Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shiterotica and a memory

I giggled until I had to stop for air.

Go, read, laugh!


I was reading this post over there, and in the comments were some interesting observations of the use of the capital for the top, in this case the "H," when writing D/s scenes. That's never been my thing. I get that it is some people's thing, and I respect that. It's not for us though, there's no place for it. My husband, god of all things sex though he may be to me, is not actually a god.

As my still-amused brain perused these comments, a memory came to me.

My husband was my fiancĂ©, still living thousands of miles away from me. An ocean was between us. We played online board games and emulated Dr. Mario (and other Nintendo games) together over the Internet. We used the heck out of AIM and had plenty of netsex. We sometimes shared porn stories, which is where I'm going with this.

I showed him a particular BDSM story that had tickled my fancy on Literotica - no, I don't remember it now ten plus years later - and he read it. "Is she having sex with God?" he asked me, genuinely confused. I giggled, and there, that moment, describes how down-to-earth and fantastic this man really is.

Any time I was down, upset, or feeling small, I would regress into using "i" instead of "I," not from my submissive mindset, but just because I would feel like the effort of capitalizing myself was more than I could muster for such a lowly being as I was at that moment. He would become mildly alarmed those times and try to help. He knew how important language was to me and for me to suddenly disregard such a basic rule was definitely a distress signal.

He's never assumed he's worth more than I am, in fact all of his discourse to me on the topic indicates quite the opposite. Regardless of anything he might say to turn me on, we are of equal worth, and neither of us transcends the rules of the language.


  1. Love this. Hee. My man isn't God either. And I'm also very particular about always capitaling my "I"'s. Such a pain in the arse when texting on my old-fashioned cell phone. Every now and then I don't bother, if I'm just too tired or writing a rushed text in a panic. I always expect the recipient to ask what's wrong if I don't capitalize it, but so far no one ever has.

  2. Far too many people have come to expect such things from everyone, methinks.


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