Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creeping crud

I had a good time accompanying my husband on his business trip.

Sex did not happen. Not so much as a fondle. It's been a long, long time; several days have passed at least. I enjoyed exploring the city, even though I did it mostly on my own. I walked for miles, I sampled the local cuisine, I took a guided tour. It was really nice.

Now I'm sick from wandering around in the cold and the damp. Who knows if I'll ever get laid again? I certainly don't.

It's okay though, he still snuggles just as excellently.

Now to make plans for a lonely, lonely Thanksgiving.

I'm joining in on Jz's recipe exchange though, so that'll add a bit of excitement to my holidays, and then it'll be home for Christmas!


  1. A dry spell? We all get them at some point.

    A woman as resourceful and intelligent as yourself WILL get laid soon!

    Enjoy Thanksgiving, and JZ's recipe exchange, just a little bit.

    DY x

  2. I'm certain you'll get laid soon :) But so sorry you're not feeling well. My dad used to call any kind of sickness the creeping crud. Never heard anyone else use the term. Brought back happy memories of him.

  3. What? No sex for you? I'll have to run and check outside and see whether the sky has fallen down. :) Smiles though - you know it won't last long!

  4. DY: Thanks so much. I hope you're right. And we'll definitely manage to enjoy ourselves somehow!

    t1klish: My mom's always said it too. I like it.

    maui girl: You made me smile. :) Thanks.

    And now to bed with me and my NyQuil.

  5. Gosh, I hope you enjoy the cookie exchange more than just a little bit!

    Feel better.

  6. I'm so sorry you're sick...some of my kids have had colds/coughs all week. I guess it's making the rounds. So far I don't have it, and I'm trying to think optimistically.


    P.S. I'm sure you'll have sex soon...good luck with that;)!

  7. Jz: I'm percolating recipes. It'll be a blast!

    Kitty: Thanks. I hope it doesn't turn into the deadly round of forever sickness in your house as it often does when a lot of folks cohabitate.

  8. Thanks for the kind thoughts...everyone is on the mend. Yippee!



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