Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flogger recommendations: Q&A

From dancingbarez: Also was wondering if you could make a recommendation for a first purchased flogger. We only have the heavy homemade one so we wanted to try something a little different. To be honest the one we have now makes me shudder and not in a good way. The straps are braided leather with tied knots at the end so floggers freak me out a little. 

So, first off - I make no claims to be a flogger expert. I genuinely love floggers and flogging and all things that involve flogging in my little corner of the world (the one where dead animal bits don't go in the bedroom). Since I make floggers, I get this question quite often, actually, but usually it's in reference to true beginners who have zero experience with floggers and want one of mine. What I recommend to them, pretty much without fail, is one of these:

I recommend these because they're inexpensive and very, very sensual. I only make these custom order, so people can choose the handle color they want. They can build to a slow burn, but there is not anything to be freaked out about. In fact, with the exception of some of my braided and paracord types, I'd put all my floggers into the thumpy/silky/delicious category.

I can't in good conscience recommend any of the hide-type floggers to you - but I know the typical hides used to make the standard garden-variety floggers are a bit more intense than I'd want applied to my bare skin. I've seen photos of the kind of braided leather you mention and they make me shudder too, in a not-good way.

I wind up sounding like an ad, but I really recommend any of my knotted types if you're already experienced with a flogger and not completely put off by the experience. They're a bit heavier than the "beginner" type and really feel fantastic. The knots are like smooth little fists that pummel you.

Like this one. Yummy.
If you're interested in talking more about either type, feel free to send me an email or drop me a comment.

Something I'm very curious about, but haven't tried so I can't recommend one way or the other, are rubber floggers. Like this one from The Stockroom.

March is question and answer month! All through the month, I'm answering questions about almost anything! Feel free to email me or leave a comment on any of my posts.


  1. I am so happy to say that my very first flogger was made by the one and only.....wonderful Conina!! :) And we just LOVE it:) Can't wait until we purchase another one:)


  2. Is that first one mine?! :)))

    Anyone questioning whether to get a flogger from Conina.. STOP questioning and DO IT! I love love LOVE mine. Plans already in place for another in the next little bit.

    Thuddy and so so delicious.

    Love! <3

    1. That first one IS yours! :)

      So glad you love love LOVE it! :)

  3. I love my new flogger that you made for us. I was absolutely terrified about how it would feel being used. But Ty and I love it. And it is beautiful. I can't thank you enough. Maybe the next one I will get in pink.....

    1. I still have a pink one sitting around. :) It's funny that you were terrified of it, but so glad you both love it!

  4. I LOVE my Conina flogger! for a start it is GORGEOUS and the knotting is enough to give it serious sting if he wants it to, but it can also be soft and caressing and ever so gentle :)

    1. Yours is one of the prettiest ones I ever did. :) Glad you still like it!

  5. i LOVE It. it is a work of art, it really ought to be displayed when we're not using it!

    Husband liked the matching keyring, I got plenty of giggles on xmas morning when he found it in his stocking!


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