Monday, September 26, 2011

A vacation interlude - stream of consciousness

Hotel shower. On my knees with the water running down. Hard to get a grip on the shower floor- knees sliding all the way to the edges. Sucking, sucking, holding on to him to keep myself up, sucking. Water running down his body sometimes going up my nose. Gasping for air, sucking again.

Bed. Bedside lamp on very dim. Face fucking. I begged for it. He stopped me after a time...beat my nipples with a ruler..fingered me. Told me I mustn't like being fucked much because I never asked for it. I asked for it. Several times.

Left me... bereft. "Where are you going?"

"Not far."

Stood up on the floor next to the bed, dragged me over to the edge. I lifted my hips up to him, begged. No purchase for my feet. Hard to lift on the edge..feet wanted to slide off. He teased me for several minutes like that, standing there, teasing me with his hot cock sliding around my wetness. Finally gave it to me after more begging. Scrabbling for purchase got harder as he rested more of his weight on me...hooked my ankles to each other around his back, using his body as my leverage to fuck back into him. Constant stream of moans coming from me.

This spurred words from his lips: "Oh, you like being all open to me like that, huh?" and I lifted my legs into the air...he hooked his arms behind my legs and I eventually put my ankles over his shoulders.

"You..are...such..a...slut." as he thrust into me with each word. He came soon after. He worked me with the dildo... I squirmed, sore. He stopped, got back onto the bed with me..then his thumb inside me while I was on my stomach with my ass in the air and his fingers played with my clit. Glorious. I orgasmed; shuddered in his arms. He held me, wrapped me in his love. We slept.


  1. sigh. a happy slut, it sounds like. So sweet!

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  3. pepper - Very very happy!

    maui girl - You know.. It's just a little plastic ruler. I bought a set of them (for the usual reasons) and put the extra one in our toy drawer. I hit myself in a lot of places with it first, and I told my husband "it's not very hurty." Then he came up with the nipples. It is very hurty there. But I love it.


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