Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feeding the trolls

Last night, my husband, for whom I feel absolute adoration, slid his cock into my mouth, while holding the sides of my head, pulling my hair, and calling me a "good little fuckhole."

My inner sex slave freaking loved this.

He also hit my ass until his hand hurt, then switched to the flogger, saying "You don't want my hand to hurt, do you?"

I was hurting quite a lot from the impacts and I whined. "You complain a lot!" he told me, "I guess I should beat you until you stop."

Another choice line of his, following a particularly loud yelp of mine resulting from a flogger strike: "Oh, does that hurt? It's okay, it didn't hurt my hand at all."

After the sex, we fell asleep together. I woke up later, too hot, unable to breathe, feeling sick. I whined a lot. He sympathized, even though he was sleeping with no problems himself. I had to drink a cup of ice water, take all the blankets off me, and ask him to turn the fan straight onto my naked body to even go back to sleep.

Even later, I woke up again, freezing, begging for blankets.

Again, he sympathized, helped me out, wrapped me in his arms. The man's a furnace. No complaints from him. He loves me, felt bad for me, did what he could to help.

I share sex here on my blog, the hottest sex we have as best I can recall it. It's lovely, wonderful, I couldn't ask for a better, more thoughtful, considerate lover. He does things to me because I've asked him to, I've told him the sorts of things I fantasize about, and he tries to make those fantasies come to life, even hotter. I don't usually include what happens beyond sex, though I do occasionally share a snippet of our lives together when the mood strikes me.

I don't need therapy for how I have sex. I might need therapy, as it's been said we all do - but not for sex.

I love the sex we have, and have no angst at all about it. It's delicious, magnificent, and it only gets better as the years pass and we discover more about each other.

I've never been called anyone's mistress before.

How my husband and I choose to express ourselves during sex is a matter of personal preference. I'm a little surprised and amused that someone would come to a BDSM related sex blog and expect anything else. Honestly, being called "bitch" once in a while is pretty low on the "list of kinks sorted by extremity." Oh, that doesn't exist? I should get on that.

I'm delighted that my husband and I are secure enough in our love and relationship that a bit of degradation talk for the sake of a kink doesn't damage anything in the slightest. If anything, it makes me love him more that he does this, overcoming his own discomfort because of how he's been socialized NOT to do these exact things.

Indeed, one shouldn't do these things unless one has been asked! Consent, consent, consent! Next on my to-do list, "The Consent Song!"

I congratulate this one troll on at least having excellent English abilities. The higher class troll such as that is really something to be proud of. If it hadn't been such a well-spoken, amusing troll, I'd have deleted it straight off, and had no reason for this post!

Well, I could have written more about the sex....


  1. Where do trolls find time for their trolling? I mean seriously. Between my real job and doing online surveys and running errands and preparing meals and keeping the apartment looking nice and Master somewhat satisfied and writing blog posts and reading blogs of interest to me, I could never have time to visit blogs on subjects that DON'T interest me, and on top of that, make insulting comments that don't even make sense because you're clearly not your husband's mistress. I honestly don't know how they find the time.

    1. This made me laugh right out loud! You are absolutely right, I have no idea. The whole "visit a blog I won't like so I can make half-assed insulting comments about it" reeks of something I can't even name.

      Self-hate, perhaps?

      I dunno. But thanks for the laugh! I have a bunch of dishes to go take care of, so I guess I won't be reading some blog I won't like. ;)

  2. Conina, When you write the dialog between you and your hubby, it reminds me a lot of my guy. I love it too and Musicman would never do it if it wasn't what I wanted.

    I like the idea of being my husband's mistress, and I don't ever worry he will look somewhere else for one.

    I'm looking forward to the list and the song, lol.

    1. I went to bed with my husband that night asking him what it was like to have a mistress. :) He said it was pretty awesome.

  3. Anytime I hear someone getting insulted about a submissive being called a name like bitch or slut, I just remember Gracie explaining to that nice woman that being called those names has about the same real world weight as if someone called me a bank robber. Ever since then she'll drop that line on me for just a quick laugh. "Oh yeah, you're a dirty bank robber, aren't you?" and we have a good laugh.

    1. Nothing like a good laugh. :) Maybe you could play cops and robbers...

  4. You know, when people don't understand, they just don't. One of my favorite sayings is: "You can't know what you don't know." In this case, i think it's more like "you can't understand what you don't want to understand."

    I like the way you handled her/him.


    1. Thank you!

      It seems some people really get a kick out of refusing to grasp certain concepts. I get a kick out of pointing and laughing at them. :)

  5. Conina,
    I can recall, but rarely desire to, the first mean comment that was left on my journal. I was told I was the "very reason women are beaten and killed everyday; the very reason children and babies are raped, tortured and murdered every day. With every word you write and every day you live your life YOU kill and for that you should be ashamed of yourself".

    Even after all these years of writing the sting from that reader has stayed. Granted it has lessened but it is still there, resonating with every other negative comment I have received. When Master and I were training our previous pet I continuously received violent, aggressive comments telling me I was a horrible woman and that my Master should leave me for pet since she was a better woman, a better lover, a better slave than I ever could be. Due to pets age, (she was 18 when we first started training her) I was told I was a child molester, a predator, an abuser.

    I am very aware those words crippled me far more than they should have simply because of my career as I worked with abused children and yes I struggled with her age but in Canada she was of legal consent. It did not matter what I did or said, for months I received the cruelest of comments, twice I received death threats and one of those threats was very close to home.

    Personally I can not understand the mentality of some people. Genuine care and concern is one thing. I have written comments on journals where I had a concern with what someone had said but I do not belittle, I do not spout the word of God; I do not claim to be all knowing and I am not insulting.

    Thankfully I have not received any harsh comments in quite some time; however, part of that reason is because I have deviated from what I used to write about; all the very personal exchanges and moved into more open debate topics. I am certain I will eventually return to the fun, erotic play I share with Master but for now I am a little guarded and am content to be so.

    I appreciate your writing style. I find it refreshing to read your exchanges of dirty love ;) and I look forward to many more should you wish to share. I will indeed continue to be a positive troll! hehe


    1. Wow, that is seriously harsh. Kudos to you for continuing despite all that!

      An open mind is a wonderful thing, but some people refuse to cultivate them. A relative of mine once said, quite loudly: "I'm close-minded and proud of it!"

      What can one do with people like that? Write them off, largely, which is what I've done with that particular relative.

      Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  6. We had our first real troll not too long ago and I found it rather amusing, actually. "I'm offended at what you've written!" they say as they read entry after entry. "You two are sick!" they say as they click on the raciest labels to see what we've written on those topics. "You're the cause of problems in society!" they say as they write their comments and resolve to come back again soon to see what new perversions we've blogged about.

    1. It is funny! To come somewhere to offend yourself, just for the sake of writing incendiary comments. I suppose they could see it as evangelism, suffering intolerable conditions to bring light to the poor seedy underbelly of society...but somehow I don't think so.

  7. Sometimes people say about such comments: "Well, it's a complete stranger, why would you care about their opinion?"

    Well, for about the same reason I would care if I were walking down the street in my neighborhood and some loud, aggressive boys yelled "dyke" at me from the window of their car as they drove by.

    Aggression from strangers has a chilling effect -- you can be sure that I think about it the next time I walk down that street. Aggression from strangers on the net has a similar chilling effect: even if you choose to talk about that very same thing in that very same online venue again, you'll probably remember what Anonymous Troll said, and if there are enough Anonymous Trolls, you'll probably suddenly decide you don't feel like talking anymore.

    The basic message of all trolls -- online and off -- is "Shut up, go away, don't make me think."

    Well, not shutting up, not going away, sorry thinking is so hard for you. Oh, and Thbbbbbbb (That's me sticking my tongue out and making a raspberry).

    1. That's the main reason I even dignified this troll with a response, yeah. There's "don't feed the trolls" and there's "letting the trolls silence you."

      My old friends and I used to say "Thubboo" for online raspberries, and then later we added "to the noods." Yeah, I dunno why. It was fun.


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