Monday, March 11, 2013

Long distance, body parts, and craftiness: Q&A

From wingbowl (no link): I love reading through your blog. Based on your most recent post, how long were you involved "long distance" before you reestablished physical connection?

Thank you!

The word "reestablished" here gives me pause, as it implies that Husband and I were an in-person couple who had to endure separation for a brief time before we could be together again. But no. We met online, as so many people do these days, but not so many people did back then. There was an ocean between us, but we were drawn together. It's really quite a good story.

To answer the question, though, we were involved for just shy of two years before we managed to get married. We had long visits (4 weeks, 6 weeks) where we got closer and closer, and the times apart were desolate wasteland nightmares where (I at least) just held on to the moments we could spend chatting on AIM. He proposed after one of his visits had ended and he'd gone back home.

From fiona: What's YOUR favorite part of your body? What's your favorite part of Husband's body?

Not sure what favorite actually means here. It could be one I like the best or one that appeals the best to me in a visual sense. I love my clitoris because insane amounts of pleasure come from it. I think that qualifies as a favorite part?

As for my husband, it's a hard call between his legs and his hands. His legs are long and lean and they wrap around me just so, but his hands do so many wonderful things, from stroking my hair while we're watching a movie to making all the magic happen in bed.

Yeah, hands. 

From Riley: what gave you the idea to start making floggers? And since you're clearly crafty and talented, have you made anything else kinky or vanilla?

I'm vegan, and many many floggers are not - animal hides depress me. I don't want to be depressed during a joyful time, or really support sales of animal hides, even though the animal was probably killed for food. (Because yes, being hit with things makes me happy.)  After doing a little research, the few floggers that I found for sale that were vegan seemed either badly put together (cheap), ugly, too intense (rubber), or far, far too expensive for me to pay for something I wasn't even sure I'd like.

So I bought some rope (which wasn't cheap), and started making my own. I had some leftover materials after that first round, and made another, which a few bloggers urged me to sell. And then I discovered I was addicted, because the only thing better than making beautiful thing after beautiful thing is not having to find somewhere to store all the beautiful things. (there are only so many floggers a couple can use). They don't sell so fast as to making a living at it, or really do more than just support the habit, but it's soul-refreshing to make them and have other people enjoy them - vegan or not.

I have crafted since I was a wee thing. I used to crochet, do needlepoint, taught myself to knit, do plastic canvas. Later, my need for creativity was met by writing programs, by planning flower and vegetable gardens and growing plants from seeds. It's amazing how godlike you can feel just by encouraging a seed to do what it was always meant to do anyway. Moonflowers are especially gratifying.

Even later, I started working on an old house. There are people who will tell you that sewing and sawing are worlds apart, but it really is just a letter.

March is question and answer month! If you have any burning questions (or things you're mildly curious about) feel free to ask!


  1. Thank you for answering!!!

    So, what's your HUSBAND's favorite part of your body and what's HIS favorite part of HIS body??


    1. Oi, lady, I said I'D answer - he made no such promise. :) But I'll ask him.

    2. Oh, I bet you can be persuasive :)


  2. Thanks so much for answering my question, Conina. You can sew and saw, huh? ;) I think that is really neat that you have done so many crafty things. I've never had much success, but lately Pinterest has me thinking I need to give it another shot, there are just so many neat things out there. And I bet it was so neat having your own gardens.

    1. My gardens made me a very, very happy girl. I miss them like crazy. :)

      If you're interested in crafting, you totally should. It's very fulfilling to make something out of - less than something. :)


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