Monday, November 7, 2011

Saving daylight for good use

All the clocks that needed resetting were reset. An extra hour! Not that it means that much when you have a small child. Small children care not for clocks and constructed time.

We were talking, both freshly clean and completely nude. We had already been kissing for a while, and I eventually tore my mouth away from his and was kissing him all over, his shoulder, his chest. His hand was sliding up and down my back, stroking my hair occasionally.

"I think I might hurt you tonight," he stated matter-of-factly. My stomach did a cartwheel inside me, but I only paused for a second to grunt an acknowledgement. "Just to give you fair warning," he continued. 

I grunted again, continuing my soft slow kisses, working my way down over his belly, across his hip, lingering at his outer thigh.  I paused and gazed at his hard cock, slipping my hand over and stroking it while I sucked gently at the skin of his leg. "I think I'll hurt you while you suck my cock," he said softly. I moved my head over to take his cock inside my mouth slowly, getting it wet, swirling my tongue before taking it deeper and repeating the process, and as I did he flipped the blankets off of my back. "Will your ass get cold like this?" 

I made a negative noise around his cock in response. "If it does I'll just warm it up again for you, isn't that right?" and he struck me with the flogger. The strike landed all the way from my lower back, around the curve of my ass, to the top of my thigh. I gurgled loudly, reflexively curling around him, clenching my hand on his thigh. His other hand tightened in my hair, keeping my head where it was as he continued to flog me and thrust into my mouth. "Yeah, take it, horny slut. You like this. A flogging for a blow job, sounds like a fair trade to me, how about you? Suck it, suck it, suck it!" I redoubled my efforts to please him, a choked scream trying to escape my throat each time the flogger landed across my ass.

He stopped me finally by gripping my hair even closer to my scalp and firmly pulling my head away from his cock. "You can stop now," he said with amusement, as I continued licking hungrily at his saliva-coated erection. I wasn't attempting to disobey, just to give him pleasure in between orders. He thrust back into my mouth for a while longer, teased there by my tongue. He landed more blows of the flogger across my ass in exchange. He pulled me away again and told me to turn over.

He flogged my breasts until I was gasping for air, clutching his shoulder. He could have done it for longer, but he stopped himself. "I can do more to them. I wonder if you know what I'm going to do now."

I didn't. I squeezed my eyes shut against the bright light, not willing to look at what was coming though I could have easily. He could have done anything. Ruler, paddle, hand. I was actually expecting more blows. I didn't get them.

It was a clothes pin I felt rubbing against my nipple. I whimpered. "Oh, you're afraid? Poor thing. You can take it." He clamped the first one and I barely made a noise. "Good girl. Still afraid of this one?" as he brushed the second one against my free nipple. I nodded, speechless. "Too bad," he whispered as he closed the jaws of the little bastard around the sensitive nub of flesh. I groaned. 

His hands wandered down to my pussy, where he of course found me very very wet. These were all exceptionally arousing activities he had going on. "Going to fuck this pussy now. You'll just have to deal with those nipples." He climbed on top of me and thrust into me hard. I lifted my hips to meet his thrust, and he ground me back down, pinning me to the bed. His hands wandered up to play with my breast flesh, which tugged cruelly against the clamped parts. I squealed loudly at the increased level of pain.

"I bet it hurts. It looks like it hurts." He kept thrusting into me.

"Mmmhmm," I agreed pitifully, grinding up against him as much as I could.

"Oh well, you'll just have to deal with it, because I'll be the one who decides when the clamps fucking come off." He kept on for a long, long, long time. Eventually the clamps stopped bothering me unless he mauled me a particular way. Soon after that, he slowly, slowly unclamped one. He pressed down hard and deep into me while I arched upward and screamed. The other one wasn't so bad, but I was afraid it would be. He played off my fear quite beautifully with his words.

Ages, ages later, he rolled off of me, deciding it was time for something else. He held me and we stroked each other, murmuring sweet nothings. 

"You know what it's time for now?"

I did not. "No-oo." I responded, with trepidation and a bit of an internal thrill.

"It's about time I shoved something in your ass. I think I've left that ass of yours alone for far too long."

"Oh." I shivered at the thought of it, and then he was fingering me. Thoughts fled for a long while. 

Then, "Oh, wasn't I going to shove something in your ass?"

"I thought you forgot," I spoke through my gasps, little cries of pleasure from what he was doing, and my hair that had fallen into my too-often-open mouth.

"Oh no, that ass would like it. Imagine a great big thing forcing its way into your ass."

"Oh, no."

"Oh yes. Your ass can take it. And that pretty mouth of yours will say 'oh yes, please fuck me in the ass.' Because that's the kind of slut you are. Imagine it.. forcing its way inside, stretching you open, wider, forcing you wider, deeper.. until finally, your whole ass is full of cock. Oh yeah, you like that." This last he said as my cries of pleasure grew louder as his physical and mental manipulations pushed me further and further into my own brand of subspace. "But first, I want to fuck your pussy some more. Turn over."

I obeyed, putty in his hands at this point.

He seized the back of my shoulder and my breast, pulling me toward him and onto his cock, and we moved together for a time. I know he said things. They're lost in the haze his previous speech created. Eventually he pulled me tightly against him and pressed himself as deeply inside my pussy as possible as he pumped me full of his seed.

Then, the much-talked about, promised plug. His hands.

Forever. I was worried for a time that I had reached some kind of strange orgasm plateau: a flat place at the top of an orgasm from whence I could not come down. The pleasure was so so intense, and it didn't stop. He kept touching me, talking to me, and I know I was so, so loud. It didn't help that I felt he was teasing me; he'd stroke my clit for a while then stop, burying his fingers inside me again, pressing against the plug the whole time, then start the whole cycle over. I was a ravening beast, unable to get enough sensation. 

I knew it had to end, but oh it was so, so glorious while it lasted.

He finally, finally managed to shove me off my happy plateau. I trembled in his arms, he slowly and gently removed the plug, and I drifted off to sleep all wrapped up in his arms and legs. 


  1. You have awesome sex every night!:)

  2. It's a hard, hard job, but somebody's gotta do it. ;)


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