up, end, hee, having to do an enema the next time. Solved the problem, but that's a lot of trouble to go through, takes a couple hours, have to know in advance we're going to do anal, AND it can only be on my day off from work in order to have time to do it.

    I guess the plug is shorter so the finger in the shower thing could be enough?

  13. Well, this is going to some interesting places. The plug is not short. Much longer than my finger, anyway.

    I have an anal douche, and I use that. I have pretty much trained my body to eliminate at night, and then I use the douche until it's completely clean. (sometimes it takes longer than other times) I get in the tub after and make sure that I can put my finger ALL THE WAY in without a mess, as in I can feel the opening at the other end - the way I have to bend in the bath provides a much deeper level of penetration than just a finger in the shower, and far deeper than his cock or the plug ever goes. All this takes maybe ten minutes? At most. Then I go ahead and finish up my bath, and we're good to go.

    I do this whenever we might be engaging in anal play - it's not good to do it every single night, I've read, but I do it most of them. 'cause mess? Not sexy, not by a long, long shot.

  14. Now I'm trying to imagine the way you might be bending in the bathtub that would let your finger get so far in. Yes, this conversation has definitely gone to an interesting place. Hee!:)

  15. I am blown away by the "anal by accident in the shower" t1klish. Amazing. Thanks for sharing! :)


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