Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sex dreams

For the third night in a row, I had a sex dream.

This one was really, really weird, though.

We were in our bed like normal, except on the other side of me there was an angel. Perfect, sculpted, glowing hair, etc.

We were all naked.

I've been reading the book Good Omens (which is awesome, btw) and it has a demon and an angel in it, so possibly this is where the angel came from.

I had memories in the dream of the angel helping us out with some task, and coming to bed with us the night before, but being distracted by and having to go talk to a glowing light outside the window which I assumed was God. So this was the second night he'd come to bed with us.

I got the impression that this angel preferred men, so I did my best to not say anything, just touch him lightly, feather touches designed to give him chills. My husband had been stroking me and fell asleep pretty soon, not interested in the bed's other occupant.

The light appeared in the window again, and the angel turned his body in that direction as if to go, but somehow his legs were atop me and his body formed a cross with mine. I stroked his lower back, across his ass, his thighs. He groaned and arched upward into my touch. The light pulsed outside the window. I dipped my fingers between his cheeks to stroke across his sensitive bits there, and I used my other hand to circle his thick cock, which was just kind of bobbing there underneath him.

I just kept touching him like this for a long time, once in a while pressing a little kiss to his thigh. Eventually he got over me, himself, whatever, and he went to the light and disappeared.

My husband woke up, in the dream, and snuggled up to me while eyeing me suspiciously. "What did you guys do?" he asked, clearly expressing that he wouldn't approve of many things we could have done while he slumbered.

"I just touched him some." I responded.

"Huh, okay then."

I'm not even sure I feel comfortable having had this dream! But having had this dream, I felt the need to share it.


  1. I don't think I've ever had an angel dream. Sounds like it was kind of cool though. He was in your bed, so fondling him seems reasonably appropriate. Hee.

    1. I'm just not sure how appropriate it is to dream him there in the first place!

      But I'll get over it. :)

    2. Would you be less disturbed if you dreamed that a demon with horns was in your bed? An angel is a good thing, so I wouldn't worry. You were visited by an angel! Woo! Was he handsome? That was actually the first question that popped into my mind :)

    3. He was gorgeous. He was kind of glowy (like, hard to look at for any length of time), but the impression I got was of perfect maleness.

  2. Want me to look it up for you in my Dream Dictionary? Sounds like an interesting dream.

    1. It was interesting. It was like I was half awake too, sensing my husband asleep on my other side, breathing against my shoulder. Thanks for the offer, but I don't even know how one would look up "sexual activities with an angel not including penetrative sex."

  3. Without checking my dream books...I seem to recall that dreaming of an angel means looking at your own spirituality and it also means love. I am not sure if they are "giving" you love, or if they are there as a reminder of your own love. I will have to check. But I know that dreaming of them is a good sign.

    I think I'd like to dream of angels. When you are reading that book, which btw, I have no idea what the subject is..if it is about afterlife/or angels, then you are ALREADY connecting with seeing them in your dreams would be perfectly normal.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Fondly, Sky

    1. The book is a novel, sort of fantasy/comedy about Armageddon. :)

      I certainly have lots of love in my life.

      Thanks! :)


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