Sunday, February 12, 2012

Best. Sex. Ever. (for now)

He wrote me a letter yesterday, telling me how awesome he thinks I am and how fantastic a wife and mother and person I am in general. He ended it saying that he could go on, but our child was in bed and we were alone and we should probably be doing other things with our time.

That made me smile.

I went to bed, and I was reading while he finished his bedtime stuff. I've been hoping to finish the novel.

"I want you to put the book down," he told me as he joined me in bed.

"You do, huh?"

"Yeah. I do. Though I suppose," he said as he landed a smack on my ass, "that I could do things to you while you read." He hit me a few more times.

I couldn't really focus, so I put the book down and turned toward him, smiling. He pulled my knees open and slapped my inner thigh, hard. I gasped and closed my legs.

"Awww, what's the matter?" he asked.

"It hurts!" I responded.

"Oh, huh. You know, it does hurt my hand a bit. You don't want me to hurt my hand, is that it?" He hit my hip, and my other hip. I squealed and wriggled, trying to turn away. He snaked his other hand behind my head and grabbed my wrist, holding it over my head.

He zeroed in on my breasts, and started hitting them, two or three blows and then switching to the other one. "Oooh, this doesn't hurt my hand at all. I bet it doesn't hurt you either, huh?" he asked.

"It does," I whispered, whimpering with each blow, heat spreading across my body.

"Are you sure?" he kept on going.

"Mmhmm," I panted between soft moans when he hit me.

"I think maybe you're feeling it wrong," he told me, continuing on as I writhed in his grasp, pulling at my wrist a bit. "I never got a chance to take you up on that blowjob you offered me last night. It's not too late to do that now, is it?"

I shook my head against his shoulder. He hit my breasts a few more times, not releasing his grip on my wrist.

"It does make you happy to suck my cock, right?" I nodded again, whimpering as he continued hitting my breasts. "Then go on, love, make yourself happy." He still didn't let go of me, or stop hitting me.

I waited a moment, then pulled at my hand a bit. I couldn't suck his cock with my hand held there - I wouldn't be able to reach it. He released his grip when I tugged.

I slid down, and began slowly kissing and licking his cock, getting it wet. He moaned, "Yeah, good girl, good girl." It took me a while before I actually sucked the whole thing into my mouth, but by the time I did I did it ravenously. He let me set the pace for many many minutes, and I sucked happily. Eventually I wanted more, and I started shoving my face as far as I could, moving so my body was behind me to straighten out my throat. My hand that wasn't pinned under me roamed over his thighs and ass. He praised me a lot, and then grabbed my head firmly, apparently deciding time for me to set the pace was over now.

He pumped into my mouth over and over, pulling hard on handfuls of my hair and making me moan loudly around his cock. "Oh yeah, baby, your happiness is all.. I... care... about," he said, each word punctuated with a hard thrust into the entrance of my throat, forcing strange noises out of me.

He pushed into my throat several times and just held his cock there until I pulled away, needing air. I licked and sucked and sucked and sucked, generally just having a fantastic time.

"I know!" he said brightly, as if a brilliant idea had just struck him. "How would you like it if I get the ramp and let you suck my cock from there?"

"Mmmfmmmfmmmm," I managed around the hardness filling my mouth.

He started to move, but I moved with him, my mouth latched on to him as if for sustenance. I was bent in half, trying to keep him in my mouth. "You'll have to have my cock out of your mouth for a bit, I know it's hard for you." He pulled my head away from him and stood on the edge of the bed, placing the ramp there for me to lean on. I climbed up and took him back in my mouth, my hands greedily grabbing at his hips and pulling him to me.

"Sweet little cocksucker," he said, stroking my hair and then grabbing my head again, forcing me still while he used my face. "Suck it, yeah, that's it," he encouraged me.

Forever passed like that. I had no way of marking time, but it was a long, long time. Eventually he said, "I think it's time to turn you around and fuck your pussy now." I whimpered and whined a bit, redoubled my sucking efforts.

"You trying to suck the cum out of me?" he asked suspiciously.

"nnnnmmm," I responded in the negative, not stopping.

"You're just enjoying yourself an awful lot, huh?"


"Well. Take off your shirt."

I whined.

"DO it."

I pulled away and took off my night shirt. "Good girl," he told me. I sucked his cock back into my mouth quickly and he grunted. "I didn't say you could suck my cock again," he chastised me as he ran his hands over my newly bared back. "But I suppose I'll let you, for a little while." He bent over my back and pushed my legs open, fingers probing my folds. "Are you wet for me, baby?" he asked.

"mmmhmmmmm," I purred, still sucking, moaning a bit as his fingers stroked my lady parts.

"You get so wet sucking my cock." He pressed a finger inside me, making me moan deeply, then removed it and stood up again, pulling his cock away from me. "I think it's time to give that pussy what it wants."

I whimpered and tried to go after him with  my mouth, but he backed up just out of my reach. "Want cock," I eloquently expressed my desire, just barely reaching the head of his cock with my mouth and giving it a soft sucking kiss.

"Nuh-uh, you can't have it anymore. I want to be able to use that mouth for a long time. Turn around."

I whined some more and turned around like he'd told me to do, on my hands and knees on the ramp. He sank his cock all the way inside my pussy, quickly enough to make me grunt. It felt fantastic and I moaned a deep, satisfied moan.

He let his hands stroke over my back. "You complain a lot," he told me as he thrust into me.

"I'm not complaining," I moaned, rocking back into him.

"But you were. I bet you'd let me fuck your mouth raw, huh? Until you couldn't talk, couldn't drink, couldn't eat... couldn't even suck my cock anymore." Each pause was punctuated with a hard thrust and a loud moan and confirmation noise from me. His hand slowly went up to my head and he rubbed it gently, slowly forming a fist in my hair and then pulling my head back. "You don't do a lot of thinking when you're like that, do you? Just want the cock and that's all.."

I was pretty much just moaning continuously, perhaps with some "oh God" tossed in. I managed to work in an agreement to his question.

"Cocksucker. Cockslut. Cock addict," he taunted me as he thrust into me, each word punctuated with a long moan of mine as it penetrated my brain. "That's what you are, isn't it? Addicted to my cock."

"Mmhmmmmmmmmm. Oh, God," I moaned.

"I bet you spend all day just thinking about this cock, don't you?"

I wasn't really able to answer at this point. I just kept saying "Oh God, Oh God," as each thing he said hit another brain center and my pussy would spasm and become even wetter.

"What should I do with a girl like you?" He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back.

Now that, I could answer. "Fuck me." I panted, rocking with him.

"What's that?" he pulled my head back a little harder as if to hear me better.

"Fuck me!"

"Oh. Fuck you?" He thrust particularly hard and ground against me. "I think that's the last thing I should do with you. But since that's what you're for, I'll fuck you."

I kept moaning, my voice going to that thready place of overuse, but continuing to work. Time passed. He felt amazing, and he kept talking and he sounded amazing. I kept lowering myself to my elbows to rest my arms, then being pulled up after a bit by his hand in my hair, back to my hands.

Eventually, he leaned over, pressing his body against me, pulling my hips tight against him. "Do you like me, baby?" he asked.

"...ohgodyesohgod," I responded.

"Even when I do this?" he asked, slapping one of my breasts as it hung beneath me.

I cried out a bit and jumped, pressing back into him. "Yesssss," I hissed.

He slapped the other one. "How about this?" He slapped them both at the same time, "Or this? I bet that hurts. You still like me?"


"Oh, that's right, you like anything, can take anything, as long as you have this cock," he ground against me to indicate his cock, "inside you. Right?"

"Oh, God." My brain was very very happy here, in this place, being used, being talked to. It doesn't make me a very good conversationalist though.

"I thought so," he murmured. He straightened up, spent more time just thrusting into me and telling me how good I felt, how addicted to his cock I am, how much I like it when he fucks my face, and so on, lifting my head by the hair, occasionally slapping my ass.

My arms were trembling. He leaned forward a bit and slipped his hand to brush across my mound, and I made a noise that would have been a scream if I hadn't caught it. So sensitive, so unbelievably sensitive.

"Oooh," he said, clearly surprised. "Somebody's sensitive here." He ran his fingers through my pubic hair, brushing his fingertips across the skin there, and my legs trembled, I was so sensitive even that was too much. He found my clit, moved his finger across it. My legs shook even harder, and my arms were already shaking. My moans became quick inhalations of breath to prevent screaming.

"Oooh. Soooo sensitive," he whispered, as my legs began shaking enough to warrant an earthquake alert. "How about we move before you totally collapse?"

He pulled out of me and I whimpered, but I gladly crawled off of my perch and lay face down on the bed, breathing hard and shaking all over, so turned on. He disposed of the ramp, and moved over next to me. "C'mon," he ordered, his voice velvet over steel, "I wasn't done with you yet." He pulled on my shoulder to indicate he wanted me on my side, so I moved.

His cock found its way back into my pussy quite easily, and my arm on his side and my leg tossed over his hip allowed his hands free access to me. He pulled me against him, grabbing my hair and pulling my head closer  while he rubbed my clit and we moved together.

"You like to be full, don't you?" he asked softly, his mouth right next to my ear. I grunted an affirmative. "I bet you'd like something in your ass, wouldn't you?" We moved together and my moan in response to this was a little deeper than the constant ones coming out of me. "Yeah. I wonder what we could put in your ass. We could use my finger." He paused between each sentence, listening carefully to my noises to gauge my reaction. "Yeah, could do that. Or could use the plug. Yeah, you'd like that. Or... could put my cock in there."

"Mmmmmmm.." I groaned.

"Yeah. I'll do that. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

I don't talk very well at times like this. I just agree with everything because I'd like everything he could suggest. I agreed with this quite fervently, pressing back against him and grinding hard.

"You know, that means you'll have to be without my cock again for a minute, right?"

He got the lube without withdrawing - but then he did, and he was spreading lube on my anus, gently probing with his fingertip, and I was quivering with fear and anticipation.

He pressed his cock into my sensitive hole and I whimpered. "So big, so big," I gasped.

"Yeah, you like it, don't you?"

I bit hard into my hand and moaned as response, having a difficult time adjusting to the invasion, but revelling in the hard use. It didn't exactly feel good at that moment, but I enjoyed the force and I knew it would feel amazing shortly. "Too big," I gasped out around my hand.

"Yeah? Well, you can take it, slut. You wanted your face fucked, you wanted your pussy fucked, so now you can have it up your ass."

His hands roamed over my body gently, belying his harsh words and turning me on even more. "Give me that pussy," he ordered roughly, and I bent my leg and tossed it back over his hip.

His fingers sank into me. "Oooh, such a wet pussy."

"Horny," I responded, out of breath, unable to believe everything that we had been doing, my mind aflame.

"Yeah, that's what you are, huh? Just a bunch of horny fuckholes." He pressed his fingers inside my pussy and thrust hard with his cock.

I bit back a scream. Those words burned into my mind with such heat, and coupled with his movements it was sensory overload.

"Yeah, thought so." He pulled his fingers out and pressed one to my lips to suck. I did. "I think I might have something here in this drawer for your pussy, too. Would you like that?"

I nodded, too busy sucking and being fucked to really think.

He turned enough to reach the drawer behind him, and pulled out Ella, which he slowly slid into my pussy, holding still inside my ass while he did. "I like to use you, see how you respond to me using you," he told me as I groaned at being so full. I moved my hips a little, and he began moving again, his fingers sliding against my clit.

So good. So intense. White-hot. Almost unbearably spectacular.

"I bet your mouth would like a cock too, wouldn't it?" he asked, pulling my hair.

I began to whimper steadily from the onslaught of sensations and emotions, and the intensity of the double penetration. "Yeah, whimper for me, sweet little bitch, that's right," he coaxed.

"You ready for me to come in you?" he asked me, years and many many moans later.

"ohyesssss..." I whispered, clutching his hand where it was cupping my breast.

He did, finally, orgasm, squeezing me against him, his fingers still rubbing my clit.

As his cock softened and slipped out, he asked "You ready for me to hold you, sweet girl?"

I wasn't. "Nuh-uh!" I responded quickly. I needed an orgasm really badly.

"Oooh, no? I need to play with you more, huh?"

He pulled me against him and rubbed my clit more, talking to me about everything we'd just done, until I screamed. But he kept rubbing, and I reached what felt like another level of orgasm and I screamed louder, and then another level came, and then another. I told him later it was like a step-pyramid orgasm. Oh, wow, it was really, truly amazing. I finally came down, and after he'd removed the toy, he held me close, stroking my hair. "That," I panted against his chest, "was the best. sex. ever." I paused a moment, considering that. "But I always say that."

He laughed, pleased. "I'm glad!"

I love sex with this man.


  1. Very nice. This one almost made me sweat. I love your "love" stories..white hot is a very good description. Enthralling, white hot, and very well written ;0 EEEYOWWW! Lol

    1. I can't ever get it to be as awesome as it really was - it's a brain function problem I think. The most awesome moments I'm not really capable of transcribing into text. :)

      But thanks for the compliments!


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