Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Husband answers: Q&A

From fiona: So, what's your HUSBAND's favorite part of your body and what's HIS favorite part of HIS body??

So, I said I'd ask him, but I didn't.

He was holding me in his arms and we were chatting, and there was a natural pause in the conversation.

"Ohhh," he said, taking a deep breath, "I'm going to have to pick the same thing as you."

"Huh?" I said.

"fiona's question."

"Oh." I could feel the color rising in my cheeks. He'd read the post, he'd read the comments. "You've just made me blush," I said, "but you can't tell because my face is already red." I'd gotten a little too much sun on my face that day.

He was amused and he squeezed me closer. "Or your mouth," he said. "It says nice things, it kisses nicely, it fucks very well."

The things he was saying weren't making my blush go away.

"But," I continued, trying to move the focus away from me, "she also asked about YOUR body."

"Geez, I don't know. Who has a favorite part of their body?"

"I dunno, love."

"My penis, I guess. It does lots of things for me. In bed. Except when it doesn't. My hands do too, but I don't want to exactly copy what you said."

I laughed at him. But why not? We should all love the sources of our pleasure.

If anyone has any more questions for March, apparently my husband is also fair game!


  1. Well said Conina.


  2. Wahooo!!! YEA!!! He ANSWERED!!! Thank You Conina's Husband!!!

    I love that he makes you blush!!

    hmmmm...more questions for him....

    Well, we've heard about you meeting him and all....

    What did he think of you the first time he...
    chatted with you
    talked to you
    saw you in person
    fondled you
    fucked you

    What does he think of his submissive's presence on the web in her blog?

    hmmmmm - I'll have to think of some more :)


    1. He's read this - but I don't know if he'll ever answer. I've put it to him, but writing is not something he enjoys, so... :)

  3. Conina,
    My question is this - can you define in the worst of times, why you love your husband? Or: When you are the most angry, what keeps you anchored in your love for him?

    Elisa Xo

    1. I've been thinking about this for a few days - and maybe, maybe I've been able to begin to formulate an answer. Thank you for the really, truly good question. I'm writing a post to answer it.


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