Friday, February 17, 2012

I'll take orders from you anytime

Valentine's Day was harsh.

I was running all day, we finally got home around 9PM, little head finally went to sleep at around 10PM, I took a bath, and went to bed, feeling horrible, sick to my stomach, awful. My hair was still damp.

My husband joined me there in the bed and snuggled me, sorry for how bad I was feeling. He began rubbing my head, cupping the back of it with his palm and squeezing my whole head with his hand, pretty hard. I moaned with deep pleasure, because that feels so amazingly good.

Encouraged by my pleased noises, he kept going, grabbing some hair and tugging gently on it now and then. More happy noises emerged from me, and, despite my feeling horrible, I was really enjoying him and wanting to please him. I felt his cock growing harder against my backside.

Details are very fuzzy, but some of the things he said stuck in my fog enough I'd like to share them. You can probably get the general idea of the thing.

"What happened to the nice guy you married, huh? He's not here now, is he?"

"You don't feel good, but I want you. I want to use you. And you'll let me, because you're mine."

"If you felt better, I'd fuck your face. Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? I'd hold that pretty head of yours and I'd shove my cock into your mouth, just use it as a fuck hole."

"I'm going to take you now. I'm going to hold you down and use you for my pleasure."

"A slut like you doesn't even care if she's sick, she just wants to be used, just-like-this. Isn't that right?"

"No choice..." I whispered.

"That's right, you gave yourself to me, didn't you? Maybe not the best idea."

Deliciously evil.

It felt so good in that moment, not having a choice, feeling the pleasure whether I felt up to it or not.

My stomach felt better afterward too. Thankfully he didn't move me around too much.

After, as I lay breathing heavily in his arms, he stroked my hair and whispered "Happy Valentine's day, my love."

And what do you know? I suppose it was after all.

It really was the best idea.


  1. Isn't it always the best idea? I believe highly in the healing power of sex, great sex can help almost anything feel better :)

    1. Even ordinary sex can help most things feel better... but yeah, great sex is definitely always the best idea. :) In debilitating pain? Have sex! Depressed? Have sex! Bored? Have sex!

      Kind of the all-purpose cure. ;)

  2. I had a buddy of mine who swore that sex was the best when his girlfriend had a fever because it was literally so fucking hot!

    My favorite line - "What happened to the nice guy you married, huh? He's not here now, is he?"


    1. I hadn't thought about it, but I bet it is different with a fever..

      This made me smile so hugely, and I showed the comment to my husband before he'd read the post.

      "Did I say that?" he asked me.

      "You sure did."

      "Huh. How about that?"

  3. I'm sorry you were feeling drained and not well.

    It sounds like you got a cure though!

    Fondly, Sky

    1. The best cure. Thank you for the thoughts. :)


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