Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bitch in heat

I don't really know exactly what happened last night. More comes back as I write, but the first part is still mostly a blur.

There was sex. He spanked me, my breasts, my ass, my inner thighs ("Sensitive here, aren't you? I bet I can make you more sensitive."), once on my pussy.

There were lots of fingers sliding inside of me: "Show me how good you can fuck and maybe I'll give you my cock."

There was cock sucking, and then I was on top of him, and he hit his own thigh with the tips of the flogger - which made him feel stupid more than hurt him. He wilted a bit, but soon recovered while kissing me, and then he was atop me, and calling me all sorts of names, pinning me to the bed and growling. He erupted inside me while I begged him to use me, then rolled off, gathering me into his arms and holding me close.

I squirmed against him. He ordered me to go clean myself up in the bathroom, Then he held me again and we talked, stroking each other for a long, long time.. his hand struck my breast and I gasped, then asked for more.

"But if I hit you now, you'll just get worked up again."

"I was never worked down, love."

"Oh, I see." and he hit me, oh my, he hit me over and over and over, heavy hard slaps on my breast, and I arched up and begged for more. "You're just a little bitch in heat, aren't you?" he asked me as he struck me.

When I started panting that it hurt, he responded "I know it does.. what about this one?" and stroked my other, ignored breast.


"Let's see what I can do about that." and he hit it hard enough that it after two strokes it was just about in as much pain as the first one. I squealed with surprise.

I was holding his other hand in mine, my fingers squeezed his tightly with each blow, and I panted and moved as best I could within the circle of his arms. Amazed, I felt his cock growing against my hip. "You are such a fucking slut," he whispered to me, "I bet you need to be fucked again right now, don't you? You'd like it if you were fucked and beaten up all night long."

"Mmhmm!" I agreed, to both, enthusiastically.

"Give me that pussy." he growled into my ear.

I turned away from him and bent forward, pressing back against him. His hardness slid inside me easily; I was so, so wet.

"Fucking slut. You get so wet just from me hitting you.. such a horny bitch." He delivered a few more slaps to my breast, then grabbed my throat in both of his hands and held me tightly by it while he thrust into me, shaking me from the throat down like a rag doll, just a fuck toy for his pleasure.

I groaned, panting as best I could through my restricted airway: "Fuck me, fuck me, use me, I'm yours."

His right hand delivered some slaps to my ass, and he pulled my top leg backwards over his hip so that he could finger my clit, his left hand cupping around the back of my head and squeezing.

He moved in me slowly, gently, each tiny movement dragging across nerve endings for an eternity. My mouth didn't close, a never-ending stream of gasps and soft cries and pants escaping from me. Finally, he spent himself inside of me, and I gasped again, "Yes, yes, please please use me," reaching a hand back to his hip and pressing him inside me as fully as possible.

He withdrew, but kept using his hand.. sliding his fingers inside, then eventually flipping me over onto all fours, sliding his thumb all the way into my pussy and stroking his fingers against my clit, talking, talking. I orgasmed loudly, screaming into the pillow again and again, able only to muffle my cries but not to lower them.

He pulled me against him again, wrapping his arms around me and whispering sweet lovely things to me about how much he loves me. We stroked each other, I kissed all over his chest, he asked me if he was a Bad Man to get turned on from hitting me. I told him he was, but only in a good way.

We floated together.

I guess he's as happy to have things back to normal as I am.


  1. If that's normal, sign me the hell up. :-)

  2. The events aren't completely normal, unfortunately.

    The circumstances surrounding us that allow the events to happen are more so. :)

  3. Mmm, aye. Um, I mean..thanks. :)


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