Friday, November 25, 2011

Response time is now immediate

"Kiss me."


"Maybe you didn't hear me. I said kiss me."


He took my face, turned it toward him, kissed me. I responded reluctantly. Too much thinking on my part about what he really wants leads to these situations. I worry too much about what he really wants and fail to respond to what he's actually asking for.

"Who do you think you are anyway? What are you thinking?"

"Should I kiss him?"

"And what did you decide?"

"I hadn't decided yet."

"I see. I think you've forgotten who's in charge here." He went rummaging for toys, then told me to turn over.


"Turn over!" he shoved me over. "Do you think I'm going to hurt you?"


"Why do you think I'm going to hurt you?"

"Because you were in the drawer with the hurty things."

"Aha, but would I hurt you for no reason?"


"Okay. Well, I might. But is it likely that I would hurt you for no reason?"


"Okay, good. So then why do you think I'm going to hurt you now?"

"Because I didn't kiss you."

"Aha. There you go. You just decided not to kiss me."

"I did not! I hadn't decided yet."

"But you don't get to decide. There's no 'thinking about' kissing me. When I say kiss me, you kiss me." He rubbed my ass with the edge of the paddle as he spoke. "Do you understand?"


He struck me. "Good." He hit me several times with the paddle, then "How does that feel?" When I didn't respond immediately he repeated himself sharply.

"It.. it stings."

"But you don't seem particularly afraid of it."


He put it down then, and the long heavy flogger hit me then. "How about this? Does it 'sting' too?"

I inhaled sharply, trying not to cry out.  Sting, yes. He lectured and flogged me until my cries became breathy, then he stopped, rubbing my ass. I whimpered softly as the flesh was sensitive, and then he got a tickler and brushed it gently over my burning skin. I sighed with pleasure. "Oh, you like that, hm?"

"Mmhmmm.." I stretched, enjoying it.

"Have you learned your lesson?"


"Or are you just telling me you've learned your lesson so I'll stop?"


Swoosh, smack! The flogger. "I think you are." I bit back a shriek, and the tickler was back, brushing its cool fibers across my very warm ass. Another sigh from me, then another smack of the flogger. He kept alternating for an eternity, barraging my senses with this onslaught of sensations. My body didn't know what to do. It squirmed and made noises.

"Turn over." He told me, putting the flogger down. I moved slowly. "Go on, on your back. That'll probably hurt, huh?" I managed to mostly flatten myself out and his fingers went to my breasts, stroking, gently pinching my nipples. "I think your ass has learned its lesson, but there's more to you than your ass, now isn't there?"

I closed my eyes and made a regretful moaning affirmative noise. It was good enough an answer for him. He continued, "I don't think you've been punished until you've been punished at both ends. Tell me, do your nipples like being squeezed?" He gently squeezed my right nipple as a demonstration.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Do they like being squeezed hard?" He squeezed harder.

"Mmm, yes." I was reluctant to say yes but it's true.

"Well I don't suppose this'll be a punishment at all then," he told me as he clipped a clamp right onto me. I made some vague noise of pained protestation. "Kiss me," he said, and I did so immediately, cutting my protest noise off before it was fully formed.

His fingers wandered down to find me exceptionally wet, and he broke the kiss to comment on it. He continued kissing me for a while, his fingers gently stroking all along the insides of my labia, teasingly entering me and then stroking again, his thumb finding my clit and brushing against it. My nipple throbbed. He pulled his mouth away from mine. "Hey, I forgot your other nipple," he said in a calculatedly offhanded voice, as he clamped that one too.

"Kiss me!" he ordered, again before my little scream was complete. I again responded immediately, and his hand went back to playing with me while I kissed him. He sucked my tongue into his mouth and sucked on it hard, and I whimpered at my own inability to take it back combined with all the sensations crashing over me. He stopped kissing me long enough to whisper against my lips: "Yeah, little bitch, whimper. Let me hear you whimper like a dog," and then he seized my mouth with his again. His fingers were working their magic and my nipples were throbbing and hurting and he had my tongue and I couldn't even begin to cope with all of this, and the words! Hells yes, I whimpered.

He pulled his mouth away and was talking again, about what was going on... and then his fingers were releasing the clamp from my right nipple and I was screaming because holy fuck that bastard hurt when it came off and he interrupted my scream again: "Kiss me!"

I kissed him. Of course I kissed him. My God. His fingers never left my pussy, finger-fucking me now and it felt really fantastic.

Another break in kissing. "Hey," he tut-tutted himself, "I forgot your other nipple again."

I shuddered, knowing what was coming, but still unable to stop the little shriek when he released the nipple from its bondage. "Kiss me!"   The end of my scream disappeared into his mouth as our lips met, danced, my tongue no longer comfortable in my own mouth and much happier playfully battling with his. My tongue actually felt swollen when inside my own mouth, probably from the strength and regularity of his sucking on it just to prove he could.

"I think you've been properly punished at both ends now." His lips moved down and he started sucking on my nipple, which made me cry out more. "Oh dear, I think it's sensitive." Bastard. He closed his lips over it and sucked, hard, then bit it gently. I squirmed, humping his hand, panting, my hands on his head, fingers running through his hair. I think I was too aroused from the intensity of it all to orgasm, though sometimes that is exactly the thing that pushes me, screaming, over the edge.

He eventually toned down his actions and dissolved into kissing me gently.... I don't remember what happened exactly but I was resting my head on his chest, running my hands all over him, kissing him gently on his chest and shoulder. "You going to make me feel good, baby?"

"Is that what you'd like?"

"Mmhmm, it'd be nice."

I sat up, pulled off my night shirt which had somehow remained on me until now. He watched. "Are you for me?" he asked me as I slid back closer to him.

"Mmhmm, I am." I rubbed my body against him, kissing his lips, then his chest, then I turned myself around and took his feet in my hands and started stroking, kneading, kissing them. He liked that; then I started swirling my tongue around his big toe. I pressed my lips against the top of it and opened my mouth enough to let the toe sink into my mouth, still swirling my tongue. A lot of pleased groans floated to my ears and that was enough to keep me going at it, treating the toe like a little foreskin-less cock. He also liked it a lot when I licked all along the base of his toes on the bottom of his foot. I started kissing back up his foot, his ankle, calf, knee. My upper body was between his legs now, one of his legs bent and draped over me. I kissed his inner thigh, gazing up along his body and realizing he was in no position to see, so I slipped under his leg and got him the Liberator wedge to prop his head on, then slipped back under his leg.

I returned to kissing his thighs, whispering sweet nothings to him, gently tugging on and stroking his balls, rubbing his legs. I took my time, studiously ignoring his cock as it bobbed against his stomach with my attentions to his other parts. My lips were pressed to his inner thigh and I was sucking it gently, when he groaned. "I think you need to suck my cock now." I purred an affirmative against his skin, but didn't move, and that's when he fisted his hand in my hair and dragged my head up to his cock. I was in no position to get my lips around it due to the way I was bent, but he smashed my face up against the underside of the shaft and I groaned and kissed it wetly, licking and then sucking. I adjusted my lower body so I could get my lips around the head, and I sucked and sucked. He grabbed the hair on both sides of my head and tugged at it while still holding my head firmly and he thrust up into me, talking about how he could fuck my face now and how much I would like it. He thrust harder and deeper and I started making "gurgk" noises, and I was loving it.

He told me he'd like to fuck my pussy, and pulled my head up against his stomach. I gasped for air there for a moment, before I went back and wrapped my lips around his cock again. He said, "That is not a pussy. But it keeps coming back for my cock, so I guess I'll fuck it." He squeezed my head while still pulling my hair somehow, and fucked way way into me, taking my breath away with the sudden force of it. I pulled away when I ran out of air, rested my head on his stomach, then went back for more violent face-fucking. I pulled away a final time, groaning so so loudly and so turned on. "Go on, get next to me."

I moaned and shuddered my way to where he indicated, bending way forward. His cock slid into me with no resistance and I made a loud noise. So good. So fantastically, fabulously good. "Yeah, that's what you're for," he growled, grabbing my throat and pulling my upper body back toward him, pulling my hair with his other hand. He fucked into me and talked to me and I was loving it. Pretty sure he was loving it too; he was growling and shaking me and he kept pulling on my hair and telling me what a dirty wet little slut I was.

Finally he grabbed and pulled hard on my hair, wrapping his other hand around my throat and chin, pulling toward him, squeezing my throat while he pounded into me viciously. I absolutely adore it when he encases my head like that. I screamed a stifled scream through my restricted airway, as he finally emptied himself inside of me.

Too good, too wonderful. The existence of such pleasure blows my mind. I was sated, I turned over in his arms and we talked for ages, I peppered his chest with little kisses and we kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed. We talked and he held me and I kissed him over and over and over, all over his chest, little tiny kisses of adoration. So glorious. So happy. The perks of a holiday - you can fuck and talk late late into the night and it doesn't even matter because you can sleep all morning.

So very very blessed with this man.


  1. You really do ask for trouble. He demands something as simple as a kiss, and look what happened. Glad you had fun :)

  2. It does seem that way, doesn't it? I get so lost and tangled in the should I/does he kind of thoughts and I withdraw and I can't even respond like a normal person would.

    He even made a comment to that, during. "You poor thing.. and all you did was think about whether you should kiss me or not."


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