Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is what he wants

I went to join him in the bedroom last night, still a bit frustrated and irritated. I briefly considered leaving my pants on, so vexed I didn't want to expose myself like that, then thought better of it and stripped them off. He pulled me close to him, talked to me. Asked me if I was okay. "I'm fine." I told him, grumpy.

"What's the problem, love?" he asked me. When I didn't answer right away, his voice changed. Softer, but with a firmness underneath - velvet over steel: "I know what the problem is. The problem is you're being all mopey and standoffish, and I'm letting you get away with it." He got out the flogger, turned off the lamp. He stripped my shirt off, I reluctantly went along with it. I didn't want to. It wasn't about me then though. His first strike hit me on my ass, wrapped around my hip. I gasped. "What do you have to say for yourself?" he asked me. I didn't answer; he struck at my breast. "Answer me!"


"Nothing?" He hit my breast several times.

"I'm not mopey!" I squealed.

"You're not mopey?" He kept hitting me, over and over and over, alternating between my breast and ass at his whim. "You certainly are acting mopey. You shouldn't act that way if you're not. It's almost like you have a mind of your own sometimes."

"Sometimes I have to."

"Yes, well, we all have things to work on about ourselves, don't we?" I didn't answer, he hit me particularly hard on the hip. I gasped. "Don't we?"

"Yes sir."

"Good girl. Now. You think you can suck my cock?"

"Yes." I didn't move. He kept hitting me.

"Haven't you been wanting to suck my cock all day?"


"And yet, here it is.." he pressed his hardness against me, "and you're not doing anything."

I moved. I slid down his body and desultorily started licking his cock. I began to get more into it slowly as he filled my mouth. I felt him move, heard the whoosh of the long flogger, and then CRACK... he hit the Liberator ramp that had fallen against the bed and was behind me. So loud. He mumbled something, then tried again. CRACK. I began to smile around my mouthful. "What the fuck?" he cursed, and I started to full-on giggle, still doing my best to suck. He kicked the ramp away, then tried again. It fell forward again before he could make contact with my ass. CRACK. I gave up trying to suck and just curled into him, giggling uncontrollably as he softened in my mouth.

"It's the ramp!" I choked out between giggles.

He was laughing too at this point, and reached his free hand down and held my giggling head against him. "I know what it is! Gonna have to rethink my review of that thing!"

Being closer to the ramp, I was better able to kick it away properly, and then I took his soft cock back into my mouth and sucked. I like sucking it when it's soft anyway, it feels so amazing as it changes inside of me. He landed a blow across my ass now, I squealed, and he said "That's right, suck it, girl," and I did, as he slowly expanded in the confines of my mouth and continued flogging my back and ass randomly.

After a while, he told me to turn over so he could fuck my pussy from behind, so I did. Any reservations I'd had an hour before were gone. He slid inside of me slowly, groaning. "Oh that's one nice pussy I've got myself. It is mine, isn't it?"

"Mmhmm.." I purred, clenching around him. "all yours." He squeezed my breast and pulled me close to him.

We moved together like that for a time, then he moved atop me and pinned me to the bed by my wrists, thrusting down into me hard, pinning me there too... he breathed out hotly against my throat, and I screamed and squirmed, trying to get away from the breath. "Oooooh, sensitive girrrl," he growled into my ear, and did it over and over and over while he ground into me.

"Oh, God!" I gasp/squealed, bucking against him desperately, pulling my wrists, needing to get away from the intense softness of his heated breath against my sweat-slick skin.

"You're not getting away from me," he murmured, making sure the breath of each word whispered across my throat, "you're mine, I'm on top of you, and you just have to endure whatever I do to you."

Fireworks behind my eyelids. White spots. Squirming, bucking, rabid.

He was right. I couldn't get away.

After, he stroked my face and throat, behind me again.

"Does your ass need fucking too?" he asked me.

"Nuh-uh," I responded. It didn't.

"But I thought you were my cockslut.."

"Mmhmm," I tilted my head back towards him, making little pleased noises.

He kept stroking me. "You know what? I think I want to fuck your ass anyway." he moved to get the lube, and I positioned myself for him, delighted to be used for his pleasure. He lubed me up, and murmured a lot of things that are lost to the fog of my arousal. He took my ass. I loved it. I really can't remember much beyond that.

After he came inside of me, he used the Pure Wand on me until I screamed out my release as well. Then I begged him to flog my ass more.

He did. For a long, long time. He stopped, whispering "I think I'd like you to be able to sit on this ass again some day.." and running his hands over my skin. He pulled me into him and we slept, tangled together. Marvelous.

More sex in the morning (no blow job though!), followed by a long conversation.

He's so good to me. Mornings like this I look back on my behavior last night and am just plain ashamed.


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  2. Proof, yet again, that an amazing flogging/fucking session can be better than the best rant... Damn, They're good!

    So happy to hear that things are back on track... :)

  3. Huzzah! for the flogger! See, it's all fixable. i'm glad you're not grumpy anymore.....grumpy always ends up with a red ass at my house.

  4. maui girl: Seriously, you think your husband needs to take a class? Or does he need a chat with someone else? Maybe he needs his own blog (not associated with yours, of course).

    Baby Girl: You are absolutely right! Thanks so much for your well-wishes and support.

    pepper: The visitors leave me grumpy often. :) culture clash. He's been ordering me to kiss him at random moments throughout the day today. It's very nice. This morning he came up next to me while I was brushing my hair before we went out with the visitors, grabbed my throat and the back of my head, kissed me hard, and whispered "mine!" against my lips.

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  6. I just read your blog from the beginning, and I must tell you I am thoroughly enjoying it.


  7. maui girl: I dunno about a class - I might be able to get him to write...something, though, if you think such a thing would do any good?

    Heather: I'm so glad to hear that! Thank you for taking the time to read, and especially to leave a comment.

  8. I figured you were - we laughed first, then I pondered.

  9. amazing i love it you have great live thanks


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