Sunday, July 8, 2012


A long, long day of driving and we were in a private room for the night. I had been thrilled at the concept, but I was so worn out that I went to our room earlier than my husband did. I showered, relishing the hot needles of the water, the day's stresses melting out of me, pouring down the drain with the suds.

Once I was dry, I didn't even bother finding something to wear. I just slipped between the sheets and fell asleep, snuggling a pillow close to me.

The sound of a key rattling in the lock woke me. Yeah, we were going old-school and had a real key. "Ahhh," I heard my husband whisper to himself as he entered the room, "my sleeping beauty."

I smiled for several reasons, not least of which is that we had been reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty not so long ago, and that girl does not get to continue peacefully sleeping.

I didn't either.

I dozed while he prepared himself for bed. He joined me finally, wearing his shirt and boxers, and pulled me close to him. I sighed with the pleasure of it, of being in bed with my man before midnight. The vacation has been wonderful but a lot of late nights and early mornings and not much time for private play.

He was delighted to find me completely nude, and his hands wandered all over me. He whispered words of lust and I felt his cock pressing into me. I still tried to doze, while making soft purring sounds in response to him.

He was atop me then, spanking my breasts, making me cry out.

"Mine, mine, mine. Take it, take it," he said, his words either responses to my cries or punctuation for the blows he kept delivering. So long without a spanking of any kind had left me ultra-sensitive and I writhed beneath him as he hit me, quick bursts of slaps to one breast followed by more to the other, holding me down and talking to me while I twisted beneath him.

When he tired of that, he slid off next to me, pulling my legs open, trailing his fingertips lightly over my inner thighs. I purred with the pleasure of it even as I tensed in anticipation for the blows I knew he would be delivering soon, though I had no way of knowing when.

Despite my tensing, when he delivered the first blow, I cried out in surprise at how much it hurt.

"Mine to hurt!" he assured me, switching to the other thigh. He switched between them for some time while I bounced from the blows. Such a fierce sting! I rejoiced in being owned, in the sensations he was generating in me. I was so wet already; I longed for him to touch my pussy, but he kept spanking my thighs.

He stopped for a bit and stroked my legs, including my reddened thighs, his  light touches making me whimper with pain. "Does that hurt?" he asked me, and I nodded, catching my breath.  "Why do you think that hurts? Do you think this is why?" he asked, as he drew his hand back and returned to spanking my already throbbing thighs. I groaned, crying out softly with the blows, and felt myself slide deeper into that space where I am nothing but his - wondrously, gloriously his, no need to be anything but that. In that place I am not subjugated, but elevated to that fantastic summit of just being.

Something happened and he was sucking my nipple hard, using his teeth, his hand clutching my ass and his arm between my legs. I lifted my hips as pain rose up in my nipple, and my pussy rubbed against his arm. I realized I could stimulate myself that way and I started humping his wrist, his hand still clutching my ass, pulling me up when I arched into him. He must have felt how wet I was because he groaned. "Oh look, someone's gotten all turned on," he commented, his fingers slipping into my wetness, making me pant with need.

Then he was atop me, and his cock nudged against my pussy. It poked through the slit in his boxers and his bare flesh was against mine. I groaned and tilted my hips, causing the tip of his cock to lodge just within my entrance. Feeling that, I surged upward and then he was buried fully inside me, stretching me because it had been several days since I'd had his cock in my pussy. "Oh my God," I moaned, having forgotten just exactly how incredible it feels to have his rock hard cock buried fully in my body. I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me over and over, rising up to meet him.

"What a horny slut you are," he murmured as he obliged my lust, his words punctuated by my moans of pleasure. "Can't even wait for me to take my clothes off. Look at you. You just keep fucking me. I would have given you the cock, you know, but noo, you just had to take it."

His words pried themselves into my mind and their truth burrowed into me. I kept pulling him into me as deeply as I could, hanging onto him for dear life. "Oh, fuck," I gasped out, "I'm sorry."

"You should be!" he said as he drove himself deeply into me, forcing the breath from my body. "Can't even let a man get undressed."

He pulled away from me, and the emptiness was all-consuming. I had to have him back inside me. I whimpered as he pulled his clothes off, and opened my legs as wide as I could. He slid back inside me and I made a noise of completion, fulfilled pleasure oozing out of me. Oh, yes, it's so much better to be one than to be half.

"Oh, I bet you'd like to suck that cock, wouldn't you?" he asked me after we'd been moving together for some time.

"Yes sir," I agreed, licking my lips. I love sucking him after he's been inside me.

"Too bad. You're not going to get to."

"That's not very nice," I panted as I rocked with him.

"No one ever said I was nice. But what I'm going to do instead is make you turn over and fuck you from behind," he said slowly, making sure each word sank into me.

He removed himself from me, making me groan with the sudden emptiness. He was standing next to the bed, the hotel bed which is higher than ours, and he was pulling me closer to him by the hips. "Come on, be a good girl," he said.

I moved to my hands and knees, soft whimpers of need emerging from me. His cock forced its way inside me in this new position and it was amazing, stretching me in different ways this time.

With both his hands, he slowly gathered up all of my hair as it hung down around my shoulders, every last bit of it. I panted with anticipation as he took his time, still thrusting into me slowly. Once he'd captured all my hair, he held onto it with one hand and tugged on it regularly, pulling my head back by the ponytail he'd created as he fucked me. His other hand wandered over my body, holding my hip, stroking my back. He talked to me, sweet sexy words cascading down over my bare back, entering my ears and creating shivers all over my body. "Oh my God," kept drifting out of my mouth between unintelligible grunts, sighs, and moans, unstoppable, a force of nature. 

Back on the bed, his cock slid into me as we lay spooned. My legs needed to be opened wider, I needed to feel more exposed to him, and my top leg crept over his hip, curling around his waist backward, opening my pussy completely to him. His fingers played with me as we moved together, coaxing even more noises of pleasure from my lips.

He came, intensely, almost violently, words of ownership and love pouring out of him, words I agreed to eagerly.

His fingers found their way inside me, making me purr. He talked to me, objectifying, delicious things, questions to which I always answered yes. "MY fuckhole. Do you like being my fuckhole? Do you like when I call you my fuckhole? Oh yes, you do, look, fuckhole, you're getting even wetter. Why are you so wet, fuckhole?"

I melted into him. "Because I'm a fuckhole," I whispered, my voice breathy, almost breaking as I said the words, acknowledging my inner thoughts aloud. Such a powerful moment.

It took forever, but when I came, it was loudly, with my arms wrapped around him and my face buried against his neck. I haven't been able to make that much noise in a while, and it felt incredibly liberating and also naughty. I panted afterward but he drove me higher, higher. "Look at you go, fuckhole," he said, triggering another orgasm between his voice and his fingers. He kept going, and I'm not entirely sure how many orgasms vibrated out of me. I was blissed out.

We slept wrapped up in each other, our naked limbs intertwined, and for once we did not have to get up early.

Bliss takes many forms.

Most of them for me are him.


  1. Wonderful! I shared this on Twitter.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate all the traffic you send my way. :)

  2. Divine. Have a good vacation, love!

  3. Glad to see you back! You have been nominated for Lovely Blog awards quite a bit while you were gone, so that should be wonderful for you to come home to.

    My favorite line:
    Oh my God," I moaned, having forgotten just exactly how incredible it feels to have his rock hard cock buried fully in my body.

    Yes! How do we forget? Especially with all this writing to remind us? Good golly.

    1. It is nice! It's hard to do though - I did a similar thing last year but the blogging landscape has changed so much since then - I didn't even know you then!

      I don't know how we forget - we're like whiteboards or something. ;)

  4. Mmmm...devine. Your writing always trigger such wonderful memories that I become incoherent, lol.

  5. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed, thank you for reading! And welcome!

  6. Conina,

    I love the rhythm of your recollection... observing your stream of consciousness. It's such an intimate read on so many levels and very much enjoyed.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you for expressing your appreciation. :)

  7. What a powerful telling. And oh my goodness, he certainly claimed his Sleeping Beauty, didn't he? Sounds like the kind of vacation I need right now. Thank you.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. It's a wonderful kind of vacation, indeed. There's something particularly awesome about hotel sex, too. :) Thanks for reading!

  8. "Mine, mine, mine. Take it, take it...Mine to hurt."

    Words can be so fucking hot. This made me twinge more than once. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Words are the hottest, for me. If they're not there I just sort of drift away from the experience.

      You're welcome, and thank you for reading!


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