Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chopstick spanking and sex

I started playing with a beautifully finished bamboo chopstick earlier in the afternoon, and on a whim, added it to our toy drawer.

One of these. From Daiso.

He took it out when we went to bed, and, holding my wrist tightly so I couldn't pull my arm away, whacked it against my inner forearm until it was covered in red stripes. After a few strikes I started trying to pull away, because that's how long it took it to start really, really burning. "Oh look," he said as I whimpered, burying my face against his chest, "it's getting all red up here."

Long minutes of tiny whacks of that chopstick against my inner arm elapsed, each tiny sound followed by a much louder one of mine, but he finally stopped, pushing up my nightshirt, and starting to flap flap flap the tiny stick on my breast, all over. It felt good at first, but as his little flaps started landing on my nipple with more regularity, I began to writhe, make more noises, and try to get away. Oh, it hurt. But I loved it.

As my complaints got louder and my struggles more pronounced, he brought out the wide plastic ruler, and hit me with it all over my breast. "Isn't that worse?" he asked. I nodded, screaming loudly as it landed straight on my already-abused nipple. "So you shouldn't complain," he concluded, "about this." He started tapping the chopstick against my nipple again.

"It's time to experiment. Which is worse? Ruler to the breast?" he asked, as he landed the ruler on the lower slope of my breast right under my nipple, making me jump and whimper a little, "or chopstick to the nipple?" I screamed as the chopstick hit me right on my nipple, arching to get away from it. "Oooh, I think the nipple."

"Yes, yes," I said, panting, trying hard to catch my breath.

"But it's harder to land this right on your nipple," he said, doing it again, making me cry out yet again.

"Oh, look, you have another nipple."

"No, no," I frantically denied.

"You do too!" he said, stroking it with his fingers, drawing it into his mouth, the pleasure circuits overriding my good sense and causing me to turn my body, to offer him more of my breast. He whacked the ruler into the other one while he sucked and nibbled, so I was sighing with pleasure and grunting with pain all at the same time.

So, how to even describe what came after all the breast torment?

His cock was so hard. But he wouldn't give it to me.

"I dunno what's gotten into me," he said as he kept torturing me, making me scream, writhe. At one point I stopped moving entirely, the intensity of the feelings coursing through me leading to a complete stillness that I learned afterward made him worry he was giving me a heart attack.

"A sadist," I responded.

"Maybe," he said, then, as his hand collided with my breast, "you know what's going to get into you?"

"Mmmf," I cried out at the impact, "your cock?" I asked hopefully.

He chuckled softly. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" he said, twisting my nipple.

I just nodded as he slipped his fingers between my legs, dragging the tips through my wetness, sliding against my clit, eliciting gasps and groans. I arched up against his touch, wanting more. "If I gave you my cock, I'd have to fuck you." His fingers kept circling around my wet parts, making me groan.

"Not technically," I gasped out, writhing.

"Mmm, you're right. But it's awfully hard to not fuck you when my cock is inside you."

His fingers pressed deeply inside me; he was half on top of me, making me feel pinned and helpless as he pleasured me. I looked up at him and he was looking at my face already, then into my eyes, the intensity of his stare penetrating me every bit as much as his fingers were. "Oh, I like to watch you while I make you squirm. Yeah, baby, submit to me," he said as he held my gaze, his fingers pressing into my g-spot over and over, making my mouth open in a cry even as we looked into each other's eyes.

My eyes closed again and my hips danced, my breath coming quicker, my limbs vibrating as the pleasure he was generating in my core spread outward, lapping at all my nerve endings, setting me aflame. "Oh, yeah, there you go. Come for me, baby," he said, his hand moving faster, faster, the sensations causing me to spiral out of control. My body lifted off the bed, just my shoulders and heels pressing into it, pressing me into him.

He climbed atop me, finally, his cock pressing against my wetness. "Just orgasm isn't enough for you, if you don't get the cock too, is that right? Cockslut," he whispered, sinking his hardness into me, making us both groan with pleasure as he filled me up.

My legs were all over the place, spending a fair bit of time in each position: flat, knees raised up on either side of him, legs straight up, legs up with knees bent, holding my feet, and then my ankles on his shoulders. He never stopped thrusting into me despite all the changing positions, though the speed with which we rocked into each other changed. With my ankles on his shoulders, I felt his cock throb inside me even more. I opened my eyes to see his handsome face framed by my feet, looking at me, his blue-eyed stare of pure sex making me cry out at the intensity of it. Looking at him during sex is scorchingly, nearly unbearably, hot. I can't handle it for very long.

He leaned down, folding me in half, and kissed me hotly, continuing to fuck me, slow, fast, slow. I made all the noises you might expect - screams, gasps, groans and "Oh my God"s. Oh, he felt incredible.

We changed positions again. I wrapped my legs around him and squeezed him as we rocked.

Eventually he decided I should suck his cock.

"Does your pussy want a break? Would you like to suck my cock?"

My pussy did not want a break. But. "I would like to suck your cock," I managed to vocalize, breathless as I was.

"Mmm, that's right, you would. Because you're a cocksucker, aren't you?"

His words excited me and I arched up into him. He drove into me hard, circling his hips, grinding, forcing more little screams out of me. "Does just thinking about sucking my cock make you more excited and want to be fucked?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," I whispered, grinding my own pelvis up into him, relishing the sensations as our bodies slid against each other.

"You're a complicated girl, aren't you?" he asked as he withdrew with a suddenness that left me squealing with disappointment. He lay on his back and I dove after his cock with my mouth, sucking my juices off of him, licking all around the head.

"No, no. Greedy little thing. Get me that ramp to lie on first," he said.

I whined, giving him a slurping suck as I pulled my head away to get the Liberator ramp for him to rest against. "I know, you just want to suck the cock."

I put the ramp on the bed next to him and he moved to rest against it, giving him the perfect incline to watch while I sucked his cock. At first I straddled his knees, raising and lowering myself onto his cock using my arms, but eventually I found myself between his legs, his legs over my shoulders, his feet resting on my ass, his hands tangled in and tugging on my hair. His legs squeezed around my head once in a while, taking my breath away. I had the head of his cock resting in the entrance of my throat, and he pushed on my head, hard, gagging me. A thrill raced through me and I screamed, kicking my legs, my arms shaking. "Mmhmm!" I said.

"Oh, you like that?" he asked, doing it again to the same effect. He took my head then, pulling it up by his tight grip on my hair until his cock was only halfway in my mouth, and he held my head there, not letting me move, while he fucked up into me. I kicked and screamed loudly, my entire body shaking as he fucked my face. "Are you having an orgasm from having your face fucked?" he asked me, sounding surprised and amused even as he kept doing it. I shook my head as best I could considering the hard flesh keeping my mouth mostly centered. Not quite orgasm, but so fucking hot that I was having a hard time bearing it, containing the thrill within my body.

When he stopped, I pulled my mouth off his cock, looking up at him, rubbing my cheek against his hardness, kissing it to give my mouth a break. I'd forgotten he was reclining on the ramp and when I looked up at him, there his blue sex laser beams were, driving right into my soul. I moaned.

"Have you sucked all the juices off my cock now?"

I nodded, licking along the side of his cock, down to his balls, because they don't get enough attention.

"Probably time to give you a rest then," he said. "What's a nice, restful way I can fuck you?" he mused, mostly to himself. I just kept licking his balls, stroking his thighs with my hand, sliding up and slowly taking his cock back in my mouth, then going back to the ball sucking. "I could lay you down here and fuck you from behind. Yeah, I'll do that." He paused, making pleased noises as I sucked him hard and deep. "After I put you up on this ramp and fuck you from behind," he concluded. I whimpered.

"Ooh, and then I could fuck your ass." I groaned at the sound of that. The ideas were clearly coming at the man hard and fast. Having his cock sucked must cause creative bursts. I'm pretty sure he was gauging the intensity of my reactions with his pauses. "Or I could shove the plug in you and then fuck you from behind!" I whimpered again, a muffled little scream. I was running my tongue over his balls. "You like that, huh?" he said.

"Full," I said.

"Yeah, you like being full." He gathered the plug and lube from the drawer next to him while I sucked his cock. "But I don't think I can reach your ass from here," he said.

"Nuh-uh," I said, continuing to suck.

"You'd better turn around then," he prodded me verbally. I rotated, raising up on my hands and knees, keeping his cock in my mouth. He moaned; I guess it felt good the way I was moving. Then there was lube, and then his finger, and I was groaning all around his cock.

"Keep sucking," he ordered as he started to push the plug in me.

But I couldn't. I tried, as he slowly invaded me with that monster, but I couldn't. I screamed around his cock for a while at first, and then I pulled away to lay flat, clinging to his calf, kissing it between my moans as he continued slowly sliding that plug into my ass. I rocked my hips and screamed, doing my best not to kick as well, as it passed the largest part of the plug and locked inside me.

"Good girl," he said, pressing against the flat base of it, rubbing my ass for a moment before he got up and stood on the floor next to the bed. He moved the ramp to angle up to him, to raise our bed so I could get up on it on all fours and be fucked. I was sitting up next to it, moaning, kind of dazed from everything that had happened so far. "Get up there!" he told me, shaking me out of my daze with his words. I crawled up onto the ramp.

His slid along my hips and back as his cock forged a path into my pussy, made smaller and tighter by the plug stuffed into my ass and the position I was in. A soft keening wail emerged from me, and it seemed to just keep coming as we moved, providing a backdrop of sound to our activities, interrupted by our moans and sighs and grunts.

I've lost most of what happened next.

I remember:

Him pulling my hair, pulling my head back toward him.

My arms trembling, dropping to my elbows, and his hands in my hair pulling my back up to my hands, making me scream with the unbelievable way this action punched me in the gut, making me even wetter than I already was.

His cock pounding me slowly as his hands crept under my short, loose shirt to cup my breasts and then squeeze and tug on my nipples.

A stream of "Oh my God" that I just could not stop saying, even when I heard myself and realized I had said it at least a dozen times.

Him deciding it had been enough for that position, and abruptly removing himself from me, causing me to back onto nothing and grunt with the lack of him.

Him finally pulling my shirt off me as he slid his cock back into my pussy, lying behind me in the spoons position.

I don't remember him coming, but I know he did.

I remember half a dozen orgasms or so brought to me courtesy of his fingers.

I remember that he talked, but not what he said, only that it was so hot he melted my ability to recall it.

I rolled into his arms afterward, resting my head on his chest, gasping for breath, talking about how amazing that had been, how incredibly lucky I am to have him. We talked for a long time, just letting our hands wander over each other. The plug started to hurt and he told me to remove it, so I did. We talked so long that I felt him getting hard again.

"I want to fuck you again."

"Mmm, yes, that's an excellent idea. You want me to turn over?"

"That would be good."

"So wet," he said as he slid his cock back inside me. "How'd you get so wet? You just stay wet, don't you?"

I remember more about this. I remember how huge he felt, seeming to feel every bump and ridge as he slid inside me. I was deliciously sore from the previous use - just enough to heighten the sensation. I remember doing a lot of talking myself, about how amazing he felt inside me, about how much I love for him to take me, to use me. "Yes, yes, oh, fuck, yes," I said as I felt him start to empty himself inside me.

I am one lucky, lucky girl.


  1. Yes, I would say that you are one lucky girl!

    1. He says it's just not that hard. But him being open to it and willing to explore it all with me is pretty special, regardless of difficulty level. :)

  2. Okay, first things first - wow and amazing and wow... he has really stepped up his game over the last couple of months, if I may add my opinion.

    Second - I have a personal story to share... as I was reading this I stood up and interrupted H's movie to exclaim:

    "Oh, look, you have another nipple."

    "No, no, I don't!" (I took a creative liberty here.)

    "You do too!"

    I was laughing hysterically and H was just trying to figure out WTH I was talking about. A great post... I love how you interweave random humor in the sex.

    1. Oh, and after I said "You do too!" I added "WHACK!". Which makes that story all the better.

      Yes, I am about to drink even more tonight. :)

    2. You may always add your opinion, especially when I think you're bloody well right. :) The only part I regret is that my memory can't keep up with his awesomeness. I do not let that spoil the experience though!

      I giggled at your story! That's so funny. I can picture you and your incomprehensibility and his befuddlement.

      We wouldn't be us if there wasn't random humor. :)

    3. and I forgot to say THANK YOU!

  3. I love orgasm control and sending Mrs. AP beyond the point of rational thought. It's just so much FUN. >:-)

    Thank you for even more wonderful ideas.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. My husband says you're not wrong. :)

  4. Hmmm...a chopstick! Who would have thought of that? Very creative! I think we may need to go for Chinese food tonight. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. I have no idea if the ones from restaurants are heavy enough to have the same effect, but you're welcome!

  5. So hot! Love the chopstick! Discovered it years ago on one of those audio only sites. The Dom in the recording (incredible voice) directed that you hit your palm in the whippiest motion possible and that's what you were to imagine when he told you you were being caned? Imagine? I hit everything I could reach with that thing.

    Great post :)

    1. Wow, and here I'd only just even thought of it! :) It's a perfect "cane" for smaller areas. He would have gone on with my forearm, but we were worried about leaving visible stripes there.

      Thank you for sharing!

  6. I've never been caned anywhere besides my bottom, but chopsticks seem like the perfect junior cane to start exploring just as you guys have!


    1. Larger canes kind of frighten me - I've seen photos of women with deep purple bruises, and I get that they were delivered with intent, but that shit hurts. I've had an (accidental, non-spanking related) deep bruise for the last couple of months, and it also bloody itches when it's going away.


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