Saturday, November 12, 2011

The bedroom is a no-tech zone

He came to join me in bed, saying "I read some of your blog." He buried his face against my back, trying to burrow into me.

"Yeah? And?"
"I'm shy!"
"What? That's ridiculous, love."
"I feel like everything I do is being videotaped."
"It's always been like that..."
"But now people read it."
"You want me to stop it?"
"No, no! I just... have to get used to it."
He held me for a while, kissed me, held  me for a while longer. "I'd have sex with you now," he admitted reluctantly, "but I'm too shy."
"Deep down I'm just a shy little boy."
"Oh, yuck!" I rolled my eyes and turned away, making disgusted noises.
"Just..yuck." I squirmed away from him. Little boy + my man, not hot. No.

He went off to do something and came back in a few minutes, a changed man. He started stroking my legs, making my flesh tingle with his fingertips. It was all I could do not to protest, still a little grossed out. "You know what I really like?" he asked.
"No, love, what?"
"I like how you don't wear any pants to bed."
"That is what you asked for."
"I know. I'm glad I did. I like touching you."

He stretched alongside me and kissed me, trapping my leg with his and keeping me on my back. He held my face, and when I tried to turn away he stopped my face with his hand and my body with his leg, tightening both against me. "Mine."

My hardwiring responds to that. It responds really, really well. Protest absolutely quelled. Also pretty much the end of me saying anything at all.

He spent a lot of time just touching me lightly, making me feel his fingertips all over my skin, raising goosebumps. Gentle, tingly. I sometimes forget in the intensity of harsh impact play how very lovely some tenderness can be.

Suddenly, his sweet caresses changed, and his whole hand was smacking into my exposed breast, over and over. I whimpered, but didn't complain. "You thought you'd been a good girl, huh? Do you know why I'm doing this?" He thudded heavy blows into both my breasts alternately as he spoke.

"No," I squeezed out, biting my lips to keep the noise level down as he kept up the assault.

"Well, I saw you using your computer in here. You know we don't do that." He kept hitting me. "Especially not when I'm around. This room is for me to fuck you in." He drove gasps and soft cries from me with each new blow. "Oh, and sometimes it's for me to hurt you in. Isn't that right?"

"Oh, yes." I was panting, squirming. It hurt but I was also really enjoying it. He continued on for several more minutes.

"You haven't learned your lesson yet. I need to teach you more." He went in the drawer and I was afraid he was coming out with clothes pins. Thankfully he said "Turn over."

Immensely relieved that he wasn't going to clamp my nipples, I quickly obeyed. "This ass needs to be flogged now."

I honestly don't remember the details of the flogging. It hurt. He was hitting me pretty hard, the ends were biting. I had to consciously relax a couple of times, to stop tensing and fighting the blows, to let them sink into me.

He stopped finally, gently running his fingertips over my warmed skin.

"Does that hurt?"
"Mmhmm." I shivered under his touch.
"Have you learned your lesson?"
"Yes sir."
"What lesson have you learned?"
"That... that this room is for you to fuck me in."
"Good girl. And what are you to me again?"
Brief, stunned silence. "Your.. fuck toy."
"Oh, yeah. Well, if you're my fuck toy, and this room is for me to fuck you in, then I think I should probably fuck you. Good logic, right? I think you should get over here and see what you can do about this cock."

So I sucked. I turned around with my ass facing him and I took him down my throat, and I moved my head from side to side and I rubbed him with my tongue. I pulled away slightly occasionally to take big gulps of air around the cock in my mouth, and then right back down. He grabbed my head and pulled my hair, then took up the flogger and started flogging my back and ass with it, whispering horrible, sexy things, seeming to quite enjoy the screams his cock was blocking from emerging. At one point he got concerned, I think because of the amount of noise I was making and the difficulty I was having breathing, and stopped moving, pulling my head up just a little away from his cock. "Hey, you okay?" he asked seriously.

"Yes!" I responded, straining against his grip to get my mouth back on him.
"You're not just saying that because you want your mouth full of cock again, are you?"
He let me go then, back to what I was doing.

Eventually he pulled my head off of him for good. I was gasping, shuddering uncontrollably, making a lot of little overwhelmed noises. He gathered me into his arms, squeezing me, telling me I'd done well and that he loved me, making sure I was okay.
"How would you like it if you turn over and I hold you and fuck you from behind?"
"I'd like that," I whispered hoarsely.

I turned over and he murmured "Let's see how wet you are for me," feeling with his fingers as he spoke. "Yeah, that's a pretty wet pussy you have there. Come on, let's give it some cock."

I moved back onto him and groaned.

Here I have another case of too much mind-blowing stuff going on to remember. He moved slowly, slowly, deliciously slowly at first, for quite some time. Then he grabbed my head with both hands and thrust madly into me, rocking me back and forth by my head. He slowed. He talked. He grabbed my throat and head and increased to a maddening speed again, still talking. Moans poured from me. He tightened his hand in my hair and tugged hard in time with his thrusts and I all but screamed my pleasure at this.

"You know what I'm gonna do?"

"No, no, no, no." I was moaning, too turned on to realize one negative was plenty.

"When I'm done fucking your pussy I'm going to come down your throat. You can suck the come out of me. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Uh-huh." I cried out a little too loudly, on a moan. He kept changing his rhythm, talking, pounding into me.

Years later, he said "I wanna come inside you. But I already promised I'd come down your throat. You ready for that?"


He pulled away from me and laid back. "Turn around and do it then."

I moved, latching onto him hungrily. He grabbed my head and thrust into my mouth while I sucked, and he indeed came. With no small amount of satisfaction I noticed that he did so quite loudly. "Oh yeah, take it!" he cried out as he shot down my throat.

Then the Pure Wand. He likes using it on me lately. Rasping sexy words of how much I liked all the things he'd done to me, he brought me quite quickly to the edge.. and then I hung there, tormented by his attentions, his words. Deliciously close, but I couldn't quite get there. He tormented my nipples, he played with my clit, all while moving the Pure Wand just slightly inside me. I squirmed, humped, moaned, crying out each time he brought me closer. He was sucking my nipple and then I felt his teeth, biting down gently, and that extra bit pushed me over. "Oh, oh, oh FUCK YEAH that's it!" I screamed.

"Loud girl." he whispered gently as he tried to take the Pure Wand out of me. It didn't want to leave, but then it did with a soft pop. Like he's never loud.

"It was the teeth." I told him as he snuggled me afterward.
"I could tell it was the teeth." He kissed the top of my head and squeezed me.


  1. Very nice, Conina, as always. Glad he overcame his "shyness." He doesn't really strike me as shy anyway. :)

  2. Okay, so I hate my computer. This is the third time I've tried commenting on this now I forget what the hell I was going to say! Lol. Oh, except hot post and..I think He may be lying about being shy! Lol


  3. Can I be you for a little while? :-)

    It's interesting what he's capable of despite the way he regards himself. It must not be easy for him to be what you need, but he's very good at it.

  4. maui girl: You wouldn't think so, but apparently reading about what he's done to me turns the shy switch.

    Melody: He's very shy with other people, believe it or not. I keep telling him he's so awesome and he owns everyone else's ass, but he doesn't seem to think so. He's never been shy with me, though, so it's very strange when he acts like this.

    BlackberryTasteIc: My husband says that if you can find my portal, he's amenable to us both being the same person for a little while. :)

    He also says that it wasn't always easy, but it is now.

  5. I forgot about the paradox of being someone else, so I withdraw the question. ;-)


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