Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I adore my husband. I'm missing him a lot lately. Everyone has colds over here so even once we are alone in bed, we just kind of pass out. I'm missing more than just the sex; I'm missing the attention, the intimacy, the bizarre conversations we've been known to have once the lights are out.

I have the dreams of a sick person.

I dreamed that my husband went off somewhere in a car with a long-time friend of ours from the Internet, and the friend asked my husband about his sex life. My husband told our friend: "It's nothing special."

Then he came home and told me about it. I pretended to be okay with it at first, but after a day or so it was really bothering me, and I confronted him. "Nothing special? Our sex life is nothing special? I mean, I get why you wouldn't want to really go into it, but 'nothing special?' That is so, so insulting."

Then I dreamed that I posted a photo of a toilet here on this blog, and someone commented that they could tell I was sad from my eyes. "WTF?" I thought to myself, "There must be a reflection somewhere in that toilet! I should edit that photo right now."


That's all I've got today.

So hard to believe February is already over.

Happy leap-day, everyone!


  1. I get both of those dreams... I used to want H to tell His friends how good He has it in bed. But I realized that could be awkward. :)

    The toilet one, that one is realling telling... I am not sure what it is telling, but for some reason it fascinates me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It could be awkward, but wouldn't it be lovely to just shout from the rooftops how awesome your sex life is? :)

  2. I can just see you freaking out that the toilet picture gave away your identity.

    Maybe it was all the talk about pee around the blogs lately that inspired it. Hee.

    1. It's bizarre to dream in blog posts, you know that? I wouldn't have thought all the pee talk had made any impression on me, but you never know!


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