Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blast from the past

I found this and thought I'd share it here..

I showed this to my husband in 2008, but I believe it's a journal entry from years before that. I don't currently have access to my journals, so I can't date it exactly.

My husband amazes me sometimes. He made love to me endlessly last night.. it was glorious.

He'd started rubbing my nipples, and I asked "Aren't you a married man?"
"Yeah, of course," he responded.
"Should a married man really be rubbing a girl's nipples like this?"
"Oh, my wife doesn't mind, she wants me to practice."

So that spawned the entire lovemaking session in which he did practice. God, it was so good. He went down on me and he hadn't shaved in a couple of days, so all the prickly little hairs were rubbing against my sensitive parts. We rubbed each other and kissed and he fondled every single inch of me.

Periodically, he'd ask "Do you think my wife would like this?" And I'd answer how I didn't think he really needed the practice, since he was already so good.

One time he just said "oh, okay" and he stopped whatever it was...think he was rubbing my G-spot. This cessation didn't make me very happy, and I groaned. Then he said "but I could always improve, right?" and I said yes, yes he resumed.

He'd been on top of me for a while, just kissing and rubbing and I'd occasionally feel his cock prod against my entrance, but he wouldn't enter me with it. Then he rolled off of me and I protested.

"Am I forgetting something?" he asked.
 "What could that be?"
I managed to eke out "the cock, the cock."
"Oh, you want the cock?"
"Yes, yes.."
He pushed it against me a bit and asked "You mean this big, hard cock I've got here?"

He was driving me insane. I was moaning almost constantly and gasping when he ground against me, but I managed another "yes, please."
He played with me a while longer, and slid his fingers inside of me. "Do you think this is a good place for the cock?"
"Yes, yes, yes yes.." He rolled back atop me and v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y eased his cock into me. It always feels way too big at first, and I gasped "big. big." and he stopped advancing.
"Are you sure you want that there?"
"Yes, please." (I don't seem to do much but say yes and beg.)
"I'm not sure if it goes in there..." Through this whole exchange, he was sliding just the tip in and out, making me crazy with desire.
" it's big," I whispered.
"Oh, if you think so." Finally he managed to get it all the way in and THAT felt incredible. "Oh, I guess it does go there," and he proceeded to slide in and out in a very pleasing fashion. After forever of this, he asked me if I thought his wife would object if he put his cock in her mouth, and I told him I didn't know, but he should practice on me to see how it went. He thrust into me deeply a few more times, and then slid out. That didn't feel nice at ALL. Just empty then, but I did want to taste his cock. So he climbed up my body, and I scooted down some, and tasted his sweet cock in my mouth.

I rubbed my tongue all over it and tasted myself everywhere, that always turns me on even more. I sucked a bit too well at one point, I think he almost lost it, but I stopped immediately and he gained control again.
He asked me after a while "Do you think my wife would like this?"
"If she enjoys this sort of thing then she definitely would like it. I'm enjoying it a lot, buuut I would like to have you back where you were before." (yeah, I said all that)

"Oh. Okay then." He slid back down and back inside of me, and slid in and out for another eternity.
Then he asked me, "Do you think there is anything else I should practice?"
"Maybe so."
"What could there be?"
"You could fuck me from behind."
"Oh, you wouldn't mind taking my big, hard cock in you like that?"
"No, no, you can do anything you want with me."
So he got off me, and I turned on my side, and he got behind me and prodded me a little with his cock. I was gasping a little and pushing back against him and he said "You want it, don't you, baby?"
"Yes, yes, please.." With that I felt him slide inside of me with virtually no resistance. He'd grab my hip and yank me back against him sometimes, and sometimes he had his hand squeezing on my throat (which turns me on SO much), and sometimes he'd play with my nipples.

Once he pulled out and teased me by thrusting just the tip just barely inside of me over and over until I groaned with desire, and then he pushed in completely, making me exhale all at once with the wonderful feeling of finally being filled.

"You're a tease," I gasped.
"I guess I am."
"Why you like to tease me so much?"
"Because I like to make you want me, to beg for me." He slid completely out of me, leaving me pushing backward and trying to get him back inside of me again. I was whimpering a bit with longing, and he said "You want it, don't you?"
"Yes, yes, yes, I want it.."
"Ask me for it."
"Please, I want the cock...please."
"Well, if you insist," he responded as he filled me up in one hard thrust.

He feels SO good inside of me, and he's so masterful with my body. I don't know how he does it.

I remember it so well now, reading it.. and I remember in the days and weeks after that we'd call back to it once in a while, him practicing on me so it'd be perfect for his "wife."


  1. That is really cute, in the most adorable way possible while still being incredibly hot! :)

    Thanks for sharing and for the smile!

  2. My pleasure! :) Thank you for the comment.


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