Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A funny

This was part of an exchange on an article about a woman putting up a joke craigslist ad putting her husband up for sale for playing too many video games. I laughed very hard when I read this snippet. Enjoy sex for 3-5 minutes? What poor sap out there is only enjoying sex for 3-5 minutes? Discuss!


  1. .......... You know, I wish I could defend gamers and say that 3 to 5 minutes is a gross injustice and trying to stereotype people... but I can't. I know I'm in the minority when it comes to gamers. I have a very specific rule that best sums up my attitude. I've told Grace that if she wants sex, tell me. Her reply was, "But what if you're playing a game?" to which I replied, "Ask yourself this: Is what he doing better then sex? If the answer is no, feel free to interrupt me. If its yes, call the police because I'm obviously doing something illegal". I have no problem telling friends I'm playing a game with, "Well guys, sorry. Wife wants to play and her games are more fun. Later".

    I seriously have never understood the concept of a gamer who spends his teenage years wishing to God he could find a woman and uses games as a way to compensate for that hole in their life only to eventually find a woman and completely neglect her so that they can continue playing the very games they were only playing because they couldn't find a woman. Drives me nuts.

    Sex > Games

  2. We're gamers from way back too, and we love to play video games with each other - but yeah, sex ALWAYS WINS. We do not have WoW accounts or anything of the sort, because what time suckers they are! We get enough time sucked away with the regular sort of non MMORPG games. I asked my (married!) cousin to pick us up from the airport when we go home for the holidays, and he said "I may have to raid that night."


    Oh, also, this is full of win.

  3. Oh! I also wanted to say that I love your rule, and the "If its yes, call the police because I'm obviously doing something illegal" part. :)


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